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Last Days at Sebastian Inlet

Thursday December 26-Sunday December 29, 2013
Sebastian Inlet State Park,  Vero Beach, Florida




After Carrie left, we had two more days at Sebastian Inlet before moving on. 



We didn’t do much, the weather was cloudy overcast and cool.  I was there as usual but there wasn't much of a sunrise.







 We thought the day was too cool to go in the water, but we went over to the beach to see what was going on.

The surfers were undeterred.   The mother of this mother daughter pair had on a full wet suit.  The daughter just her two piece.  Seemed mighty cold to me but………..I’m not a surfer.

In addition to the surfers, there was this guy water skiing off of a jet ski.  They were doing a lot of hot-dogging.








David spotted this helicopter in the sky.  Maybe Paul Dahl knows what it was doing going back and forth out at sea parallel to the beach.






The Sunset did not disappoint!








On his last day at Sebastian Inlet David wanted to go out for breakfast at his favorite place, the Long Point Restaurant.   It’s just across the inlet and up the road from the campground.





We’ve been here several times and have always been impressed by how clean and neat the restaurant is.  Everything looks as if it has just been newly done or cleaned.  I don’t know if it bothers you like it does me but when I go into a restaurant and the glasses and silverware are spotted, I’m not impressed.  The waitress here is sitting with the water glasses straight from the dishwasher using a towel to go over every one to make sure there are no spots.  Now that’s attention to detail.





Hats off to the breakfast cook as well.   Everything was perfectly done.  Eggs over easy and “lightly” scrambled were exactly that.   When I asked for hot water with lemon, she brought me an entire pot and came around frequently to see if David would like his evil brew topped up.  (wink*wink*Paul)





We took a last look around the park.   Here are some of my favorites.




my sunrise beach in the afternoonP1010001




sea turtle swimming in from the ocean up the inlet – SO exciting to see it.P1010008A



pure joy at sunrise beachP1010011




path along the inlet back to the campground from the oceanP1010016




our favorite park tree, the gumbo-limboDSCF2677



snowy egret and royal turnDSCF2708



our last sunsetDSCF2715


the last afterglowDSCF2728







Saturday morning we said good-bye to Sebastian Inlet which we love, all but the bugs, which were relentless the entire time we were there.

We did an easy though fairly lengthy, for us, 180 mile move across the middle of the state to Oscar Scherer State Park which is near the town of Nokomis and the Gulf of Mexico.  We’ve been here before too and though I couldn’t get one of my favorite campsites and couldn’t get anything for an entire 10 days, we are here in Site 93 for 6 days on South Creek   Yes it’s a back in site but who wants to look at the road when you could look at the mangrove lined creek?   Good thing we have lots of power cord and water hose so we can stretch it to enable us to be any direction we like.  We got the bikes off of the car, had dinner and walked up to the nature center/club house to see the monthly schedule of ranger talks, walks, pancake breakfasts, movie nights, game nights and all the other things that the Friends of Oscar Scherer put on that makes this state park unlike others we’ve been to.





Seems we got to Oscar Scherer just in time for the rains.  They started in the night and it was still drizzling when we got up.  We both went out for a run.  We had oatmeal pecan pancakes for breakfast and spent the rest of the day noodling around. 


The duckies and company look longingly from the end of the picnic table at south Creek.



What did we do all day today?   Who knows other than this post.   Apparently not much since neither of us took even one picture.  In the afternoon there was a lull in the rain, so we took the kayaks up to the boat launch at the South Picnic area and locked them down so that we can have them there any time we want and not have to keep them on the car.

From the launch into South Creek you can paddle down under the Tamiami Trail and out into the waterway between Casey Key and the mainland.  You can paddle all the way to Nokomis beach if you like but you’ll be sharing some mighty big water with some mighty big boats. 




We have 10 days here so who knows what we might get in to.  One thing for sure is I need a flowbee haircut!  And so far I’ve encountered few bugs so I might even get to sit out under the awning in my chair and read.  Now that will be a treat!



