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Beach Invasion

Wednesday December 11, 2013
Sebastian Inlet State Park



Even though the temperature is great, winter is not actually THE SEASON at Sebastian Inlet.




It’s the summer of course when people flock to Florida beaches.  So usually when we come to the beach each day, the parking lot has maybe 6 or 10 cars depending how many surfers are there.  

We are shocked when we drive in and find probably 50 cars, a motor home all set up with chairs outside and a big Ron Jon van with tons of water toys and clothing inside. 






Do you know who Ron Jon is??


I suppose you might.  I am clearly out of it since I had no idea that Ron Jon was a big name in water sports all over the country.  Apparently twice a year they do a two day photographic shoot here for their catalog, commercials and billboards.






The walkway to the beach has bathrooms on two sides and the crew had taken it over with chairs and make up and hair tables.  You have to nearly push your way through and around them.

David takes a couple of quick shots of the make up and hair tables and then we go on out to the water.






The place is crawling with extremely skinny women.  There are a couple of rather skinny guy models too.  All are “beautiful” of course depending on your taste.



Photographers and equipment are everywhere.



  Today seems to be focused on a couple of women and two men.  Tomorrow they say there will be more people including kids.   I think we’ll stay home at least in the morning.


David took these pictures and seemed to prefer the tall skinny blonde.  Although when asked about it, he says she happened to be the one right in front of him.  Hmmmmm, do you buy that?   I find the other girl much more attractive.  The blonde looks anorexic to me.  What message is being sent to young people with this stuff??





Here’s the sort of thing that was going on all day long.







Ok so tell me, do you go play in the surf with your glasses on and a towel around your neck???  I use my towel to dry off when I get OUT of the water.   I think this photographer has a thing for elbows.






Every guy’s dream??




I know I often stand right next to the water in this pose, I’m sure you do too right?  Remember the elbows??





I wonder if the sun circle is to give her some color so she doesn’t look the exact same shade as the surf behind her. 




I would like to know the brand of sun screen they put on that lily white skin for her to stay out in the sun for these 6 or 7 hours.  It is blazing today.






Back in real life, in my not skimpy suit with my not  skinny legs, I”m facing a wall of water.









Don’t know if “Ron” has an in with the weather gods but today was one of the most beautiful days we’ve seen.  Just perfect blue skies, blue water, puffy clouds.  Fantastic and HUGE waves. 









They prove too strong for me, unlike the perfect birthday waves I enjoyed.   Today the waves are coming lickety split one after another.  When I get tossed aside numerous times and then roll head over heels I decide perhaps I’m not big enough for this stuff without a board.  Time to exit.

As I am putting this post together I notice you could probably make a dozen suits for the blonde out of the material in mine. :-)



The surfers are out in big numbers today.





  More than I’ve seen in the past week.  Don’t know if “RJ” put a call out for them to come on and perhaps be in the pictures but there are camera persons taking shots of them as well.  Although none of the surfers are “posing”’ or talking to the crew.  So I’m pretty sure they were just there to have fun.














Even photographers in the water.



Are they catchin’ the curl or hangin’ 10?   I don’t know the lingo.  Help me out here all you surfers.











I guess it’s a wrap. 


About 4:00 the crew call it a day and we have the beach to ourselves again except for the few heads you see of the surfers in a line in the water.   






And of course the resident beach bums like this killdeer are also still here.  He poses too. He’s my kind of model.





It’s a wrap for my day too.




  1. Lucky- I think I would have enjoyed being there:)

  2. Definitely too skinny! I've never heard of Ron Jon either. Your commentary made me chuckle.

    I don't think that beach bum is a killdeer. Maybe a ruddy turnstone? I really need to bone up on my winter shorebirds. :(

    Didn't they want to take your photo??

  3. Give me the Kildeer over that way too skinny blonde any day. You make a healthier looking model IMO.

  4. That skinny one's legs are about the size of a ski pole! Yuck.... Now the guy surfers at the end....yum! lol

  5. Kathy notices I take more pics of a certain type of woman also....
    Tonight's Sunset was awesome, glad you got a pic. Mine did not come out correct.
    We left Disney early tonight and will be back in the Cabana tomorrow.
    Thanks for the fun post.

