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Good-Bye to Carrie

Saturday December 27, 2014
Oscar Scherer State Park
Osprey, Florida




This morning before breakfast, Carrie and I walk up to the Nature Center to see if anything has changed.  This requires that we cross the bridge over South Creek.  That’s the one thing we did not manage to do while she was here, kayak South Creek.  The park rents kayaks so it would have been very easy but we were just so busy.




After breakfast we are off again up Route 75 for the 3rd time this week.   We cross the Skyline Bridge and I get some pictures of it in the daylight.   I think if we have to have bridges, they should be pretty and this one is.







As we come down off the bridge we see what could be Carrie’s plane coming in for a landing to pick her up and whisk her back to Baltimore.





Because we’ve stayed until the last minute at Winnona, Carrie is just an hour early and we drop her off at the departing doors so she can get quickly to the security line.  Her Dad helps with her suitcase.   She carries everything on.  All the better to avoid lost bags.




And there she goes………………..





We won’t see her again until the festivities for her wedding to Matthew in May of 2015.





When she was a very little girl, just about two, we have a video of her one morning and when David asked her what she wanted to tell her Mama she said in her sweet little toddler voice,
”I miss you when you go.”


So now, whenever we part we say,
We miss you when you go Carrie!  



  1. The older we get, the harder it is to say goodbye to your children. Wonderful photo of you and David in your hats. Just love that!

  2. From all appearances, it seems you and David "done good" with raising Carrie and teaching her to be a wonderful human being. She seems kind, generous and one who honors her parents! I know you are incredibly proud of her and I expect, she feels the same about you! Winona must be very quiet.

  3. Okay, so my heart hurts just a little right now :-( There is a wonderful section on Children in Kahil Gibran's The Prophet that I hear in my head at times like this "Time moves forward, not backward. We should strive to be like our children, not to have them be like us." I'm confident you have learned much from Carrie, and continue to do so even when you are apart (maybe more so then). She's been back home a few days now, and I'm sure you and David have been busy getting into trouble on your own - and restoring Winona to her non-holiday self. Happy New Year to all of you, and may 2015 be filled with magic and wonder, love and light.

    1. Dang it Jodee, makin' me cry. You really should be a professional writer!

      Sherry & David, have fun and Happy New Year!

  4. I cried when Kate and Peter left on Christmas. How sweet is "I miss you when you go"? Saying goodbye never gets any easier. xxxooo

  5. Good bye Carrie. I can't wait to see you in May as a beautiful bride!

  6. As my mother used to tell me: "A son is a son until he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter for all of your life." Daughters are special.

  7. So glad you had the opportunity to build more memories with your sweetie. Soon , it will be the wedding fun with more special moments to be made and treasured.

  8. Ugh, I dislike goodbyes. It's even harder with grandkids! But on the bright side, now maybe you have a better chance at winning Mexican Train! :cD

  9. I can so relate to saying goodbyes. I said goodbye to my darling granddaughter yesterday, and hope to see her again in the spring, and I know her mom is feeling it even more than I am.

  10. They just grow up so quickly. What a beautiful young women Carrie has become!! She brings you so much joy and it shows:o)) It will be May before all of you know it!!!

  11. Your last picture is SO great!!!! So sad to see her go.. will miss her when she goes ;0 great visit tho, right?

  12. Goodbyes are never fun, are they?

    A Happy New Year to you.

  13. Seems like we are all losing our children once again:( It certainly is great fun having them visit us in different parts of the country but very hard to say good bye. Sounds like you and David had a wonderful time with Carrie. May will be here before you know it.

    Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2015!

  14. Sounds like you squeezed every minute out of the visit:)

  15. I love seeing family time with you two and Carrie. It always looks so delightfully happy and fun, and I love the way you play together. I can only imagine how wonderful the wedding will be. Looking forward to it.

  16. I love the relationship between you and Carrie. She truly seems to enjoy your company.

  17. I'm sure it was hard to say goodbye to Carrie yet I'm so glad you had this wonderful time together.

  18. What a lovely blog post...and the comments are so thoughtful and kind! I am very touched. As an only child, I feel incredibly lucky to have such a solid family unit. We have sooo much fun together and I truly do miss you when I go. I am so excited for May; we'll have fun then too even if it isn't just us :) Love you always!

  19. Your time together is always so rich and full of love and laughter! You guys all play so well together. :-) I'm sure you're missing Carrie -- but it's true, May will be here quickly. You have barely enough time to get that wedding planned! (p.s. Love the photo of you guys in your Christmas hats on the beach -- that's going to be us next year!)

  20. Aww, that is so sweet. Goodbyes are hard but the memories are long.
    Cute picture of you both waving, see you soon!

  21. Parting was a sweet sorrow, but we know Carrie has her life to live and that just makes our time together with her sweeter. Hopefully we will find ways to experience that same joy with the newly wed couple next year. Thanks for all the gre


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