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Santa’s a Great Guy

Sunday December 22, 2013
Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach,. Florida





Apparently Santa knows more than whether you’ve been bad or good.


He knew that Carrie had to leave on Christmas Day so  he stopped by Winnona early Sunday morning.  I guess that might make his job on Tuesday night a little easier.  He left presents under the tree and filled the stockings.  He brought yummy pastries.


So first thing is to have the traditional pastries.  Pecan Roll for me, chocolate croissants for David and Carrie.




On to those packages and stockings!



.  As you can see, Carrie’s stocking is somewhat larger than the other two.  I made them all for her first Christmas.  Making hers larger seemed the fun thing to do.  So she really loves her biggest stocking.  But I think Santa may have a tough time finding enough things to fill it.  Smile There were pistachios and candy, rechargeable batteries and socks, coasters, and hankies among what seemed like tons of other little things.   David was happy that Santa was so careful to make sure his treats were not just empty calories.   You’ll notice that his “born to be mild hat” was returned by Santa in better condition than it was in when he “misplaced” it.   Carrie wasn’t too sure about the Raye’s Maine Mustard brought all the way to her from Eastport, Maine.  Even though she’s a catsup girl, she says she’ll give it a try.












All this works up quite an appetite as you can imagine.


We go from stockings to tree, back and forth and then it’s late morning and  time for breakfast or well probably brunch.  David says he can handle it and we definitely believe that.  So we set out for a walk down to the ocean front to see what the waves are doing.  Along the way we find the woodstorks down on their knees apparently relaxing.  How do they do that?  Those knees sure seem to bend backwards. Neither of us had ever seen this before.   The waves were looking great so back we went to tell David.






 When we arrive, he has the delicious breakfast ready to go.  Great fortification for the hard work of opening more presents!!





Alrighty then, back to those presents!


Carrie has a fifteen minute walk in downtown DC from her train to her office so she needed a long raincoat to keep the splashes off her office attire.   Santa knew just the thing.  Light weight and portable but weather proof.   And how about those boots to go with it in a great purple color.  Let the rains come, she’s all set.   Although I doubt she’s going to strike that pose on the way to the office.   (Yes it does say 81 degrees outside on that temperature gauge).






Among other things, Carrie gave her father a binocular harness since he is always admiring mine.  She got me two pair of different weight PERFECT hiking socks.  All we need now are some trails.








It’s true, like mother, like daughter.  Santa brought us both Peanut Butter M&Ms.  Mmmmm, that’s so we don’t steal from each other.   And he brought her new colored pens and two new journals.  Journaling in color is a great idea if I do say so myself.  I’m glad to have passed the habit on.





OK so what’s in the big bags??







Apparently Either Santa also knows a great deal about Snorkeling or he contacted Karen Lueck for consultation.  I tried my gear on, but David tried his out.  Sort of!!  Thanks to Santa’s helper everything was just right.  Now if one of them can just get us reservations in the Keys!  Smile 







Remember that 81 degree temperature?


It’s mid afternoon when all this silliness is finished and we have just enough time before dinner to get over to the beach for even more.  




S&C Santa Hats



Great times in the water on December 22nd.  Pretty amazing for all of us.











We finish off this fabulous day with a wonderful feast and a showing of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.  Could there possibly be a better Day??





We hope your holiday was every bit as full of fun and love as ours!

Sherry, Carrie and David




  1. Love that last picture! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. I love the picture of the woodstork. His big feet look somehow detached.

  3. We too celebrated on the 24th and drove back to SC on Christmas Day!! Christmas is whenever our loved ones can all be together.

    Looks like the three of you had a fabulous Christmas:o)) Save some of that warm weather for us!!

  4. What a terrific holiday you three had! Carrie is lucky to have you two as parents, and it seems that you are lucky to have her as a daughter :-)

  5. Your Christmas celebration looked fantastic. I can just feel the joy you three experience when you are together.

  6. Merry Christmas!! Looks like you all had a most wonderful celebration - so glad you could ALL be together!!
    and, a Happy New Year...

  7. What a perfect festive barrel of fun! I love it all!

  8. Oh, what a happy, FUN day you all had!!!! Have a Blessed New Year!

  9. That was a really cute Christmas celebration, loved the thoughtful gifts (especially the peanut butter M&Ms). Do you share?

    Hope you get lots of use out of that snorkeling gear. You certainly have the weather for it.

    Great picture of ya'll on the beach in your Santa hats, too funny! :cD

  10. What a wonderful Christmas. Santa was very good to you all, and best to have Carrie there. Love those beach shots.

  11. You have a larger smile when Carrie is around! We sure love our girls!

  12. You guys sure know how to have fun. Having Carrie with you was the best present! Love that last family photo!

  13. Oh, what a wonderful time it looks like you are having!! I enjoyed living vicariously. Christmas Eve has always been my favorite over the actual day. I love the quiet, reflective anticipation. So glad you had Carrie with you to share such a fun, memorable day!

  14. A fantastic Christmas, RVing style…Wonderful that Carrie was able to be with you for the holidays…Happy Holidays to you from the both of us! Thank you for sharing… :-)

  15. a great Christmas tribute to the time with Carrie... may your new year be healthy and prosperous...

  16. What an awesome and fun post to read. That family portrait is just beautiful. I'd be for framing that one! So sorry Carrie had to go back so quickly. Guess I had it in my mind she'd be able to stay through New Year's! Enjoy your day after Christmas - hope that 81 degrees is still happening.

  17. What a lovely Christmas celebration! Hope you are able to get to the Keys and enjoy your new snorkels.

  18. I bet that Woodstork thinks our knees bend the wrong way too!

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was certainly good to you. Al was admiring Davids binocular strap. Might have to get him one. I have never seen them.

    Glad to see you finally got you some snorkeling gear. Al says to remind you that you'll also need a dive flag. When you go to Myaka let me know and I'll tell you a place to snorkel nearby.

    Glad you got to go for a Christmas Day swim.

  19. We might have to try the Muppet christmas carol. We have never seen that one.

  20. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, great family photo.

  21. Love the family pics. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  22. Born to wild hat… HAHaaaaa…. storks on their knees? I never.

    I do stockings also. I think that's so much fun. Looks like you all had a great day … as always … Carrie is adorable! love her expressions and my gawd! your views our your windows!

    wanna go back to the Keys! and no, my baby will never get to big! he sat in my lap… HAHaaaaa…. he's 6'2" and weighs 210 right now! I'm 5'4" but I gotta an ample lap and it will never get too old to hold and squeeze him… What a cute picture of you two….

    What a great fun read, Sherry… ;)

    1. sigh ... I swear auto correct did that! I typed ... Born to be MILD hat ... then the HAhaaaaa's.

  23. You all look so happy! What a nice Christmas you had.

  24. Merry, Merry Christmas. Looks like you all had a most wonderful day!!

  25. Great pictures! Glad your day was so fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

  26. That looked like an incredibly fun day, a beautiful Christmas with your precious daughter. What a treat to join in on your Christmas celebrations.

  27. Oh my! Santa was really good to this year! Great pictures of you guys on the beach ... you've got the makings of next year's Christmas card in that last one.

  28. I never saw that last picture - that is really quite good of all of us :) Nice picture choices the whole way through! It's great to relive it in the blog because you tell the story so well. We had such fun; I'm a very lucky girl!!!

  29. Santa may be a great guy, but he has NOTHING on you dear. BTW, those stockings were great when you made them all those years ago, and they still look like new after all these years. What treasures they have held and still hold for us.

  30. Just now catching up on my blog reading, what a December you had. LOVE the Santa hats on the beach shots!


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