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The Gang Leaves and Beach Time

Sunday November 30, 2014
Fort Clinch State Park
Fernandina Beach, Florida


 I think I left the impression yesterday that “the gang” was troublesome.  Other than the folks right outside our window watching TV until after 10pm, they were just fun to watch.  They really were having a great time on their Thanksgiving holiday.  Everyone was outside playing, adults and kids alike.

But today was pack up day and time for last minute rides around the campground loop on the golf cart trolley.  Then just a little scooter time before there wasn’t a trace of any of them.








Winnona is all alone until the next occupants arrive.






While all the pack up is going on, I am inside doing yet another fix to the treasured ancient sweat pants.  Those who have been with me a long time will remember that I have hand repaired these comfy much loved things many times.  But now the threads of the fabric are so thin that it’s time to move to iron on patches.  Nancy Mills suggested I cut out a heart and put it on the back side.  I don’t think she thought I’d do it but I did.   I really have tried to replace these but no one sells sweat pants with elastic at the feet anymore.   The only way the length will fit me is to have elastic.  So the repairs go on.





I know, you can’t believe I would actually wear these.  I do wear them mostly in the house but I’ve been known to go for solo walks on the beach in them.




And that’s what I do today.  I head toward the ocean with my pedometer recording my steps.




The birds are gathered.  Today it’s gulls, terns and skimmers.  I love the perfectly designed skimmer beaks.







I  come back for lunch and this time David comes along – eventually.   When I head down to the beach to wait for him, I see these fellas flying over the beach walk from the campground.  They are having a great time on this sunny light wind day.   One of them shows off for us dipping his craft side to side.  This looks like fun except I’m afraid the constant loud engine noise would be too much for me.  I’m more of hang gliding type.





Sailing to the moon?



David takes this picture when he arrives.  I take one of him when he joins me.   Notice the difference in our attire.




David hasn’t been up on the 1/2 mile long fishing pier so we take a walk along the shore to it.




It’s so long, you can’t really see the end.






There are many more people out here this afternoon than when I was here in the morning.  But this gull seems to live here and doesn’t care a fig for any of the people walking by.   He’s waiting for a fisherman to provide a snack I suppose.  As gulls go, I think he’s pretty handsome.




As we walk back down the board walk we stop to pick up the fishing line left by careless fishermen.  I’ve read that they are the biggest trash leavers of all sportsmen.  Don’t know if that’s true but I do know fishing line is dangerous for birds and other sea life.   It’s like a roadside or beach litter clean up which we’ve done many times. With these receptacles at every fishing area I’ve seen, it is sad that some fishermen can’t be bothered.  We each have a handful.




  1. What a difference a day makes. I too have difficulty finding sweats with elastic, which I did find at Costco but no pockets unless I buy the mens and even a small I swim in. But I rarely go out of the house in sweats. Cute butt. With you on the hang gliding over a noisy motor.

  2. Love your new heart patched britches! What a hoot. Great "Fly Me to the Moon" shot, though he didn't quite make it, at least he tried. All those birds are very handsome/beautiful - even the most plain of them.

  3. Mo hates those sweat pants with no pockets and no elastic at the bottom of the legs. As I was looking at your heart, I thought, "Why not add elastic to the legs?!" I will definitely give that a try next time I see a nice pair of sweat pants around cheap that need that little touch. Probably easier than the heart, but not nearly as cute.

  4. Haha! Love the heart! I totally understand what you mean about trying to replace something that it just perfect. Very clever idea!!

    So I am wondering who was dressed appropriately for the weather...the shorts guy or the the long pants lady! One of you was either very warm or very cold:)

    Perfect beach and ocean photos!!

  5. Oh how fun is that heart!? I love it :) Cute butt! I like the shadow picture - you are really tall! And, yes, that is a long boardwalk! The birds look great and that seagull is especially handsome, I think. Amazing the beauty and uniqueness in nature!

