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Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to New Mexico

Monday May 23, 2011
Overnight RV Park
Amarillo, Texas
Up this morning but had to wait until
9am for the laundry room to open.
Go that done then we packed up
everything and pulled out
on the road to Tucumcari at
11am, just at check out time.
On our way back to Interstate 40,
on the frontage road, we stopped at the first
big empty parking lot to put the car
on the dolly including the safety chains.
Luckily that part of getting it on
isn’t mine.
To Tucumcari, NM (44)
As we drove out, I snapped some pictures of my
scenic running route of the day before.
Here they are in order as I ran down the
interstate Frontage road on which
the park was located.
To Tucumcari, NM (4)
Don’t you love the color of this club?
To Tucumcari, NM (50)
Duckie was pretty shocked when he looked
more closely the sign out in front of the pink “club”.
To Tucumcari, NM (42)
FREE 72 oz steak?  Are you kidding??
72 OUNCES? Isn’t that FOUR and A HALF POUNDS??
To Tucumcari, NM (38)
Here it is, home of the 72 oz steak.
To Tucumcari, NM (35)
And its motel.
To Tucumcari, NM (36)
Once on the road this is pretty much what we saw
along the way toward New Mexico.
To Tucumcari, NM (33)
Not your most scenic route for sure.
To Tucumcari, NM (31)
Tucumcari was certainly advertising itself.
And we’re almost there
or so I thought.
To Tucumcari, NM (29)
We got to the state line and there was not one Welcome sign
but three.  Unfortunately all my pictures of them as we were moving along came out blurry. 
Or maybe it’s my eyes which at least in this area
hate Winnona’s huge front windows and the sun they let in.
But look,  New Mexico even has Pillars.
And the sign covers the entire highway.
Sorry you can’t read that it says
Land of Enchantment.
To Tucumcari, NM (25)
Then immediately on the right,
(not 100 miles down the road like in Texas)
was the Welcome Center.
And were they ever welcoming.
BIG smiles on the faces of the counter folks.
David is VERY happy to hear that at the
VERY next exit there is Russell’s truck stop
with 22 antique cars on display.

To Tucumcari, NM (19)
One of which was parked
right outside to lure him.
Even more welcoming,
today was a special day.
Lucky for us,
it was Tourist Day.
They had a Family Blue Grass Band Playing
To Tucumcari, NM (7)
tables full of food. 
(also blurry.  Must be my eyes)
David was too busy eating the food to take
any pictures of it so you are stuck with mine.
I’ll translate for you.
Hot Buritos
Plates of
pepperoni & crackers
cheese cubes
trays of vegetables and dips
TWO trays with 3 kinds of cookies
To Tucumcari, NM (18)
To Tucumcari, NM (15) 
donuts(do not notice VERY bothersome glasses
only notice orangey smile)
We were not the only folks chowing down.
There were FIVE uniformed lawmen
including this guy whom I took to be
a misplaced Texas Ranger.
Must have been those donuts.
(with apologies to Syl who doesn’t eat donuts EVER)
To Tucumcari, NM (9)
Back on the road with lunch and
information gathered,
we did have to stop at Russell’s. 
David, of course, took
pictures of everything in the “museum”
which included the biggest collection of
toy cars, and other 50’s stuff I may have ever seen.
Here are SOME of them
Look carefully at the walls and things on shelves
next to the ceiling.  The place was PACKED with STUFF.
No wonder this guy had to start his own museum.
Click to make the pictures larger.
OK That’s enough.
Could you tell Mr. Russell Likes Convertibles?
Time to get back on the road to Tucumcari.
It was only 45 miles away remember.

We pulled into the Cactus RV Park
on ROUTE 66
and since we’d just moved into
Mountain Time, it was only 2:00.
To Tucumcari, NM (51) 
The park used to be Cactus Motel
back in THE day.
The motel is still there and looks pretty
cute to me.  Notice the garages.
But apparently there isn’t
enough business now that I-40 has bypassed the
town so the new owners took out one of the
motel units to drive through and
use the land behind it as an RV park.
It’s a typical “interstate” type park
$15 with Passport America
and it does have THE best wifi and cable
I’ve had on the road.
And big trees in the making
We got all set up, had dinner and
set out after dark to have the 1950’s
Route 66 Neon experience.
(pictures aren’t toooo bad for night time
but you might have to click to enlarge)
Until we ran into a sketchy character
having a bit of trouble walking
who wanted David to take his picture.
Sorry did not do.

Time to go back and to bed.

Big winds predicted for tomorrow so
we are going to lay low.
Or as low as one can in a 12’ 8” tall


  1. Love the cars! The neon signs are pretty cool too :)

  2. Be sure to check out the T-P motel in town... We saw it on our trip through that area. Kind of interesting!!

  3. Now that was a very nice welcome at the Welcome Center. You're right, I don't eat Krispy Kreme Donuts. They give me heartburn. A Dunkin Donut might just make it into my mouth on a special occasion but not while in uniform. :)

  4. We've seen The Big Texan featured on the Travel Channel. If you can eat a 72 oz. steak in an hour along with all the sides that come with it, you get it for free. Don't think I could do it. . . .

    Love all the old cars and neon signs.

  5. Truly - there were A LOT of donuts on that table - of course you were 'good' and had the orange, right? ;) Always happy to see your smiles!


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