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Henry David Thoreau

Last Day at Bear Lake

Tuesday August 2, 2011
Bear Lake State Park Idaho


Today was the last day at Bear Lake
and I’m sorry to be leaving.
I have really loved being able to just walk
down to the water any time
to sit and read
and to leave the kayaks there on the shore
for a quick paddle whenever I choose.


This morning I ran to Utah. 
Yes that’s right.  It’s about 2.5 miles
from the campground.
They have a nice boondocking campground
just over the line. 
Only a few sites were taken. 
Might be a great place
to be for both close lake access and quiet. 
But not having stayed there
I can’t say for sure. 

There was no state line sign
just signs saying you are  leaving this county
and entering that one.
It’s a lovely rural road with almost no traffic.



After that, I decided to spend my day
down by the water.
David chose to stay back at the coach
and “do things”.

When I got down to the water
this is what I found.
They must have had great fun
clearing the beach of rocks
for quite a stretch
and building this sand “fort”??


Here are some closer views.
You may have to click on them to see them well.

Tuesday in the lake 002 


Love the stockade.

Tuesday in the lake 003

I wonder how long the rock wall
will protect the tunnel and the rest
of the creation? 

Tuesday in the lake 004


I got out my tube and went out in the
water for a while. 
No picture in the water,
gorillapod can’t swim.  :-)

Tuesday in the lake 009


It was a great afternoon!!
I finally went back up to the coach
around 4:30.


After dinner I wanted to go for one last paddle on
the lake.  David preferred to take his bike
and go down the road to Utah.  :-)
So I paddled over and he rode.

Here is some of what he saw.








And here is some of what I saw.

Tuesday in the lake 011

Tuesday in the lake 036


Tuesday in the lake 059


Tuesday in the lake 051



Tuesday in the lake 092A

It was almost dark by the
time I paddled up to meet
David and put the boat on the car.


A sliver of new moon had risen over
the water on this final evening
at Bear Lake.  

Tuesday in the lake 096

On to Grand Teton National Park tomorrow.
I sure have loved Bear Lake.


  1. Sad to be leaving a place you really enjoyed, but there are even more beautiful places ahead.

    Looking forward to seeing what you find at Grand Teton NP. I can't wait to go there myself.

  2. I hate to be leaving Bear Lake as well, but can't wait to see the Grand Tetons through YOUR eyes!!

    You sure made the best of your last day at Bear Lake:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  3. What a wonderful way to end your stay at Bear Lake!

  4. Note to self: buy inner tube! It would be so much fun to read & float simultaneously. Gorgeous place!

  5. Nice sunset pics. Loved being on the water.

  6. Keep those sunset pictures coming. They're just beautiful!


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