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A Look at the Springs at Salt Springs

Friday December 5, 2014
Salt Springs Recreation Area Campground
Salt Springs, Florida



I’m out for another morning walk before Sunrise.  No sunrise, only fog.   This is getting to be a pattern. 

I love this giant spreading oak at the corner of the campground road and the path to the the Florida Birding Trail.  It fills up my lens.


Yesterday I turned right, today I turn left.  Turns out it doesn’t make any difference since this is a circular trail known here as the Bear Swamp Trail.  I wonder if the Great Florida Birding Trail is just a compilation of local trails that get themselves somehow into the designation.  I know it’s not like the Florida Trail which goes from North to South across the state.

I think this is how fall in Florida looks or at least this section of Florida.




Looks kind of like a jungle doesn’t it?



I come to the boardwalk through the swamp which is totally dry.


Anything on the ground seems to get instantly covered with moss.


This great tree needs a hug.  It doesn’t look so big in the first picture.  But notice in the second that the burl is just barely visible above my head.   I did have to step off the boardwalk onto the dry ground for this hug.






The boardwalk is covered with leaves. I love the look.  These don’t have to be raked or noisily blown away thankfully.



Some sections of the swamp do still have water in them.  The reflections are interesting with all the leaves floating.



The forest is mainly understory with trees towering above, live oaks and big pines like this one which make beautiful skyward pictures.





I go all the way around the loop of the Bear Swamp Trail, about 1.7 miles.  I pass where I came in and get off at the same place as yesterday, right where the sign for The Bear Swamp Trail is.  I head down the road and instead of taking the left fork to the boat ramp, today I take the right to the spring.





One end of the spring is rather like a swimming pool.  The other is much more natural.


It’s an easy entry way in for a swim but not quite warm enough for me yet.




The usual suspects are here this morning.  The cormorant and the great blue heron who seems to have her own island.  She gives me quite a look.




This is the same bird, honestly.  Looks more regal here.



For all the days we have been here, this “antique” houseboat has been anchored just outside the spring run.  When I come up, the man is waist deep in the water bailing out the little motor boat.  The woman is…….well………..








I make several attempts at a picture of the illusive kingfisher but the fog is compromising.  Same problem with the flock of turkeys on the far bank.  Can you even see them?




Time to head back for breakfast.  On my way I pass this antique which I like better than the houseboat.




It’s warm enough to leave the door open for the first time since we arrived in Florida.  Whoo Hoo!



Unfortunately for David he has to go for the 2nd infusion.  27 mile drive one way.  This time I decline.  He leaves at 9:30 and doesn’t get back until 4:30.  What takes so long?  Not the infusion, he was finished with that at 1:30 but Ruby needed gas and he drove right by Harbor Freight on his way back.  Actually he didn’t drive by.  He stopped again with no one waiting for him.

While he’s gone, I make a gallon of soup to use for quick meals at Disneyworld.  This time for my birthday.  I’ve been a very good girl this past year. Smile




When he finally gets back, he’s just had another dose of  dex so he wants to walk down to the spring in spite of the fact that it is nearly dark.  So we do.  And when we get back it is dark and we have to put the kayaks on the car in the dark.  I got mine on with the porch light.  David’s holding a flashlight in his mouth.  I have to use the flash to get this picture.  It’s actually pitch dark.



We’re going out before sunrise tomorrow in search of manatee.  Check back to see if we find them.


  1. wow. . .I've never seen a kingfisher sit still long enough for a pic. . .that's a pretty good shot. . .and. . .that's some good lookin' soup!

  2. That is a great photo of the female Kingfisher!!!

    We can't help but smile when you say, "he just had another dose of dex." We kind of like that David:o))) LOL

    Hope you find the manatee!!

  3. I love those fall leaves on the ground, water and boardwalk. Somehow I've never seen this side of FL with the jungle like growth. Reminds of the mangroves on the east coast of Mexico with cenotes which are much like these springs. I'm crossing my fingers for manatee!

  4. We were in Disney this week and no crowds, lines 10 to 25 minutes for popular ones. Haunted House is closed until Dec 20 for ghost Vacation. The Jungle Cruise is now the Jingle Cruise and is fun at night. All the parks are decorated very nice and the Osborne Lights are better than ever. Hope you have a fun time. I love your boardwalk leaf picture.

  5. We're leaving Suwannee River SP today after a nice kayak ride and going to Rainbow Springs SP tomorrow. Hoping to see some manatee once we get more south. No gators yet either.

  6. It really does look like a jungle in places, and I love the photos, especially the pretty leaves.

  7. What strikes me is how different the vegetation is there from what I'm used to. The heron's quite welcome... I like seeing them here in the summer.

  8. LOVE love love love the heron picture with him looking directly at you and his neck stretched~ don’t you wonder what they’re thinking … little bird brains are smart… I think so

    women have to have coffee to supervise well … gee I’ve always wanted a houseboat… dang it! AND I am going to see a manatee… going to do it!

  9. Have reached the end of this post and still laughing at the woman on the houseboat. Why you ask? Probably because that's exactly what I look like this very minute except that I'm inside my house cozied up in front of the fireplace. But I've sat out on many a cabin porch looking just like that. Why be inside when you can be outside...who cares what sort of fashion statement you're making!

  10. Another lovely look at the springs. Hey, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day today :)

  11. I like the leaves on the jungle trail. And the bird picture is a good one. That was an intense stare! I want that soup when I come down. Can't wait to hear if you see manatee :)

  12. David needs a miners lamp. They are terrific for reading or anything else in low light. And the LED ones don't use much power so the batteries last a long time.

    Happy Birthday Sherry

    1. He has one but prefers the flashlight in the mouth method. Who knows why. Maybe you do, he's your brother! :-)

  13. And who says Florida doesn't have fall color?

    Love the looks of that soup.

    I hope you find some manatee.

  14. How much has David exceeded Winnona's carrying capacity after his Harbor Freight visits? :cD

  15. The soup looks like it got its inspiration from the leaves on the trail - both look inviting. I love the jungle-ness of this place, the moist warmth of the vegetation just seems to hug you right back :-) Bill "finalized" the tools we're taking this morning. I'm thinking we'll have to remove the frig to offset the weight! Surely we have everything we could ever need.......as if. Hope the manatees were up for a visit :-)

  16. What a beautiful morning hike -- the colorful leaves on the boardwalk really look like autumn. Haha, I'm going to make sure that I'm dressed and have my hair brushed when I'm anywhere near you! When are you going to get in that spring? I can't imagine that you'll be able to resist for very long.

  17. Great photo of the kingfisher- maybe David needs a headlamp for christmas. I am sure you can find one at Harbor Freight :)

  18. Enjoy Disney. Please stop by The Grand Floridan hotel and check out the giant gingerbread house in the lobby area. Its beautiful. The gingerbread goodies are pretty good too :-).There's a gingerbread carousel at the Beach Club lobby too if you are near there. Jealous!

  19. What a wonderful celebration of life you have here with the morning birds and the autumn leaves on the boardwalk and the folks doing what they do. Life is better than good here. Great Kingfisher shot!


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