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Drizzly, Rainy, Chilly Day in the Magic Kingdom

Monday December 8, 2014
Disney World


Yesterday it was overcast and cloudy at Animal Kingdom but today it is down right gloomy and rainy.  Even the campground holiday displays are droopy.  It rains all morning long as you will soon see.



We take the boat over to the magic kingdom where we see the flowered mouse eared entrance with the mist on the train station in the back ground. 

Someone yesterday commented that it looked like we’d come at a good time since there weren’t many crowds.  That’s what we were led to believe.  The first week in December was marked as a good time to come.  But clearly the Disney folks have found ways to remedy that.  They seem to be giving special prices to large school groups and opening the park to the TV and movie people which requires blocking off areas that you can not be in.  But more about that later.

If the crowds looked light it was only at Animal Kingdom.  Everyone is at the Magic Kingdom.  They have even apparently taken their children out of school to come before Christmas.   So, there aren’t many photos without other folks heads arms etc as part of them.   I’m sure I will say this again but in my opinion, skip December in Disney World.  I had thought it might be fun to spend Christmas here one year but after these few days in early December I’d be afraid to spend the money to find out if that could be even worse.




I’ll hand it to Disney though.  The wait at security to get your bags looked through and then again to get your passes or wrist bands verified is not lengthy.




Inside we find Christmas decorations galore.  This is the fun part of December at Disney.  Main Street is filled with people and many are inappropriately dressed for this weather.  I foresee brisk sales of heavier shirts, jackets, hats and even gloves.   All of which are definitely for sale in the shops that line all the streets in every kingdom.






We think part of the problem today may be that they are filming some sort of special about the new film Frozen which I suppose you all have seen but I have not.   The entire area around the castle is blocked off so we have to go out and around.  No seeing the Castle today.  The crowd fathered is huge and they are being taken through a simulated program where they are told when to clap and cheer and scream.  The real star isn’t here of course.  Not sure how that works and I’m so out of it, I have no idea who she is and don’t remember the name. 

All these folks are here in hopes, I guess, of being on TV.  I was amazed at the people who spent their day standing around doing this.  It is seriously not warm out here and some of them are getting wet in short sleeves and t shirts.   I do enjoy their head gear.













We walk the other way in our raincoats in the drizzle and got a nice distant shot of the side of the castle.  All the hoop de doo is going on in the front.




We walk through Fantasyland stopping to go inside to get out of the weather and see the 3D show Mickey’s Philharmagic.  Great fun! 




The place really is magical.  Look at the detail for the surroundings of the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.  Folks are riding it and yelling at the top of their lungs even in the rain.  I think I’m an old fuddy duddy.






And they are posing with the character actors at “meet and greets” everywhere you look.  And I don’t mean just the little kids with Cinderella or Belle or that cute little kitty.  This of course is Prince Charming.  You just have to laugh don’t you?   Wonder what they pay him to do this.




I haven’t seen the Little Mermaid film, I’m afraid I’m very far behind on the latest Disney features.  But we stop in to the Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid.  Hey if it has star fish, I’m all for it.   I even get to ride in a clam shell.  Now that’s a treat.





Can’t take a selfie with a flash.




This is clearly the villainness.



But, as we all know, things always turn out happily ever after and it’s some prince type person who makes that happen.

Isn’t that the way your life is?




Here are some more ways to keep out of the rain in Disney World.  Tired of walking in the rain? Ride the great railroad from Fantasyland back to Main Street.






Then run over and take the monorail to the three resort hotels and see what’s going on in each of them.  They aren’t open air.




First stop, the Contemporary Resort.  It’s a huge high rise that seems to have mostly shops on the main floor.  At this time of year however they also have a Gingerbread house.



Now this Gingerbread House looks more like a Castle to me and seems to have the characters from Frozen in it.  I don’t know this story at all but it’s the big push around here right now so I’m beginning to recognize the characters which are two sisters, the boyfriend and a snow man.

