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Henry David Thoreau

A Short Break From the Rain

Monday May 2, 2011
Seven Points COE Campground
J. Percy Priest Lake
Hermitage, Tennessee

Raining again this morning.
Wonder what will happen to the already VERY flooded lake.
Those weather guys on line say it will rain all day.

But it didn’t.
We decided about 9:00 that it was light enough
we’d go for a  run and see what happened.

Well it was a great run down roads closed due to flooding
and back up to other roads with virtually no traffic.

We got back, showered,
did some house cleaning (about time)
Don’t things look spiffy?

We had some lunch to recover,
and did some business.

I continued trying to get caught up on the blog.
David called the health insurance company about a bill,
called a Winnebago parts dealer in Nashville
about a new cord for our day night shades one of which broke the other day
and searched the RV Dreams forum
for information on the infamous LP Detector. 
Finding no previous posts, he sent a question post to the forum. 
They are GREAT at advice, experience and information.

Here is what we found on our walk.
The main loop road was experiencing waves

Underwater boat ramp

and site picnic tables

and electric connections there on the left

A closer look

sites that had completely disappeared

We went by the playground on the beach front

The play ground is off to the right of this picture of
what was the sandy beach.  Notice the signs in the water.
They were at the top of the beach before the flooding.

Given their NEW location, the signs are kind of funny now
Notice the perimeter of the swimming area buoy rope is still there.


But today we broke the jinx by waiting a few hours and
finally going out for an 8.5 mile bike ride.  It DIDN'T RAIN.

We rode down to the
Seven Points picnic area
and then back along  Alvin Sperry Road
and around to the Vivrett Creek Public Use Area
which was closed due to high water.

We found most of the houses had these sort of
mailboxes bricked or stoned in place. 
We'd never seen this before but it's sure
one way to stop the baseball bat mailbox pranksters.

At the picnic area we noticed each table was numbered
so you could reserve them.  This one is #2. 
Must be a popular area.
I can see why.
Nice dining location.

But maybe you'd rather dine VERY lake SIDE

Or how about IN lake dining???

Here's a final bright spot!

It was a fun ride.
We got back JUST in time as the rains came AGAIN at
6pm and they are saying "All Night Long".

Duckie thinks this is all very fine!
We however are getting a bit tired of it.

We took a short walk to check out other spots
in the campground while waiting for the rain to start again.

This is becoming a standard joke.
“THEY” say it will rain all day.
It rains,
It stops raining,

If we go out to do something
it starts back up within an hour.

If we don’t go out,
it doesn’t start raining again until dinner time.


  1. Nice May flowers those showers did bring :)
    I realize you're probably no longer there but hope it wasn't all soggy. Nashville has a lot to offer.

  2. Please stay away from us, we've had enough rain already.

    I've heard of lightening rods, but you guys must be "rain rods"! ;c)

  3. If I didn't know better, I would think you were on the Oregon Coast...Rain, Rain, Rain ;o(

    Sure hope it clears up and you can do the things you would like to do.

    Regardless...IT BEATS WORKING!!!

    Keep having fun for us...Nancy

  4. Did you let Duckie swim in the flood waters? Enjoyed the picnic table pictures - definitely too, too much rain. Glad you are past that now!!


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