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The time flew by

Monday December 22 - Wednesday December 25, 2013
Sebastian Inlet State Park



It’s been a whirlwind stay.




Carrie arrived on Solstice Day Saturday December 21st and had to leave on Christmas Day.  The cost of the flight to come just before Christmas and stay after was over twice what it was to come several days before and leave on the day.  She wasn’t able to take the entire week off so we packed as much into her time with us as we could.






Monday was our third GREAT beach day.


The weather was wonderful enough to spend Monday on the beach and swim in the Atlantic where the waves were BIG.  We had another fabulous time….and in December…..amazingly terrific!











We played games of Save the Everglades but it was hard to get funding to combat all the pollution.  We sang Santa Baby along with Eartha Kitt from 1953, watched the Grinch steal Christmas and Kermit & Miss Piggy play Bob Cratchit and his wife in a Christmas Carol with the Muppets and Michael Caine as Scrooge.






We saw herons and egrets, terns and skimmers in the air and on the water.




We saw groups of pelicans and this group of wood storks.     Hmmmm  which one does not belong.







On Tuesday the weather took a big turn.





The temperatures plummeted, the wind gusted to between 20 and 30 mph.  Not a beach day for sure.  The McLarty Treasure Museum is in the park and seemed like a great place to be inside.  There we found out why this area is known as the Treasure Coast.

It seems that in the early morning darkness of the last day of July 1715, a hurricane destroyed a Spanish fleet on its way from Cuba to Spain.  Over 1000 people were killed.  1500 survivors of eleven ships made it to shore and camped at this spot. Attempts to salvage the expensive cargo began almost at once. English pirates raided the salvage camps.   The ships still rest off the barrier coast in this area along with some 30 other wreckages.  Thus it has become known as the treasure coast especially because of the 20th century reclamation of some of the Spanish treasure. 



The ships were almost forgotten until the late 1950’s when a building contractor from Cincinnati Ohio named Kip Wagner found a piece of eight on the beach near Sebastian Inlet after a hurricane and decided to find out where it came from.  The story of his finding the fleet is an interesting one and can be read here.

The museum itself is small but does an good job of telling the story and showing some of the things which have been found.  There is another local museum in Sebastian on the mainland which also displays some of the booty.  The 45 minute film is an excellent introduction to the history and the museum.  See it first.







In addition to the film and the informational panels and dioramas, there are miniatures of three of the ships amazingly complete to the last detail.




Much of the loot was said to be the dowry for the new Queen of Spain who supposedly would not consummate her marriage until it was provided.   I always thought the bride provided the dowry not received it.  Guess I’d better do some more checking into history here.  There were religious articles, precious gems and stones, jewelry and a great deal of gold and silver.





Also those famous pieces of 8 apparently by the barrel full.






The walls also have some beautiful art work.  My favorite is this oil painting of a storm tossed ship.





Although the museum is located on the water behind the dune it does not have a path to the beach.  It does have a great boardwalk through the maritime forest to an observation deck in the shape of a ship’s bow complete with wheel.





The strong winds are causing the captain to have to lean into steering our vessel.




The beautiful shore line along which in as little as 15’ of water, you too might find sunken treasure like a family did in September of this year.   Check it out!





Wednesday, Carrie’s final day with us, begins with chocolate chip pancakes on the griddle.






We walk down to the beach and find the wind is again in control of things.






But wind doesn’t stop these hearty ocean-o-holics!   We have to leave to take her to Orlando airport by noon but that leaves just enough time for ONE MORE visit to the water.   The temperatures are in the 70’s today rather than the 80’s of Monday or the 60’s of yesterday.   It’s good enough for us.





The waves are rolling.  We all check it out but only David decides to go on in. 












We’re especially glad we passed when we find several of these Portuguese man of war washed up on the beach near where we are sitting.  But David says he saw none of them, the water was warm, but the waves were strong and tiring.




Carrie expresses her opinion about the day and we wrap it up with one last picture of the 3 of us.






Then we’re off for the 90 minute drive to Orlando made a little more tense by a last minute stop for gas.  We see her into the hands of the TSA agents and head back on the road arriving home in time for sunset which is a beautiful one this evening.





