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Getting Acquainted

Thursday August 4, 2011
Gros Ventre Campground Site 104
Grand Teton National Park

We arrived yesterday afternoon in
Grand Teton National Park


and set up in site 104 in the
Gros Ventre Campground
which is the southernmost campground
in the park that will take RVs over 30’.
It’s a nice campground along the river
with good spaces between sites.
We have the bikes and kayaks off the car
but aren’t completely set up at this point.

LSR Preserve 001 

But no time for set up just now.
Went out for a difficult run this morning.
I think it has to do with the altitude
since I had trouble before at Cedar Breaks.
We ran the campground loops.
And checked out all the different license plates
Amazing.  Folks from everywhere.
How about these views for a running trail?

After breakfast we decided to take a drive to get
the lay of the land and stop by the visitors center.
Of course we didn’t get very far before we had
a fun road stop and what a look we got.



There were just too many gorgeous views
and too many pictures.

Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 019

Fields of wildflowers.
But pretty hard to photograph.
Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 011

We turned onto a dirt road called Mormon Row
named after the small Mormon community begun
there at the turn of the 20th century.
We stopped to check  out their homes
and barns.

Notice the outhouse at the far back.

Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 033



Mountain blue birds
Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 041A

and obviously well fed Uinta ground squirrels
were the only residents we saw today.


One of the farms belonged to
the Andy Chambers family.
Chambers is my maternal grandparents’ name but
I haven’t done the genealogy to know if
I might be related to them.
This is their place at the end of the road.


Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 047

Theirs was my favorite barn even though it’s not
the “famous” one.


“Sometimes” contemplates the sign at the end of the road.

Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 055
Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 056

We went on to the Moose Visitor Center
(although there were no moose visiting at the time we were there)
They do have some excellent displays
and information on the area including
pelts of all the animals in the park
for you to feel.  Really interesting
the difference between the fur of
a black and grisly bear,
an antelope and big horn sheep,
a red fox and a coyote,
a lynx and a bobcat just to name a few.
They have some lovely bronze wildlife figures

Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 095

We got hiking and kayaking information
and on the way out saw these touring bikes all lined up.

Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 096

While we were taking a look at all their gear,
one of the riders came over and asked
David to take a picture of them
by the life sized bronze moose statue
outside the visitors center.
They had a 78 mile day planned so they
didn’t stay long.

Mormon Row, Moose Visitor Center & Jackson 098A

Then it was back to Jackson for groceries
and where I’ll leave you with this great
photo of a man and his best friend in
the Jackson Whole Grocer parking lot.



  1. That was a neat picture of the buffalo, so often they are all shaggy looking, he was about perfect! And those mountains, u can't get a BAD picture of them, can u??

  2. Hard to believe the scenery is real. Breathtaking!! I bet you're building up a mighty spectacular booty running those hills!

  3. WOW...Those Views!!! Brings back lots of memories. The mountains, clear skies and beautiful clouds were wonderful memories we will always have of that area. It just didn't matter which way you looked...you just saw BEAUTY!!!

    Loved the touring bikes. Need to get training to do 78 miles ;o)))

    Be careful exercising in that altitude...don't want any medical emergencies.

    Tell Sometimes, "don't even think about it!!" Like the buffalo, the bears also always win!!

    Can't wait to see where we are going hiking and kayaking !!!!

  4. What a terrific place. Looking forward to the pictures!

  5. Another beautiful area! Of course, it wouldn't make much sense to go to ugly areas, would it? :)

    I'm impressed with the cyclists day. I'd have to split that 78 miles up into a few days! LOL

  6. Mountains with snow, big sky, huge puffy clouds and wildlife - stunning! Almost unreal. And yet - it is real. Superb :)

  7. Beautiful views- Check out "The Bunnery" in Jackson Hole for excellent pancakes.

  8. Hope the only way I'll ever feel the difference in fur between a black bear and grizzly bear and a lynx and bobcat is by feeling their pelts! :-)

    Stunning pics!


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