This castle/house was created by the Contemporary Resort Bakery Team and has 311 LBS of honey, 514 LBS of flour, 212 eggs, 67 LBS of spices, 35 LBS of sugar syrup, 222 LBS of icing, 423 LBS of chocolate, and more than 1500 gingerbread shingles




The characters are all decorated with icing.  I’ve never cared for gingerbread so I’ve never quite understood the gingerbread house thing.



Back on the monorail to the Polynesian Resort.  We could find nothing really to see here other than nice lounge areas with wreaths and Christmas trees.  The view outside would be lovely if you could see it through the rain and clouds.





Our last resort stop is at the Grand Floridian and this one takes my breath away.   We walk in on the second floor from the monorail and this is what we see.  Sorry for the reflection.  It’s the wax on the exquisite tile floor.




Looking over the balcony we can see the rest of the giant 3 story tall tree.


Photo op for sure.



The trees flanking the pillars have delicate ornaments and lovely ribbon bows.


We walk all around the balcony observing the main floor from every angle.  From here we can see the elevator



From here we can see the life size Gingerbread House.   Time to go closer and take a look.




I assume there are rooms off of the upper balconies.  We take the staircase down and agree to take the wonderful elevator back up when we return to the monorail.







The main floor is as stunning up close as it is from above.



The tree is so tall you cannot get a close up picture of it.  But looking to the top shows me the beautiful sky lights in the ceiling.





The ornaments are enormous as befits the tree.  This one is larger than a baseball.






You could put a robin in this bird cage.




As we come around to the Gingerbread House we see there is a demonstration going on.  So we stay to watch for a while. 









The house actually has a gingerbread shop inside and folks are  lined up to buy treats.  The detail here is amazing.




We had thought we came down a very elegant staircase until we come around to this one and see wedding photos in progress.


We go out onto the veranda and walk around to see the grounds.  No need to go out in the rain to see them.  Given how wonderful this hotel looks on a gray and ugly day, I can only imagine how it would look in some of that sunshine this state is supposed to have in abundance.




Even the pool is cool.  We are walking by when the mad hatters hat spills its water – whooosh.  Bet the kids would love to be under that on a hot summer day




Another part of the pool has a waterfall.




Eventually we make our way around to the front entrance and then back onto the monorail to return to the Magic Kingdom.


On the way I take this misty photo of the Grand Floridian and its island wedding chapel, the round building in the foreground.  I can only imagine how much it must cost to get married here.  I did a quick google search to see if I could get a ball park figure and struck out.   With more time I suppose I could.




We’ve kept pretty dry and warm enough all morning.  Sure hope the sun at least peeks out for the afternoon although that’s not what’s predicted.  More tomorrow on our long drizzly, rainy, chilly day in the Magic Kingdom.


  1. Disney is fun in all kinds of weather although I would prefer some of that FL sunshine. I do like gingerbread and have made some pretty fun houses in the past. Of course they never lasted long.

    Word verification still on.

  2. Wishing for sunshine for you both. You bring sunshine to all of us readers and we hope you get a good dose the next few days. Love your blog!

  3. Sounds like the Magic Kingdom gave you the blues. I hope Tuesday was better.

  4. I think the Grand Floridian appeals to me far more than Disney. I was there as a child, and have some memories of the park.

  5. We haven't been there since around 1996, I think. We'll have to go again once our grandchildren are old enough!


  6. So glad you made the most of the dreary weather. You have to develop a positive attitude or your Disney time can be ruined and you two sure did that:)

    I love the gingerbread houses. That second one is gorgeous. I can't imagine the time it took to build it.

    Sure hope the sun shines on you soon:)

  7. I can't imagine tromping around Disney in the rain and chill, but you managed a smile anyway. Btw, I'm not getting word verification. .

