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Error 403-forbidden



I’ve been trying to post for the past 2 hours now and am constantly getting the 403 – forbidden error.  If any of you know what that is all about, could you email me at RVDreamlife@gmail.com.   If this pictureless post appears then it may have something to do with my pictures.  But I checked my picassa account and I have only used 7% of my storage limit and do not upload my pictures full size.

My last post is here if you have not seen it and would like to.

If you don’t see anything more from me, it’s because I have not been able to figure this out.   Thanks so much for your comments.  I will miss them.


  1. Did you try to post some dirty pictures? I hope you can figure out what the forbidden error is.

  2. I recommend asking about it at the Blogger Help Forums.


  3. Sometimes it's just Google servers having issues, or even signal strength dipping. Keep trying :)

  4. That happened to me a while back and here is what Rick said in a comment.

    Rick DoyleJanuary 29, 2013 at 11:55 AM
    You're a member of Google+, right Karen? If so, all photos less than 2048 pixels on the longest edge should be stored free and you have unlimited storage for those.

    If you upload photos larger in size then they will be counted against your 1GB of free Picasa Web Album storage and that is what causes the 403 error in most cases.

    What size are the photos you are uploading for your blog? It might be worth checking that.


    I had gotten an email from google which I ignored until I got the dreaded 403 error. I think I just had to buy a little more storage. I didn't think you used Picasa though for photo storage, so I don't understand your issue.

  5. Might be a DNS that is not known to the site. Possibly poor signal causing too many retransmissions. The fantastic pictures you now take is possibly the problem.

    At least it is not a 403b message saying all your retirement is gone.

  6. Glad you got a solution!!!! Clearing the cache. Maybe I should have thought of that. When we at the Board work some of our cases where all files are online (I.e. hundreds), we are reminded to clear the cache when files won't load and we get errors.


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