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Seems There are Princess Qualifications in Order to Get a Prince

Monday December 8, 2014
The Magic Kingdom
Disney World


** You are seeing this post thanks to Betty of Joe and Betty’s Adventures who I hope did not spend as much time as I did unsuccessfully, to find the solution to my 403 Failure problem.  Somehow the Great Google likes her better and replied that if I would completely clear my cache things would work better.  And they did.  So this post is brought to you by Betty who already has her prince. 
Many thanks Betty.


If you didn’t see the previous post featuring the Grand Floridian Hotel you can see it here.  It’s seriously stunning.

After leaving the Grand Floridian , we take the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom and get on the Steam Train, another dry venue.   We take it back to Fantasyland where it’s still drizzling.  We’re going to visit one of my favorites, Winnie the Pooh.






We stop by Pooh’s House where it is raining but he’s not in.  He seems to be having an adventure. 



I even peek inside his house to make doubly sure he’s not home.  Nope.  So off we go to find him.





Not knowing what we wanted to do, we didn’t arrange any fast passes.  We don’t even check what the wait time is here.  Like most of the lines in Disney World this one is under cover.  Smart planning.

The wait line is fabulously done.  There are pages from the story to read all along your way as well as things to do.  Jump on the foot squares and gophers appear in the garden, there are drums and honey bees to move into the hive.  The time flies by and soon we are off to join Pooh and his friends.













We get to ride in a honey pot.  Now how cool is that?



My pictures of the adventure and the other friends  didn’t come out well since we were zigging and zagging around.  I get a rather poor one of us in a mirror but the one of Pooh at the happy ending seems to sum up the fun time.







Outside, the drizzle has backed off enough that would be sorcerers can try to remove the grail from the rock.

No luck for this early 20 year old mouse eared contender.



But HAZZAH for little Jonah who has to stand on a box to get a grip!  He’s a real sorcerer.  I’ll bet David could have done it too.




We make it around to the Castle just in time for the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.  All the princesses are here.    Yesterday Judy asked me to pick up a Prince for her and Gypsy was remarking that her prince never came along.  Take note Judy and Gypsy that apparently you have to pass the princess qualifications in order to get your prince.  You can check the requirements below.




Now I love a parade so be prepared for too many pictures even on this gray gloomy day. 

We begin with Belle and the Beast




Looks  like it pays off not to judge a book by its cover.  Take note #1.





As you would expect from Disney, the floats are gorgeous.  These appear to be the Frozen Sisters.




I also recognize Jasmine from Aladdin


The air is still wet but it’s not actually dripping so the streets are safe for  dancers.




Another princess I don’t recognize at first but I love her dragon.  Guess I’d better get myself up to date here with Disney Heroines.



Looking a little closer I see it is Rapunzel.  That’s some huge braid there.   I didn’t realize she’d been promoted. Or I guess she was always an imprisoned princess.   Note #2 – being at least slightly helpless and in need of rescuing seems to necessary in the Prince department. 




Checking out Disney Princesses on line I find there are now 13 princesses although I’m pretty sure I saw a longer list in the Princess store  but I can’t find it now.  Yes there is a store for purchasing gowns and other attire.  AND the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique inside Cinderella’s castle. 


All this princess business was started by consumer products chairman Andy Mooney in the late 1990’s when product sales were drooping.  According to Disney wiki (click here for all you could care to know about this)  these protagonists are “either royal by birth, royal by marriage, or considered a princess due to their significant portrayal of of heroism in their film.  Most ‘unofficial’ Disney Princesses don’t join the line up either because marketing is not successful, their film’s box office gross was not high enough, or they are too young.”

So for those who care, here is the list.  The original Princesses:  Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) , Belle (Beauty and the Beast),  Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Jasmine (Aladdin), Pocahantas, Mulan and Tinker Bell who was removed shortly as not fitting the “princess mythology”.  Not tame enough I guess.   Note #3.

Princesses added later were Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), Rapunzel, Merida (from Brave).  Most recently added are Anna and Elsa from Frozen.  I also read that there is quite a bit of complaining about the make over of the powerful Merida changing her from a take charge bow and arrow no nonsense gal to the pretty, skinny waist, no arrows compliant type.  Note #4 – non compliant girls with minds of their own, adventurous spirits and their own weapons will not qualify. 


I do recognize Ariel.  She waves.  I guess she remembers us from earlier today in the clam shell.



Next we have the Lost Boys, Peter Pan, Hook and the demoted Tinker Bell.   Guess Wendy didn’t make the cut either.  She’s just a Darling.












Tink looks pretty cold and not very inclined to sprinkle fairy dust.  I don’t blame her in that outfit in this weather.




More dancers.  They are part of Merida’s Scottish group.


And here she is with the red curls the objectors say were originally frizzy and uncontrolled.  Not any more.


No Bow and Arrow to be seen.   Parents apparently especially in Britain are complaining it’s blatant sexism by Disney.






Now here is a dragon to be reckoned with.
How about those eyes.


How about now??



The Dragon is followed by the 7 Diamond Miners along with Snow White.


