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Henry David Thoreau

Hinton Oklahoma

Monday May 16, 2011
Red Rock Canyon State Park Site 51
Hinton, Oklahoma

We decided not to jump up and move on to Texas today.
So today is
another “down day”.

First there was
more work on restoring the laptop.
T&W 028

We drove into the BIG town of Hinton,
population 3442,
to get information about the laptop at
the local computer internet shop and at
Carts Farm & Family
to find Class 2 or 3 7000 lb break rated
tow dolly chains to replace the ones that
look pretty worn on our dolly.

We also wanted to be able to make some phone
calls that being in the bottom of a canyon would not allow.   
Service wasn’t better in the town. Seems we have
Verizon and they have AT&T.

But the man at the computer shop said Verizon had just
put up a new tower 6 miles west of town.
So we drove out there and I posted a blog entry,


while David made some of those NOservice calls.

We stopped at the local pharmacy for 99% alcohol to
give the laptop’s motherboard a bath.


It was exhausting looking in vain for things
in this small town.
So we headed back to the canyon and
put up our
States We have Visited Map.



Now THAT was fun.

David put the finishing touches on the new day/night
shade strings. So it works without being propped up.

We actually really like the day/night shades
Some readers suggested that
we replace the day/night shades
with mini-blinds.
And we have some experience with mini-blinds
as we have one set
over the sink.
I actually prefer the day/night shades.
I’ve done my time as a mini-blind
cleaner and now that David
has restrung one.

I asked him how he would feel
about doing another one
or would he rather replace them
with shades that won’t need

He says that it would
not be as much trouble to fix
them as to replace them.

I get to keep them
but I don’t have to fix them!!

We had a nice salmon salad for dinner and
chocolate brownie with chocolate icing
and peanuts on top for dessert.

I worked, of course
on getting the blog caught up.
Then we started on our departure lists to see
what we could get done to enable us to get
out at our earliest start yet
for our longest trip yet
to either
Amarillo or
Palo Duro State Park

Check back and see where we end up!


  1. Glad all is well and can't wait to here about your time in TEXAS!!

    Is the computer fried or has David worked his magic and brought it back to life? ;o))

  2. Palo Duro State Park is supposed to be great. I think you may be too early for the show but if not - see the show Texas. http://www.texas-show.com/home.html


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