  6. I am also inclined to believe fishermen are the trashiest people. That comes from many years of cleaning up after them at various refuges. I'd like to wring their necks. :I

  7. I think you have started a new fashion trend with that heart patch. I can just see Victoria's Secret models on the runway wearing your design. I think you'd better patent it...and fast! :cD

  8. As a shadow you are as tall as me!! You can probably just start with the regular size sweats and add the elastic which would at least be possible. In my case I can never find them long enough. Guess we are never happy!!

  9. When we volunteered with the COE in Oregon at Bonneville Dam, the worst part of our job was cleaning up trash. You would not have believed the stuff left by the fishermen. Fishing line was just a small part of it.

    Good job on patching those sweat pants!

  10. Those sweat pants have seen quite a few mendings!

    What a lovely area to have for your strolls!

  11. oh goodness. . .certainly don't envy the gang all that packing up. . .so glad to have those days behind us.

    What a beautiful place you have found. . .love it! I see you've abandoned your bonnet. . .are your eyes doing better?

  12. Oh, for pete's sake, they can't even pick up after themselves?? how lazy!!!

  13. If the skimmer is the one with the red on his beak, then he sure is beautiful!

    I buy sweats at Costco also, mostly men's; I bought the women's this time and they have elastic at the bottom of the leg, but I'd rather have pockets and do without the elastic. Who would make sweats without pockets?

  14. I cracked up at the heart. My ex MIL used to pat my boys' bottoms when they were little and say 'bless your little heart'. Reminded me of that seeing your repair :)

  15. What a difference a day makes, had the big exodus on Sunday but then Monday we had 17 rigs come in, think most of them are here for the winter. Sure enjoying your beach pics, one thing the TX coast doesn't have are the shells, with all of the great places you've shared of FL think we'll have a hard time choosing when we finally plan our trip there.

  16. Haha, that sweat pant fix is hilarious! I don't ordinarily think of sweat pants as a fashion statement but you sure do look cute in them. Love your photos of the skimmers. They are such wonderful birds to watch as they skim along the surface of the water scooping up their food. We always pick up fishing line on the beach, too. It makes me sad and mad that people can be so careless -- we've rescued birds tangled in abandoned fishing line who would have died without help.

  17. Actually, I did expect you to put the patch on. Only I had more of a large red heart in mind:o))) Bless your little heart!!

  18. I have had problems, too, finding elastic ankle sweat pants. Found some on Amazon:



    Both styles have elastic waist and pockets. :-)

  19. The beaches in FL sound so good right now, as we're getting cold with lots of much needed rain. Was just thinking of our great circumnavigation last year and how much we enjoyed FL, especially the west coast. Guess we'll just head to the desert southwest soon, and see where the road takes us. Enjoy all that beauty!

  20. haahaaaa... love the heart ... and I agree with the fisherpeople .... ANd smokers... cigarette butts thrown IN the water as well as on the jetties and walkways... there are poop bags for dogs ... I don't understand people who litter I really don't.... they raised in a barn? I've seen some very nicely groomed type fisherpeople who still will leave their bait boxes... those plastic things .. .I don't fish because I can't kill... that's right.

    but I do walk the beaches and rocks and the fishing wire, cigarette butts and plastic bait holderes... wth?

    great pictures as always !

  21. Lovely beach! That seagull on the boardwalk just looks annoyed. xxxooo

  22. Oh- forgot to add: The stuff fishermen leave on the beach...... We were walking on the beach years ago and Caleb ran up and grabbed something. It was a fishing hook that I guess had some bait on it and the hook went clear threw his lip plus there was fishing line attached to it and he kept stepping on that. I had to get wire cutters from the fishermen and Beek had to cut the hook to get it out.

  23. Have never seen a skimmer - thank you so much for sharing those beautiful birds! I've always wanted a heart-shaped butt, just never thought of ironing one on!! I absolutely love that you did :-). On our trip to the beach this past week Bill wore shorts and a t-shirt with a light jacket in the morning - I wore a heavy hoodie, long pants, socks and boots. We were both quite comfortable (and clearly come from different planets). Love the pic of the birds taking flight before you hit the pier - they draw me along with them. Thank you for picking up the fishing line. I'm not sure what's worse, fisherpeople who leave it behind without a care, or those who complain when they see it and then leave it behind as well.


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