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Evening on the Lake

Monday August 1, 2011
Bear Lake Campground Idaho


Rained most of the night, GREAT sleeping,
and was raining in the morning when I
got up to go running. 
50 degrees-raining-running
So we got the laundry ready to go and
of course once we were on the road,
it stopped raining.  But the dark clouds remained.

We had to go to Montpelier Idaho to find a laundromat
and took the dirt road along side the
Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge just
north of Bear Lake itself.
We went 18 miles on the road which was in
decent shape so it was an interesting drive.


The wetlands and flowers were lovely.


Although we wondered why the road changed from
brown to black over and over.  Is it the color of
the soil itself or just a capricious choice of gravel??

Dark clouds building in the west.



We got to the laundromat and got the washers
started when the skies opened up and poured.
Whew glad we made it!


On the way back we drove a different route (paved)
and went through Paris Idaho where we
saw the really lovely Paris Tabernacle
constructed between 1884 and 1889 from
architectural designs by one of Brigham Young’s sons.


By the time we got back to the lake, the skies
had cleared puffy clouds were back.
Time to go out in the kayak.


This is such a beautiful place.


Paddled past Winnona, there she is in the middle on the shore.
What a great site she has.





I’m really going to miss being here and
paddling on this lovely lake.


Monday evening paddle 017


Monday evening paddle 020


I was out about 3 hours.
David went back an hour before I did
and took up this reading spot on the shore.

 Monday evening paddle 037

This was his view as the clouds moved in
and covered up the sunset.



I’ll leave you with my favorite shot of the day.
What a great evening paddle I had!!

Wish you were here,
especially if you are suffering from the Eastern
or is it nearly Nation wide heat wave.


Monday evening paddle 032


  1. We're envious. Over 100 here in Missouri today!

  2. Boy, what a life!! Where else would you travel through a nature preserve to go do the laundy;o))

    Bear Lakes looks spectacular and we will definitely put it on our TODOS list!! Looking at the beautiful kayaking photos makes me feel cooler already:o))))

    Thanks for taking us along!!!

  3. Wish we were there too! Looks lovely...and cool :)


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