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Beginning – Middle – End: Repeat

Monday December 9, 2013
Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach, Florida



Warm weather and back at the beach have helped me slip right into my favorite routine.  

We’ll have been in Sebastian Inlet State Park for a week tomorrow and most days have gone just like this.





Up before sunrise, walk or ride the bike over to the ocean.





 Sunday Sebastian Inlet 022
Walk along the shore.
     Look at shells.
     Photograph the sunrise.
     Feel so happy you sing something like  Morning has Broken, Here Comes the Sun or It’s a New Day.






Sunrise to sunset Thursday 028





Stop by the ranger station on my way back and check out the posted daily beach information.  Remember this is a BIG fishing park but notice the first thing in the list of what’s biting.


Sebastian Monday 021

Sebastian Monday 022 



Sunrise to sunset Thursday 039_thumb


Return to the coach, to drop off the camera.  Then head out for a run or a very fast walk WITHOUT the camera so I don’t get slowed down by these guys also getting an early start on the day.





 Sunrise to sunset Thursday 046




Sunrise to sunset Thursday 047_thumb


Back for Breakfast





Pack up for the beach and head on over.  Bring  lunch or flip a coin for who’s going to come back and get it.


Sunrise to sunset Thursday 060






Sunrise to sunset Thursday 071


First thing, get at least your feet in that water.

If the weather is GREAT go on in and play away.





 Birthday at the Beach 056



Birthday at the Beach 010

Then settle in with
     a beach chair,
     a good book,
     plenty of water,
     snacks or lunch,    
     camera and






Do some of each of these activities:

watch the mesmerizing waves

The waves on Thursday were particularly great.  They seem to have a back spin and would go rolling out to meet the next incoming wave and crash into it.  We spent most of the afternoon watching them. 

 Sunrise to sunset Thursday 057A


 Sunrise to sunset Thursday 058A


Sunrise to sunset Thursday 089A




Watch the surfers


  Sunrise to sunset Thursday 059A


Sunrise to sunset Thursday 101B


You can also go for a walk all the way down the beach as far as you can see.  
You can go beach combing
people watching
read your book
and of course take a nap.


But often despite being at the ocean for three or more hours, we sometimes don’t have time for any of these because we just can’t take our eyes off the waves crashing, the surfers riding and the fish jumping.  Not sure which ocean fish jump.  Are there ocean mullet?   Hope some of you fishermen will clue me in to what I was seeing.  These look like silver streaks jumping into the on coming waves.  Jumping feet into the air.

But of course this is a repeat activity so I can squeeze a few of the others into “tomorrow”.  





Eventually you must go home and fix dinner.

Sunrise to sunset Thursday 097_thumb






Sunrise to sunset Thursday 103A 


After dinner, walk right outside your door about 40 yards straight over to the inlet and enjoy the sunset from the bench if the noseeums will allow it.  Otherwise keep walking while you enjoy the beauty.  You can walk out on the short fishing dock for a different view.


Sunrise to sunset Thursday 113A


Here you go ladies, remember him, how about this for a THE END to one perfect day at the beach???



Sunrise to sunset Thursday 100_thumb


I wonder if I will ever get tired of this.


  1. I don't see how you could get tired of THIS ... especially that last picture... thank you

    GREAT sunset pictures as always .... I'm sitting here freezing my ass off ... Hahaaa... I wish that really could happen... well, not all the way off...

    Made it up to 34 this afternoon! now back down to 30 with mixed rain and sleet... lovely .... you do passive aggressive nanner nannering very well.

  2. NO!! I am sure no one would ever get tired of that!! any of that...

  3. Sounds like heaven to me. Two weeks will go by real fast at that pace.

  4. How did you get that picture of me for your "The End" shot? :cD

  5. you are killin me, lady! just killin me.

  6. Perfect in every way. Even, or especially, the end.

  7. Truly beautiful! Our time in FL was much too short, but we did enjoy our front row seat in the Keys!

  8. What is it about waves that can keep you watching for hours.

    1. I believe that it is our inner soul seeking it's way back unto where we came, I know most of my Church family will disagree with me...

  9. You are the smart one for being in Florida right now, while the rest of us are suffering with this miserable weather. Enjoy!

  10. Hey, it's a tough life, but someone has to do it! LOL

  11. I might get tired of his swim trunks. LOL! (sorry, could not resist that devilish thought!)

    What a great post, living vicariously here in frozen Texas. The sun came out and melted all the icicles on my rolled-up awning, now they have been reincarnated as a frozen layer of ice coating my steps. Have to take "one giant leap" to get in and out of the rig. Your beach photos take me away, Calgon!

  12. Sherry belated Happy Birthday Ipad sometime dose not like me to post. Great shots of the beach and the waving goodby was cool too. Do you see any sites in there that a 36' 5th wheel could maneuver with out too much hassle?

  13. Yea....great way to spend the month of December.... LUCKY YOU!!!

  14. What....no sighs or regrets that you aren't back in central Virginia watching the ice coming down creating havoc amongst those poor souls forced to get out and go to work? That first picture is mesmerizing...did you have to lay in the sand to get that angle?

  15. Sounds like a good plan to me. I am getting tired of this cold maybe we will go to the beach today.

  16. The weather has really been nice, hasn't it? Another morning song you could sing is, We'll Sing in the Sunshine" That was one I sang to myself during those few years after Guam and before Florida while suffering through Nebraska winters! Where to next?

  17. We are definitely loving the warmer Florida weather. Wish we were closer to the ocean or Gulf. Not too far of a drive, but not a walk away!

  18. What's to get tired of ... other than the biting bugs ... but doesn't sound like you let them keep you from doing what you love doing ... enjoying being seaside.

  19. Looks fabulous!! I'd never tire of that sort of day. Favorite pictures - the shadow and the sunset and sunrise and...well...really they are all good!! :) The sea is mesmerizing from its colors and waves to the variety of shells - just amazing. The previous comments were hilarious - got to love that 'the end' picture - LOL!

  20. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. . .'nuff said! Enjoy. . .

  21. Robinkwalton@gmail.comDecember 10, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    I may have to go with the sunset for the best part..THE END may or maynot be there the next day..but you can always count on a glorious sunset!!!!!
    Your pictures are awesome...what a day!

  22. I'm thinking that a week of sitting on the beach would be enough for me, but considering the weather in Texas lately it'd be worth a try. :)

  23. Oops...forgot. That last sunset pic is sure a beauty, and 'the end' is greatly appreciated!

  24. It is beautiful...strange I am about 30 min. north of you ..up US-1
    and there are no ...no-see-ums here at all...hmmm maybe I should
    say yet...lol

  25. Sounds like a good routine to me, and definitely a nice way to "end" it! :-)

  26. I love these days where you can do exactly what you want. I am especially glad the weather has been much better than forecast.


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