The pelicans and dolphins are both out as usual at sunset.  The only thing missing is Carrie.  These pictures are especially for her.







The after colors in the sky are beautiful.




Just for you sweetheart, the spot we came to every evening while you were here. It’s missing you.   Me too!





Up in the air junior bird men!  Don’t we wish it were we three.





What a great time when you are here.  Hurry back soon!

   Love Mama and Papa

I miss you when you go!!

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  1. So glad you had this wonderful time with Carrie. Nothing else can be said.

  2. What a nice post. Carrie is very lucky to have such a great mom and dad.

  3. It was great that Carrie got to visit you and get some quality beach time. So sad she had to go so quickly. Did the TSA screeners let her get on her flight with all the pieces of eight she found on the beach? :c)

  4. What a lovely blog. I miss you too and wish I could have stayed longer. I am sooo lucky to have parents who love me sooo much! But wait...you saw dolphins?! Where? The pictures are great. Not a bad windy selfish ;) I love you both to pieces! Swack ;)

  5. A beautiful testimony to your love for Carrie and Mother Nature.

  6. Glad you had such a nice time with your daughter. We just left the Sacramento area after six months today. Nice to see mom and dad so much, along with sisters and brothers, brother-in-law, and other family. Nice to be back on the road....but a part of us will always be with them. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

  7. Such a joyous celebration you three have whenever you get together, no matter the weather. David sure is good at those selfies.

  8. Your joy in the time you spent with Carrie clearly comes across in your words. That last photo is a great one of you and David.

  9. Glad your family time was wonderful. So often the realities don't live up to the hoped for moments. It seems you were able to squeeze in lots of new memories into the memory bank.

  10. In the late 60's I read Kip Wagner's book, "Pieces of Eight". That's one of the reasons I'm on the road today..
    A great blog!

  11. Oh what fun 'Making Memories!!' Always fun to watch the 3 of you together enjoying life:o)) Carrie is certainly a joy!!!!!

  12. So glad Carrie was able to stay a while. Looks like you had fun.

  13. It's a shame Carrie couldn't stay longer, but at least she got to spend Christmas with you, and it looks like you all had a wonderful visit.

    I hope you get in a few more good beach days before your stay on the east coast comes to an end.

    Love the last picture.

  14. The many years I spent January in Flagler Beach, it was always tough putting Bill on a plane back to Knoxville even though I knew he was headed back in a couple of weeks (for MLK holiday). We always laughed that with a direct flight from Orlando, he was home in Knoxville before I made it back to Flagler Beach. Probably the same for Carrie! She is beautiful and even in pictures, seems to reflect BOTH of you!

  15. What a beautiful blog post - I don't post often but today's brought tears to my eyes - lucky daughter, lucky parents! Wishing all the very best!!!
    Connie in PA

  16. What a great time you all had. The water temps (54) here are not conducive to swimming, so far the wind hasn't been as bad as I imagined with everyone telling us how windy it is.

  17. the time passes so fast during their visits...

  18. You 3 have such a great relationship. You raised her well! You are braver than the 2 of us on the beach with all that wind. I dislike the wind!

  19. Sounds like a perfect time and you did a great job of packing in loads of fun and memories in less than a week! A belated Merry Christmas to you both and Happy New Year!

  20. Sorry for the belated Merry Christmas wishes, we have been so busy and have not had a good internet connecction. Sounds like you had a great Chrstmas with Carrie. It's better to have her there for a few days than not at all and it seems like you packed in lots in just those few days. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

    Kevin and Ruth

  21. Sweet commentary! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  22. Love all your pictures and your story of the wonderful days, BUT that last picture of you two is really special!!!!
    Happy Days!!

  23. What a beautiful post, Sherry ... and, as always ... such gorgeous sunset pictures... sweet sweet Carrie... brings lump to m'throat... sniff

  24. awww. . .what a wonderful fabulous visit. . .so great!

  25. Are you having any troubles receiving email since your upgrade? You might want to compare what you're pulling in with the web mail interface. Just sayin'. :0)

  26. Oh, I'm always sad for you when Carrie has to leave. But I know she'll catch up with you again somewhere on the road.

  27. It's fun to see your joy shining through. ;-)


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