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Henry David Thoreau

Getting Ready

Tuesday August 9, 2011
Gros Ventre Campground Site 104
Grand Teton National Park Wyoming


On Tuesday, the most exciting thing I did all day
was go out to the river for sunrise.










I was hoping perhaps the moose would be out
at 6AM but not even a hoof print where I was.


We took Winnona to the dump and took on a tank of water in
anticipation of our daughter Carrie coming tomorrow.
It will be simply GREAT to see her!!

I’ve recovered from the Biathlon
and got the Blog about it posted but only
by going up to the registration building
and using their Wifi.  Don’t think
I’ll do such a large “photo album” in the future.
But if you haven’t seen read that post,
the wildflowers in the album really are superb.


We went to the grocery and stocked up so we don’t have to
spend any of our short 7 days with doing any shopping.


David did some repair work on the dinette seat back.
He reinforced it where over the years, too much gripping
had broken the light weight plywood frame. 
Here he is with his drill and a piece of angle aluminum. 
I admit to holding my breath.
It won’t sag again that’s for sure. 




And then the all purpose glue gun to the rescue
in making sure the fabric stays in place. 
A long belated thank you to Martha Dudley for
the heads up on this useful item.



Tomorrow’s the day and we can’t wait to see Carrie.


  1. I don't think my lazy butt has ever seen a sunrise :P And if I've been forced to wake up that early, I'd have been too grouchy to go outside to "appreciate" it! Glad you photographed it for me! LOL!

  2. One thing about owning an RV, if you were not handy before buying it, you will be afterwards.

    Have a great visit...and enjoy all those sunrises. :c)

  3. Well, hope you are enjoying your visit with Carrie by now!!

    What a wonderful place to spend time together!!


  4. I know you guys are having fun and a great visit!

  5. Thanks for the sunrise! Like Nellie, that's too earlier for me too!


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