The parade ends with the big stars and their supporting cast.






Our rainy Monday is not quite over but this is enough for one post.  If you want to see Cinderella’s Castle turned to ice, check back tomorrow.


  1. what a fabulous time you are having. . .rock on!

  2. Glad you got your "Forbidden" error fixed. How frustrating!
    I now have to go back to Disney just to see the parade :) Well, and everything else. We just did the Wine and Food Festival, and while great, we missed all the stuff you are doing. Great photos and narrative!

  3. What fun.,...to be a child again! Or, maybe some of us choose to never grow up! That is my choice.

  4. I'm glad you got the 403 error fixed. I knew you would.

    No sunny blue skies, but you had a wonderful day anyway, it would appear.

    I'm not a big parade fan, and usually avoid them, but his one looks like something I would enjoy. Lots of color for sure.

  5. Sherry you are way to kind! But I'm not a "techie" Ask Rick.....He has gotten me out of more than a couple frustrating computer problems. Glad you are able to blog again. And for sure I did find my Prince but I didn't go looking for him. I love Disney Parades, especially the electric parade at night. Glad you had so much fun!

  6. Looks like you're having a fun time at WDW, we've always talked about going back one day, maybe we will.

  7. Guess I don't qualify, although I don't carry any weapons. :( I always thought that princess stuff was pretty sexist in this day and age.

  8. Winnie the Pooh has always been a favorite. I love all the interactive items. That Pooh house is so cool!!!

    That was quite a parade as all their parades are. I am sure it was tough for many of them in very summer outfits.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and didn't let the rain get you down:)

  9. I guess there is no hope to find a prince....I prefer my untamed self. I hate that they have modified the princesses to conform to societies unrealistic norms. It is a sad day....

  10. It's amazing how Disney does a great job of making everyone feel like a kid again! I'm think that Tinker Bell had that sad look because she have been demoted from the list of Princesses!

    Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.


  11. So glad you got the 403 issue resolved!!!

    Love, Love, Love the parades at Disney. My all-time favorite is the original Electric Parade...especially when we saw it after dark...Amazing!! However, all the parades make me smile:o)))))

  12. I never told you this but when I was in the Coast Guard I was stationed with Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Really, that's the truth.

    Actually my co-worker "Ariel" was really Jessie, who worked for Disney after high school for a couple of years before joining the CG and she played Ariel. It was interesting to hear the inside scoop of how playing a character all worked. And to burst your bubble further, Jessie has brown hair, but wore a red wig in character. In pictures she showed me, she really looked the part. Disney chooses its princesses well! :c)

  13. Great shots and commentary on the parade. I took mine from the court house steps and missed a lot. It is a good parade, but I really miss the Animal Kingdom parade. Things are always changing. The Electric parade at night was very fun, but taken off the menu also, perhaps to return someday.

  14. Being neither tame or helpless plus having an adventurous spirit and a mind of my own guess I'll never find a prince. Oh well, probably turn out to be a frog anyway. I love this adventure at Disney.

    Even after clearing the cache I'm still getting 'it'. Help Betty!

  15. I love a parade also!!! and I loved watching yours...gezzz I live only one hr. away
    from the attractions...I really need to go ...

  16. One of my memories of being there as a child involves running into one of the costumed characters and being a bit uncertain of it.

    I guess the Silly Old Bear was off in search of honey.

  17. Looks like a great time at the magic kingdom! We need to get over to see that parade. If you want to blow the budget but have the meal of a lifetime - head over to the Grand Floridian again and dine at Victoria and Alberts.

    1. Or Jico the cooking place at Animal Kingdom Resort- also a fabulous restaurant

  18. Lovely pictures of the parade. Never was into any of the princesses, as I had two sons ;)

  19. trying to catch up! whoa what fun fun fun ... I would love to take Adelle and Charlie to there. We love Pooh Bear ... an Mickey and Minnie an allllll the characters. We went to a little Christmas party last night on the Base and Olaf (Frozen) scared him ... even Goofy! and Belle and Cinderella but he loved Minnie and Mikey...

    great pictures and I clicked on the Floridian hotel link .. WHOA .... you guys are something else!

  20. Haha, I have never been high maintenance (Note #4 – non compliant girls with minds of their own, adventurous spirits will not qualify) so I guess I will never be a princess with a prince. Oh well.

  21. You look like you're having a blast in Winnie-Land -- the Winnie The Pooh house is so cute! And the dragon in the parade is awesome!! But….I would prefer MY princess role models to be have adventurous spirits and fiery personalities! :-)

  22. I am very fortunate to be able to say that I personally know one of the "real" princesses. Mary Costa, who was the voice of Aurora, is a very active member of our church. She moved back to Knoxville, her home town, when she retired and is the epitome of princess. I know few people as genuinely kind and classy as she is! Even in her mid-80's, still looks very much like a princess.

  23. How fun!!!! I loved all the pictures and learning about all the requirements for qualification as a princess :) So glad you find Pooh :) Disney is quite entertaining even on a cloudy day!


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