  6. The killdeer is doing it wrong. No elbows.

    You made me snort with the dozen suits for the model from your one. You wear it better. Someone should make her eat something, she's starving to death.

  7. You were absolutely right, that picture IS every man's dream. Why, I lie awake at night wishing for a pair of blue plaid shorts like that photographer is wearing!

    I won't admit to owning a Ron Jon Sweat Shirt, so don't bother to ask me... :cD

  8. That blonde is disgustingly anorexic looking. I've seen Ron Jon the few times I've been to east coast beaches - can't remember if the brand is also in the west, but I'm sure it is. I've certainly heard of it.

  9. A thing for elbows… HAHaaaa…. never heard of Ron Jon ... and, well? I'm with you … the blonde looks emaciated! good lord!
    Hopefully and I'm sure … they had sun block on… wow.. she is awfully white. I coud never tan .. if I stayed outdoors all day … which I did when I was younger… swimming and water skiing … whatever.. never ever tanned … just burned and freckled and I'm a brunette! made no sense whatsoever… Mother said it was the Irish … I guess so

    You look pretty good yourself… old girl! my kingdom to be able to wear a swimsuit again and not scare the kiddies… beautiful waves …. good shots!

    Thanks for the sunset picture… oh, …. me

  10. Even with all the commotion...it still looks like a beautiful day on the beach!!! It is 30 degrees here this morning....I am NOT happy;o((( So keep the warm photos coming!!!

  11. I know it's going to be a good day when I'm laughing by 6 am and this did make me laugh! What a wonderful perspective on what could've been viewed as a "why are all these people invading my territory for perfectly useless reasons" day! Good girl! BTW, I didn't see any pics of those models swatting at noseeums. What's up with that??

  12. You got some great photo's of the photo shoot. It looks like a beautiful beach day!

  13. Too thin...I've always thought that about models. They must starve themselves. Heaven forbid they take pills. You certainly look healthier to me :) What is it with the elbows?! Beautiful day for whatever was going on for sure! They are lucky noseeums are not om the beach
    ..would be hard to hold a pose with them everywhere! Nice killdeer and sunset pictures!

  14. Yup, too thin. I have never been that thin, well maybe in grade school..lol. Not healthy! Nice pics :-)

  15. Way too thin, sickly looking actually. I've heard of Ron Jon, they were on the Jersey shore when we used to go there a long time ago. Haven't been in a two piece since high school, nice pics of the day.

  16. I'm surprised you haven't seen the Ron Jon billboards all over the east coast. I think the first shop was in Cocoa Beach.

    That blonde needs a tan...and a hamburger, I think.

    Love the picture David took of the tow women with the big wave in the background. It was a nice shot.

  17. Yep that white girl really needs some medical attention. She looks like a ghost stick. Besides her needing a hamburger how about a nice thick malt.

    I think you look good an healthy in your suite. Never heard of Ron Jon maybe because I live in the desert?

  18. The elbow pose reminds me of a routine Ellen Degeneres did when she did a bunch of unlikely unnatural poses and wondered who really went around like that. And no I do not go into the water with my sunglasses on and a towel around my neck nor do I stand on the beach in the elbow pose. Bet all that was fun to watch-

  19. Someone give that blonde a cheeseburger -- I can see ribs! So. . . . did David enjoy the day at the beach? ;-)

  20. I swear it is true that they did the elbow shoot directly in front of my beach chair. Now how often is that going to happen in one lifetime?? Both the models and the photographer were getting paid, but it was free for us and actually entertaining to see how they are prompted into these unlikely poses for the advertising of a whole line of products. It was a little extra fun of a different sort, but like salt, a little goes a long way.

  21. Robinkwalton@gmail.comJanuary 4, 2014 at 3:14 PM

    Have to agree about the anorexic girl..suit why to bland for all the white skin..like the other girl much better and she have a nice figure. The other one does nothing.
    These messages get worse and worse for the young..this is nothing new


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