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Bear Lake to Grand Teton

Wednesday August 3, 2011
Gros Ventre Campground Site 104
Grand Teton National Park Wyoming


**note this is the second post today.  Hope
you’ll want to read about our last day at Bear Lake,
which is after this.  I’m having a bit of internet
connectivity trouble here on the banks of the Gros Ventre River.
Comments gratefully appreciated.
Love to know you are out there
and what you have to say  :-)


The trip from Bear Lake to our campsite took the entire day
as we often do.  We left the dump station just after 10:30.
Took the only and slow road to St. Charles and then on to
Monticello, Idaho.

I’ve noticed in the west or maybe just in Utah and Idaho that
the towns like to put their initials in one way or another on the
mountain visible from Main Street.   There was a big K in Kanab Utah,
a big B in Beaver Utah, a big P in Provo, Utah and now the big M in Monticello.   Does anyone know what this is about or whether it is
all through the west??   Haven’t seen a big J for Jackson YET.


To Teton 001

Monticello has one of the many
Oregon Trail Centers which sprang up
all around the vicinity of the route
during its anniversary year.
I’m personally not a celebrator of
”manifest destiny” so we didn’t stop
either time we were in Monticello.
But those who like to follow the trail
I’m sure would find this interesting.
It’s a great looking building but on the
wrong side of the street for me to get
a picture today.  It’s pretty much in
the center of town.

But I did get the highway sign.  Hope that will help. :-)

To Teton 003

We took Route 89 all the way from St. Charles, UT
to Jackson, WY.  So that made the drive was easy in terms
of following the route.  No need for a map or GPS.

It was a lovely road with
steep grades
over Salt River Pass
elevation 7630

To Teton 011

At the top of the pass I learned
something new.
I’d never heard of periodic springs.
For sure, if we hadn’t had to go
so far today I knew whether a 34’ motorhome
could get anywhere near here, I’d have gone for a look.
Maybe you can when you come.
It’s a short 3/4 mile trail.
Hope you can read this about it

To Teton 019


Our farm in Virginia is located about 5 miles
outside of Batesville, Virginia
but it is in the Afton, Virginia postal zone
even though Afton is 12 miles away
and long distance from us.


To Teton 028

had to get the town sign from Afton, Wyoming
showing greater population :-)
This is for you
  Bob and Nancy!!

We stopped here in Smoot
to mail a post card.
I think this is more the size of our Afton. 

To Teton 027

our Afton has nothing as cool as this over its main street.
Yes those are Elk Antlers.  We found that’s a big
decorating item out here.


To Teton 029

We stopped at the Afton Subway,
(nothing like that in our Afton)
and stood in the noon lunch line
to pick up a black forest ham on honey oat bread.
I have to say, for fast food, on the road
Subway is hard to beat.

We drove on down the road a ways to
the Star Valley rest area and
had our lunch by the water, sort of.
Gorillapod had a hard time keeping a straight face.

To Teton 034

But there was water….I just had to take the picture

To Teton 037

Congratulations to Wyoming for their
Passive solar Star Valley Rest Area.

To Teton 042

OK so we’ve now made 4 stops.  Think we’d
better stop this stopping thing or we’ll never get there.


Back on the road we began seeing the snake river.

To Teton 046A


And then stop #5, a line of traffic further than I
could see with a sign that
warned it could be a 20 minute wait.

To Teton 056


The road follows the river all the way to Jackson.
River runners were out.
Doesn’t this look great??

To Teton 065


We finally made it to Jackson.
Your typical tourist town.
Entering the park from the South,
you have to go through it.
But it wasn’t TOO bad.
The biggest problem was all the shoppers
crossing at every corner.

To Teton 078


Both gateways to the town square are made of
elk antlers


To Teton 080 


To Teton 082

The town reminded me some of Gatlinburg, TN
for those of you who have been there.
Ripley’s…..”antique photos” with Judge Roy Bean etc.


Just outside of town on the edge of the park is
The National Elk Refuge.  More about it in a later post.

To Teton 085 


And here they are or part of them
The Grand Tetons.
One of our first sightings.  Sorry for the glare.
There will be plenty more later.  :-)

To Teton 087


And then we got stopped yet again.


To Teton 090


We did finally make it to Gros Ventre Campground.
But I’ll save that for tomorrow.


  1. I just love that area, it just seems so clean, clear air, beautiful views, when we went thru there 5-6 yrs ago, we hit construction most of the way & cracked a windshield :( Have fun in Yellowstone!! Can't wait for the pictures...

  2. I've only had my RV for a few months and have some questions. It seems you stay in a lot of nice parks, do these have hookups? Or, do you use solar or a generator? I have mostly stayed at commercial campgrounds, I stayed several nights at State Parks and would prefer to stay in the state, county or national parks. Thanks for any info
    Teri @ night.day.studio@gmail.com

  3. Sorry to hear you are having internet problems, but glad to read your post and know that you two are AAALLLLRIGHT!!

    We know you do not post everyday, but we do miss you when there isn't a post for several days;o))

    We on the other hand only post once every few weeks;o)))

    Love what you have shown us so far and can't wait to see more of the Grand Tetons!!

  4. Forced stops along the road are a fact of life; the best of them are the ones caused by wildlife going about their business as we visit their homelands.

  5. The initial is probably not for the town it is usually for the local High School or College. A spring ritual for students is climbing up and painting the rocks. In my case, the "A" outside of Las Cruces, NM. for New Mexico State University "Aggies".

  6. Teri, I wasn't able to make your email address work. Write to me directly at RVdreamlife@gmail.com.

    Jo Beth & Catherine - thanks for the heads up on the mountain letters.

    E Squared - Buffalo own the roads here. It's Great!

  7. Less than 3 days and I'll be out there with you - seems too good to be true :) Great pictures yet again!

  8. Love the name of the town of "Smoot!" Of course, when we first moved to Richmond, I thought the name of the nearby town of "Goochland" was also quite interesting!


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