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This Uh Oh isn’t my fault

Tuesday October 1, 2013
Assateague National Seashore



Well they did it.  They shut the government down. 


Of course you already know all about it since I’m so far behind on my blog.  The republicans refused to send a bill without riders to deal with the question of spending.   The democrats refused anything that wasn’t a clean spending bill.  Whatever your political persuasion I hope you will agree that riders are ridiculous.  A bill should be a discussion about a single issue.  If you have another issue then you write another bill.  Too much sneaking crap into popular bills that then becomes law when it should have to stand on its own merit for examination.   OK, enough politics.



So what does this mean to us? 


Pretty clear it means we won’t be able to stay even our shortened 5 days here in paradise.  I’m pretty bummed.  I ask at the ranger station

“When do we have to leave?”

“In 48 hours”

“48 hours from when?”

“We don’t know yet.”

“Will someone let us know?”

“Yes, someone will come around.”



So for now we are just going about business as usual and enjoying this marvelous place.


That means going over to the ocean side to get in that wonderful water.  When we get there, the horses are grazing around the ocean side campground.  There are several bands of horses in the park.  About 100 horses in all, divided up into bands of about 4 to 10.   This band is different from the one at our site yesterday.  The tan structure in the picture is the cold shower.  One stall on each side.   The black stacks are from the stand alone pit toilets.


Assateague Tuesday 004



They really are beautiful horses who take care of themselves.  There is no feeding or handling of the horses by park staff.  Unlike Chincoteague where the ponies are forced to swim across the water to an auction, the herd is kept a reasonable size for its environment by shooting contraceptive darts at the mares for several years and then allowing them to foul twice to keep the gene pool from interbreeding.   There is a great video shown in the Visitor’s Center all about it.


Assateague Tuesday 007




If you didn’t already know, you can easily see which one of us is the real water fan.


David didn’t get any pictures of the waves splashing me in the face or of me very far into the water but it was terrific!  I’m as excited as I run out as I was when I went in.



Assateague Tuesday 013Assateague Tuesday 016



After I come back, David goes out but he’s not as sure about it.  He’ll keep his hat and shirt on.  Just get his feet wet.  Wonder why he wears his bathing suit?


Assateague Tuesday 025



I have to say this is my very favorite place to be.


Assateague Tuesday 022




The waves today are again just fantastic.  Big and crashing.  Coming one right after another.


Assateague Tuesday 040



 Assateague Tuesday 018

I spend the entire day on the beach.  As the sun sinks down in the sky, it cools off and I use my beach towel for cover so I don’t have to leave.   But finally it is time to go for dinner.  Pretty sure I’ll be back tomorrow. 



On my way out I see these guys still at it snacking the day away.  Sure wish I could do that.  But then I’d probably also weight 700 or so pounds.  Not a pretty picture to think about.


Assateague Tuesday 034



After dinner, we set out to see where we can watch the sunset since we can’t see it from our bayside campsite.  The sun is setting earlier and earlier now that we are past Fall Equinox and into the count down to winter.


On the way we see these little Sitka deer, a doe and two fawns.   The wildlife here is wonderful.  Earlier we saw a flock of turkey.  No camera then.



Sika deer



There is a nice picnic area right on the main water of the bay and we have a beautiful sunset to end our superb day at the beach.  It seriously doesn’t get much better than this.




  1. The horses are pissed off about leaving, too. Grabbing their giddyup-go-bag and trotting over to Chincoteague.

    1. Actually they are the only ones who don't have to leave...well and all those other guys I mentioned. They are too smart to trot over to Chincoteague, they'd have to swim for it. I'm sure the Chincoteague guys would head for Assateague if they could. Much better set up for the horses.

  2. I used to have so much fun in Ocean City and snickering at Big Assawoman Bay.

  3. Lovely sunset picture. Isn't nature beautiful? :)

  4. Unlike David, I'd probably have shoes on too. ;)

  5. That is a pretty area, another to add to our list.

  6. UhOh. wondering how you are doing now. That sure was a great day at the beach, though! so interesting about the horse contraceptive program. just so cool.

  7. What could be better.... water and horses at the same places! Perfect!! Maybe they will be to 'busy' to roust you out of your beautiful spot!

  8. Our overnight visitors were allowed to stay until Thurs noon, but by Wed trails were closed. So glad you got to enjoy at least some time along this inviting looking coast.

  9. Nature is Amazing!! What a great day and beautiful sunset:o))

  10. Gorgeous from the beach to the horses! The swimming looks fun. Dad is ready for crazy waves :) Lovely sunset...what a life!!

  11. That sunset picture is amazing! Our trip through this area a few years ago was brief - now I can see that it was MUCH to brief. We will have to return.

  12. Always wanted to go see the horses...sigh...I'll have to settle for watching dolphins now and then. Beautiful photos and love the waves shot...

  13. I think we need to give all those DC politicians a rider...out of town on a rail! ;c)

    Sorry your time in such a wonderful place was cut short, hopefully you'll get to stay longer the next time you visit. The horses miss you already. :c)

  14. Love the pictures .... hiss on our shit for brains congresspeople ... yay for you looking good in a bathing suit... hiss on me for not... not sure about the contraceptive darts.... dang... well? ha! it'd have to be a big ol horse pill for sure ... never much thought about birth control for horses.

    You're just a wealth of information, Sherry..

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

    What a good idea to use birth control for the horses. I don't like the idea of herding them to auction, when birth control would solve the problem.

  16. I can spend a day or two at the beach and then I'm done. I lived practically on the water in Ireland and enjoyed it, but I'd rather be somewhere else, like a forest. Sorry you had the threat of shut-down over your head, but you will go back again.

  17. Ocean and waves - I can body surf for hours when the waves (and water temperature) are right. Interesting how they control the horse population.

  18. You wouldn't weigh 500 lbs snacking on grass. Not many calories in that.

  19. So sorry that this mess is impacting your trip. You should try Italy. ;-)

  20. Horses may get to eat all day, but I wonder if they ever find a grass or leaf that makes them feel like they just had an ICE CREAM!! ;)


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