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Wouldn’t You Know it

Tuesday December 3, 2013
Sebastian Inlet State Park
Melbourne Beach, Florida



Of course we wake up to beautiful weather on the day we must leave Anastasia.




This is a perfect beach day.   Calm winds, warm temperatures and we have used up our reservation and have another further on down the road.  I really do hate reservations.  I would stay here at least another 2 or 3 days now that the weather has cleared if I could.  But I can’t.  SIGH….



 One last look at the beach we missed.



We get packed up and take the long boardwalk out over the wetlands to get one really good look at the beach we have not been able to enjoy.  It is a gorgeous 4 mile undisturbed wide sandy shore that I’m sure is teaming with people in the summer.  But today even though it is perfect out almost no one but us is here. 




Anastasia Beach - Arrive Sebastian 009

After a pelican squadron salute we have to be on our way.  On such a beautiful day, it’s sad to leave a beach I haven’t had a chance to explore.  I’m already trying to figure out how to make reservations here for two weeks when the weather will be just like this.  If you have any hints, on weather forecasting for late November and December let me know.


Anastasia Beach - Arrive Sebastian 014



We’re off to Sebastian Inlet State Park 165 miles further south. 



Anastasia Beach - Arrive Sebastian 026

The trip is without incident except for a tight gas station turn which scratches poor Ruby.  She has a too many contusions and abrasions from her dolly days.  But my mechanic says no 4 wheels down for her and so does Honda.  WHY don’t they make room at the pumps gas stations for their biggest customers.  We definitely spend the most money.




We’ve been to Sebastian several times in the past but I’ve never been able to get a site I want. 

I always have to take what I can get since I apparently don’t have my plans set as early as others making the dreaded ‘reservations’. The park is immensely popular.   Apparently the fishing is famous and when we get here the inlet banks are lined with fishermen of the feathered and non variety. 

Usually I end up in the back row in what we call the mangroves.   This time I am lucky enough to get a site in the mid row of three for part of our time.  I’m hoping that may help us with what have traditionally been low voltage problems here.

We get a late lunch, get set up and with the early sunset, it’s already that time.


Anastasia Beach - Arrive Sebastian 027

One thing I really like about Sebastian Inlet is that it is on the corner of the Atlantic Ocean and the inlet to the intracostal waterway.   I can take a short walk over to the ocean for sunrise and go right out the front of my coach for sunset.

The bad thing now is that apparently we are not late enough in the year to miss the noseeums (biting midges).  So sitting on the bench in my first sunset picture to watch the sunset is not an option tonight.  Gotta keep movin’ or they will eat you alive.

We’ll be here for two weeks so we should hopefully be able to outlast the noseeums.  Unless they are permanent residents.


  1. Nice sunset picture. I hope the noseeums decide to go somewhere else during your stay - I hate it when you can't sit still for a second without being attacked by them.

  2. beautiful sunset and all pics... hoping the bugs are gone really soon!! and, that you have more lovely days. going to get wintery here (after today nearly 70° even though it was overcast).

  3. Darn, back to those darn reservation problems. But I'd think here for two weeks should give plenty of time to enjoy.

  4. oh, man?! how gorgeous is this... I'm sitting here in my recliner hearing the rain freeze.... bah

    Well? at least I don't have any noseeums.... I got seeums though ... blasted bugs come in out of the cold... I actually ewwwww crunched a cockroach.. one of those big old water bug thing... I never ever never kill ... freakin ew... but I'm not about to let one of those guys live especially when they surprise me. ought not to surprise... saw the thing crawling in under the back door ... I've got to put a something to not only keep out the cold bugs but the cold weather! David available?

  5. Sorry you had to leave St. Augustine before you got to enjoy the beautiful beach, but judging from your words, you would be happy spending a much longer time there. That answers my question on whether I would enjoy the park. There ought to be a law about noseums...they are a real pain!!

  6. Gorgeous pictures of a place I'm not sure we've ever been. I will really enjoy seeing it through your eyes! Don't let the noseums deter you....your followers are awaiting your pictures!

  7. It was a good thing that St. Augustine has other options than the beach when the weather is bad. Too bad we couldn't have enjoyed some good weather there.

  8. Great sunset!! I do hope the noseeums are GONE when I am there! Funny wanting room for big rigs...I bet 10 years ago, you'd have said they were too big and use too much gas and it was good there wasn't room for them to get gas. Lol. Glad the weather is improving!! Too bad you had to leave Anastasia so soon. If there were no reservations, some people might just move in and never leave. :)

    1. Carrie, I loved this. Our kids do remind us of who we were and how we evolve.

    2. Probably true sweetheart. My values haven't changed but at that time I didn't know that properly done a big RV uses fewer resources than living in a house

  9. Another beautiful sunset, hope you outlast the noseeums so far they've stayed away from where we've been. 28 here this morning, heading south over the next few cold days hopefully the weather will improve. Hope the noseeums leave so you can enjoy your beautiful campground.

  10. I'm just loving the sunsets in Florida. They seem to be so colorful! We haven't had any midge problems for some reason, maybe not close enough to water here at the VC.

  11. Looks like you have the best of both worlds! Sunrise, sunset....Hey, that sounds like a song, doesn't it? Love the sunset photo. Stay warm! We are a bit warmer to day.

  12. Too bad for the departure from such an inviting place. But hey, at least you are going South! ;c)

    I'm with you on the fueling stations not being RV friendly. I almost exclusively use Flying J because they make the effort to get the RV business. I have once or twice had to disconnect my car to access a fuel pump, but I'm able to tow 4 down.

    Noseeums "bug" me, too. I guess we need more hungry birds to control them.

  13. I'm glad you got some warmer weather. It looks like we're in for a nice warm spell. We even had to run the AC yesterday.

    One reason we like having a diesel pusher is that we can go to the truck stops where there is plenty of room for the motor home and the toad. Gas stations have changed their layouts over the past years which makes it even harder to get a big rig in and out.

    Glad you are settled at Sebastian Inlet. It's a nice area and right up your alley.

  14. I've been considering planning a winter in FL one of these years, but then there's the problem of finding places to stay and those nasty bugs. Think you'd be better off earlier in Nov or even late October for nicer weather in St. Augustine. October was always my favorite month in Pensacola.

  15. As you probably know, finding a gas station I can get in and out of gives me more heartburn than anything else. I find myself perusing gas stations even when I don't need gas. Like somehow I could remember a good one if I were ever on that road again...


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