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Lazy day with NO RAIN

Thursday April 28, 2011
Site 79 C
Cumberland Mountain State Park, Tennessee

We hit the jackpot!!
A WHOLE day WITHOUT rain!!!

It started out somewhat questionably with
the LP gas detector going off at
with its screeching alarm
for no reason that we could ascertain.

After spending some time reading the manual
and talking with Winnebago,
David determined that we
may have to replace the detector
which has gotten too sensitive
or as David says, "just plain stupid".

We don’t use most of the products described as possibly
being responsible for false alarms……
paint thinner, alcohol, hair spray….
so for the moment we have disconnected it
and will be looking
for a replacement
perhaps as we go through Nashville.

Anyone have any experience with faulty
LP Gas Detectors by any chance?

After the tornado stresses of yesterday,
we took the day off.
Didn’t do much except look into the detector problem,
and take care of some other business,
including looking into tickets for the Grand Ole Opry 
(we are going right through Nashville after all)
and  where to camp next.

Luckily, with the air card, we can do all this outside so
we enjoyed the cool 62 degree day. 
I worked on the blog updates
and about 2:30 we went for a 5 mile run.

Although the day was cloudy, it was wonderful.
There was NO RAIN.
And we just noticed,
No pictures.


  1. A quiet day is a welcome change for you!

    When we went to Nashville, we stayed at a private campground that included front row tickets to Opryland, a Pasty Cline Review Show and a Nashville Tour as a package with your campsite. It wasn't the cheapest way to go, but it was the simplest...just can't remember the name of the Campground ;o((

  2. Wish I could help you with the gas detector problem but I can't :( That's one we haven't had happen yet :)
    Just be sure you don't really have a leak!!!


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