  8. Sorry about the rain and the crowds. I guess there really isn't a slow time at Disney anymore;o( But the week from Christmas to New Years is the worst. They have even closed the Magic Kingdom because it reached full capacity!!! I still love it there and love all the beautiful decorations. Isn't The Grand Floridian GRAND?!?!?!!!!! Hope the sun shines on your day soon:o)))

  9. Frozen is huge with kids right now. I haven't seen it either, but kids like Norah just love, love, love the main female character. Lots dressed up like her for Halloween. So, I guess parents just took their kids out of school because of that. Too many people! Impressive tree in the Grand Floridian! And that gingerbread house is impressive too-think of the time that took to make! The rainy days just make you enjoy the sunny ones more! :)

  10. Just loved this post. . .even with the weather, reading about your adventure gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    I agree with all that the Floridian is just divine. . .love, love, love architecture. . .it's what makes Las Vegas so intriguing. . .just going in all the hotels to see the amazing architecture.

    I saw that gingerbread house being built on the Food Network. . .intriguing to say the least. . .would love to see it in person, but can't imagine being there at Christmas Time. . .

    I will, one day, be there for the Food and Wine Festival. . .

    Loved your day. . .no word verification for me. . .

  11. Great pictures - even on a rainy day. Enjoyed the trip through Disney with you.


  12. Went to Disneyland on Christmas Eve one year and even with the crowds I have to say I'd do it again. The decorations are spectacular. Your visit confirms that Disneyworld is even more incredible this time of year. If you've been there before, you know what you're missing because of the rain......but look at what you are getting to see that isn't there any other time - and may not have seen if the park were sunny - the Grand Floridian! OMG, what a beautifully decorated place :-) Thank you so much for sharing - love the gingerbread house and the huge ornaments! And Disney has nothing on you and I - we both have our Prince Charmings with whom we are living happily ever after. Perhaps we should consider charging others to have their pictures taken with them :-)))))))
    No word verification here.

  13. We actually saw the movie Frozen. It's the first animated movie we've seen since Finding Nemo I think. It was pretty good actually.

    I'm sorry the weather was so dreary. We went to Disney World on Christmas day the year my Dad passed away. We felt the need to get away from home and it was a wonderful day. No crowds and sunshine and pretty flowers. Of course that that was in 1982.

    So did you manage to keep David from having a bite of the gingerbread house?

  14. Pick up a Prince Charming for me, will you?

  15. So glad you went to the Grand Floridian and took pictures for me :-)!! I so love it there, actually got to stay there one weekend many moons ago...during Christmas! I have been there at both Christmas and New Years and it is a zoo. Magic Kingdom is ALWAYS a zoo. The character posing was Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast. The two princesses from Frozen are Anna and Elsa and judging by the number of Disney Frozen items I am packing this year Disney stock should be skyrocketing. And yes, I found my prince and will be keeping him :-)!! (no word verification for me)

  16. With the price of those tickets, I'd never even think of standing around to watch them film something. But some people do, which means the lines are shorter for me!

    So far, I'd give the Magic Bands and the Fast Pass+ an "F". We had one band malfunction every day out of 4 when we went last June. And the Fast Pass+ really limits what you can ride on.

    We've been rained on every visit at one time or another so we bring those 99 cent rain slickers with us, small enough to fit in a pocket, yet work pretty good. A little (or a lot) of rain never slows down the magic for us! :cD

  17. If I took my kids to Disneyland you can be sure I'd be running their little legs off at Animal World! I never did like Mickey Mouse, and am sick of all the money making Princess crap! Maybe I'm just a grouch because my Prince never came along :-)

  18. Actually, that character was Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast". The only reason I know that is I watched a video that's floating around the net of a young girl really taking him to task. It's quite humorous.

    We love Disney, no matter the weather. I hope the rest of your stay dries out.

    1. the video of Gaston and the young lady is hilarious. . .well worth seeing for it's entertainment value!

  19. Even with the crowds and rain, Disney World sure looks festive. The Grand Floridian is absolutely gorgeous! It's fun to see all of the decorations. The gingerbread house is so cute!

  20. Glad that you had fun despite the rainy weather. I'm sure that the gingerbread houses have lots of details. I saw one at City Market yesterday and the woman who made it used Necco wafers for the roof shingles. Pretty cool- I hadn't thought of Necco wafers for years. That hotel is over the top. Bet it costs an over the top amount of money to stay there. xxxooo


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