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Off to Yellowstone

Saturday August 13, 2011
Fishing Bridge Campground Site 88
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


As promised, pie for breakfast
and here is the pie baker and the one
for whom he baked it.

Moving to Yellowstone (2)


We went through the departure lists
with Carrie taking pictures.
I won’t bore you with those.


We left Teton’s peaks and buffalo.


It was about 60 miles to Yellowstone.


Moving to Yellowstone (61)

They have cute little huts at the
South Entrance Station.




We had another 43 miles to the
Fishing Bridge Campground in
the center of the park.


We were soon driving by the Yellowstone River.

Moving to Yellowstone (53)




The park has had a number of forest
fires.  Some recent


Moving to Yellowstone (40)


Some long enough ago to be regenerating.




We came across a group of people out of their
cars with binoculars and cameras watching this elk relax.



We made it to Fishing Bridge where
after 10 days of boondocking,
we thought we’d have full hook ups for a night.
That’s why we spent $42 for the campsite
Way above our budget.
But we wanted to make sure the batteries
were charged up so we moved
into this  “sardines in a can” campground.
Didn’t even bother to take a photo
which was a mistake since now I can’t
show you how they had rigs within 3 feet of
each other and sharing an electric box.
Really cannot recommend it as a place
with even an ounce of ambiance.


After we got everything hooked up,
we took off for the visitors center.


Moving to Yellowstone (33)


Another great old building built in the 30’s but
not by the CCC.  




These chandeliers are Elk and Big Horn Sheep skulls
and Antlers.  Does it seem gruesome?


Moving to Yellowstone (23)


We walked around the back of the center




and on out to the sandy beach on
Yellowstone Lake.
It’s a bit too chilly to swim
although this looks like a great place for it.



On the way back to our car,
we talked with Ranger Guida Veronda
about her 37 years as a Park Ranger and about
her 1972 Volvo which David loved.


Moving to Yellowstone (15)


Notice the stickers she has on her car window from
each year identifying her car as belonging to a Ranger.


Moving to Yellowstone (14) 


You just meet the most interesting people
in this life.

We’ll be off to see some Mud Pots tomorrow.
Sounds like fun doesn’t it??


  1. Yes, but u are in YELLOWSTONE!!! even if the accomodations are squishy :) You will see mighty wonders!

  2. This is Jude from Iowa, I wrote earlier that we've been following your most interesting blog and be looking for you in Glacier. Thanks for the campground info, we'll be sure to find Gros Ventur in Tetons, We'd been thinking about only driving in and out of Yellowstone because we'd been warned about the crowds.

    Since one good deed deserves another, here's some info on Glacier: we liked Apgar campground on the west side because of it's proximity to the transit center (a God-send since the park is so large). It's not advertised that Fish Creek on the west side has free showers in new restroom complexes. We stayed at both -- Fish Creek on the last day when we were planning to hike to Huckleberry Mtn Lookout because you pretty much have to drive to the trailhead anyway because it isn't on a transit route.

    We're in western MT and ID riding bikes for a few days in the Cabinet Mountains but we'll return to Glacier (east side) next week. We've loved our hikes in Glacier. Hope the weather holds!

  3. Mud Pots does sound like FUN!!

    We stayed at Fishing Bridge and you are right...just a parking lot;o(( However, we did love Yellowstone and have wonderful memories of our time there.

    Glad you arrived safely and now can take us on some new adventures:o)))

  4. Another area on our list! Can't wait for the tour :)

  5. Loved the Volvo too! Rangering must agree with her. She sure doesn't look old enough to have put in 37 years!

  6. 37 years as a Ranger? She looks like she must have started at age 5.

    Have fun in Yellowstone, when I tried to go there in June 2008, it was all snowed in, so I'm looking forward to your adventures.

  7. A ranger told us that the bison do sometimes burn their legs on the hot water if they sink in. We loved Yellowstone and can't wait to return.


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