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Henry David Thoreau

And the rains came

Tuesday April 26, 2011
Site 79 C
Cumberland Mountain State Park, Tennessee

I got up this morning and went running early
in a successful attempt to beat the rain. 
I ran around the roads,
up to the “Recreation Lodge and Pool”,
past the camp store (not open yet)

the Registration Center,

over the dam built in the 30's by the CCC

toward the restaurant

and saw the trailhead for
The Cumberland Plateau Trail

Quick right turn
and I was off down that trail
which then connected to the Byrd Creek Trail.

Another big trees and talking water trail.
I’ll have to bring David back.

It loops around for a total of 4 miles so
it’s nearly the perfect length.

But when I got to where I thought was near the end of the loop………
BOOM, no trail.

Looked around, saw nothing that indicated yellow blaze,
SO I turned around and ran back to the trail head.
By the I time returned to Winnona, I had been over 7 miles.

I got back a couple of hours before the rain began.
It rained the rest of the day.
Rain…….. thunder......pour down……lightning……, stop
and repeat. 

I took the time to try to get caught up
with the blog postings from our
Great Smoky Mountain National Park stay
where we had no electricity, internet or cell service.

The rains continued on through the night.
We really enjoyed the rain on the roof
and didn’t realize what we were in for
until the next day.


  1. SEVEN Miles!! You ROCK!! I GIVE!!

    Can't wait to hear what happens TOMORROW!!

  2. Wow - a disappearing trail can do wonders for how long one runs! 7 is impressive! And, yes, I know it is May 7 and I am just now reading this...I'm catching up, Mama...really ;)


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