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My Apologies

Monday December 29, 2014



It’s been a rough day.  Earlier today I published a post entitled Wrapping Up Our Holiday.  The email notices were sent out.  The mistake was noticed.  I sent out the correction but sent it from the wrong account.  

I began working on a 2014 Wrap Up Post and when I went to save it, I hit publish by accident.  I quit hit cancel and it did but apparently not fast enough since I just noticed that it and not Wrapping up Our Holiday is listed in all the blog rolls.

SO if you clicked 2014 The Year in Review, you got a bunch of garbage.

I apologize for the double notice and for the accidental posting.  If after all that, you want to read how we Wrapped Up Our Holiday,  you can find that post HERE.


  1. I got a notice that the year in review didn't exist. Too bad. I really like those kinds of posts. Will it be coming soon?

  2. I saw the "Interesting and Unique" Year in Review post??!!??!! Just figures you had overdosed on Chips and Mexican Train ;o))))

  3. You're forgiven. Just never, ever make a mistake again. Ever! :-))))))))))

  4. Replies
    1. I just did that the other day! Clumsy fingers! (mine, not yours).

  5. It's got to be from the overdose of sugar in your Solstice Cake! :cP


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