  1. I'm guessing, but I think that helicopter is doing some treasure hunting. Looks like some kind of magnetic anomaly detector (think giant metal detector). Maybe it was looking for metal remains of a Spanish treasure ship? One can only imagine, because there were so many that wrecked in the past. The tip off is that it was going back and forth in a pattern, classic procedure in searches.

    I'd ask David what he thinks, but his mind is probably clouded from drinking that foul and evil liquid... ;c)

  2. Your pictures are soooo inviting, but I didn't realize how nice life could be without bugs until I moved away from Florida!!

    Virtual hugs,


  3. What's a flowbee haircut? More cold weather moving in here just in time for my days off. :(

  4. Hope that you end of enjoying this spot as much as the one you left. Have fun!

  5. Wow! Seeing the sea turtle was amazing! I "sat" waiting for a few nests to hatch on the Outer Banks with some fellow turtle lovers but didn't get to see any turtles. Sebastian Inlet looks like a beautiful place- Have fun at your new location and Happy New Year! XXXOOO

  6. What park did you stay at in Sebastian Inlet?
    I'd vote for a magnetometer behind the helo, helicopters hours are spendy! I like the flag...
    Next winter I'm going to Florida!

  7. What is that helicopter doing? Looks like an expensive kind of treasure hunting. Think I'll stick with the beach treasures. I too like a clean restaurant and the food looks marvelous. So cool to see a sea turtle. I've never. Love that tree and all its curvy arms. That sunset sure gave you a great send off. And this new park sounds great.

  8. How lucky to see the sea turtle. I hope your new campsite is bug-free.

  9. How exciting to see the Sea Turtle!!! Looks like you've found a nice spot at Oscar Scherer...hopefully, the bugs will not find it;o)) Heading south this morning...see you in the near future:o)

  10. Don't think I've ever seen a person wiping spots off of glasses in a restaurant. That truly must be a special place. Glad you had a safe trip to a new place. Can't wait to see what you'll get into there!

  11. Love the turtle swimming! Your site at oscar looks mighty nice. That park is a great place to 'live' for a few weeks. I hope the bugs are far away!! Lovely pictures of the Sebastian last days :)

  12. When I walk up to a restaurant and the front door glass is filthy, I become suspicious and often we don't even go in. How hard is that to clean the glass, which is the first impression. I agree about spotty silverware and glasses.

    Since there is so much treasure hunting and sunken treasure in that area, I think Paul is probably right about the thing being pulled by the helicopter.

    I hope your new campsite is bug free. We haven't really had any problem with bugs, but then lately we've been in sites with concrete slabs and not as woody as you are staying at. I guess that's one advantage.

    I think your beach days will be much less windy on the Gulf coast.

  13. We love the Gulf coast! That sea turtle photo is great! Would love to see one.

    I marvel when you talk about David going for a run! He was a mighty sick man. God is good!

  14. I really, really enjoyed your stay on the Atlantic Ocean. . .hoping your new spot is just as enjoyable!

  15. Here's hoping for a bug free stay

  16. Paul must be right, after they don't call this the Treasure Coast for nothing. The treasure hunters must do very well to be able to afford that kind of gear!

  17. That would have been fun watching the helicopter search for treasure. I love watching shows on TV about deep sea treasure hunting. Hope the Gulf sends nice weather to you. It poured here all day yesterday, but today shaped up to be a nice one!

  18. How wonderful to see the sea turtle—and to get a photo of it! After your experience with relentless no-see-ums, I'm reluctant to cross the state to spend time on the east coast of Florida. We haven't been having any problems with bugs in north Florida. Then again, it's not warm enough to swim, either!

  19. love the sea turtle! and, as always, the sunset pictures.... but my stars! the Mother daughter surfers! I've seen surfers surf in brief attire and I'm in sweats and freezing! glad your bugs are not showing their faces ...

    treasure hunting helicopter... I never. and yeah.. what's a flowbee haircut.. stand up teased hair with holes for bees to go on through? naw. that can't be... oh, lord I remember those beehive hairdo's in the early 60's!


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