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Flag’s Flying

Wednesday August 24, 2011
Jim & Mary’s RV Park A 7
Missoula, Montana

Well, I’m having some second thoughts about Jim & Mary’s
after trying to sleep through the night with the train
tracks I didn’t know were there and the highway noise.
I think I read on someone’s blog the advice that you
always check the Google Earth map of your
campground for railroad tracks; something
we’ve never done but probably will now.

The folks here are very nice and all the neighbors too.
The flowers are beautiful and it’s very quiet during the day.
But somehow about 10:00 PM when “quiet hours” begin,
the traffic and trains seem to pick up
and go sporadically throughout the night
until about 8am. The neighborhood
behind the park also seems to have several
various garbage trucks
picking up trash as soon as it gets close to light
in the morning on different days of the week.

We have vowed not to judge too fast in the
future about changing our reservation from
2 days to 7.   Best to spend those 2 days and
see what happens we now think.
Caution advised in staying here.
It may not bother you at all but
then again………….
I really intended to get up and go running for the first time
in 2 weeks now that we are back at a reasonable 3000’ altitude.
But I was dead tired from my interrupted sleep.

In spite of lack of sleep, we got some things accomplished today
Ruby got taken for  a bath.
Doesn’t she look shiny now??
And on the way back, of course,
David had to stop by Big Sky again.
I set about getting caught up with the blog
now that we aren’t so busy and talked
to a couple of friends on the phone.

I have admired many flagpoles that I’ve seen,
at various campgrounds along our way. 
At Mammoth Hot Spring, I dragged David over
and asked him to show me how the
flag pole was made.   BINGO!
That’s how to get one made for you!!I

So here it is and I no longer have to fly
the Earth Flag from the awning
which here at Jim & Mary’s we either don’t put out
or have to bring in every late afternoon and evening
because of the wind.  This area has SOME KIND OF WINDS
goin’ on every day from about 2PM to sundown.
$11 worth of parts being turned into a flag pole.
The Flag 001
The Flag 003
The Flag 004
The Flag 011
The Flag 013
Wind doesn’t seem to phase this new guy.
Don’t you just love it!!
The Flag 016
We’ve got some things including a trip planned for tomorrow.
But that’s another day.


  1. 'Sometimes' DavidAugust 28, 2011 at 12:47 AM

    I don't think Sherry mentioned this, but the Blue Sky Brewing taproom has six of their current brews on tap , and they give it away FREE in nice 4 ounce sampling glasses. Limit 4 per customer per day. We have been here five days, but I have only been there 3 times. What was I doing those other two days??

  2. Love the flag and holder!!

    Sorry the noise is so annoying, but a good lesson learned about staying a day or two first to see how it REALLY is;o))

    We are learning so much from you two....THANKS!!

  3. Oooh, sorry about the noise. That'll ruin a cute park, won't it?

    We use a white noise machine every night and sleep well no matter where we are. It drowns out the other sounds just enough. We go to sleep hearing the same sound every time.

  4. Nice job, indeed. Love how well it turned out and realy love the price! David is a handy guy to have around.

  5. Love the flag pole. I need one for my peace flag.

  6. Is there anything that David CAN'T do??? :-)

  7. 'Sometimes' DavidAugust 28, 2011 at 11:29 PM

    Plenty of things I can't do, but I discourage the Editor-In-Chief from mentioning those ;)

  8. I forgot to ask how you made the flagpole! will email for directions and where did you get the "earth" flag? can't wait to hear what you see at Glacier!


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