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Henry David Thoreau

Down Day at Brushy Lake

Friday May 13, 2011
Brushy Lake State Park site L-1
Sallisaw, Oklahoma

I got up and went running around the small campground
and then UP the public road leading into it.
UP hill all one way and down hill all the other.

When I put on my Garmin running watch,
it informed me that the battery was low. 
I thought I had just charged it
but apparently not. 
They caution you not to charge it too often
so I have tried to be cautious,
apparently to a fault.
The watch worked fine running UP the first time
but then it quit. 
So I did the entire up and down twice
and think that was about 4.5 miles.

David was taking apart his laptop again
in order to set it up in front of the electric heater
to speed the drying.
Yesterday he had taken it apart and used canned air
to try to blow out all the water.

He started it and restarted it a few times
which, after we googled laptop in water,
may not have been a good idea.

He went out to run some time after I did and
we passed on the way.

When we were both back, we made chocolate chip pancakes
to make ourselves feel better after
finding out that his laptop may well not be salvageable
that my car has hail damage on the hood, top and trunk.

The kayaks on top of the car
kept that area from as much damage
as the other two but we will now have to find
the time and place to get this damage repaired.

I did the dishes, some more blog catch up and
bemoaned my fate over being one of
the blogger users who lost a huge post
to a blogger maintenance “error”.

They say these lost posts will be returned.
I sure hope so since it was on Hot Springs National Park
and one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever done
with a lot of pictures.
Uploading and adding them in blogger
is ridiculously cumbersome and takes FORever.

David continued to work on trying to get his laptop back.

Finally he determined he was just going to have to wait 3 or 4 days
to see how well it would dry out.
He then moved on to another Down Day List item,
replacing the broken strings in one of our day/night shades.
This too proved to be ridiculously difficult
since the “kit” doesn’t come with any instructions. 
Only a DVD, with no sound or search capabilities,
that covers every single possible way
in which this kit could be used in
several dozen situations.
Finding ours took forever.
Doing this task required
infrequently used skills
like sewing.
I decided that based on the tenor
of the mumbling and grumbling,
this would be a good time to go back into town
and do the laundry.
They seem to have lost their name
which at one time must have been
Speed Wash.

$1.25 to wash and 25 cents for 15 minutes to dry
was a decent price and 2 hours later
after looking through magazines
I never have around,
People, Oprah, Fitness,
I was on my way back.

David had taken a break in the shades job and
made flounder with garlic and onions,
broccoli and baked potatoes for dinner.

He worked on the shade
for the remainder of the evening.
I helped him toward the end
with the stringing and hanging.
So it is hung and nearly finished at this point.

Wish we could say his laptop was working.
But it got moved off of the table in favor of the shades.
And will have to be packed up in pieces for tomorrow.

We plan to be up and trying to break
“our get out early record”
of 8:57 AM tomorrow on our way
to Red Rock Canyon State Park
in Hinton Oklahoma.

We’ll know more about how long we’ll stay when we get there!



  1. I believe I would've taken the same opportunity to head to the laundromat. Good move.

    Keeping our fingers crossed that the computer can be saved.

  2. Sherry, if you aren't using Live Writer to post to blogger you might want to try it. You do the whole post in it, including pictures that are much easier to upload, and then post the whole thing to blogger when you want. You don't need to be online to use it, only when you upload it.

  3. Sorry to hear about your recent bad luck but I'm sure that'll change soon. We hate the day/night shades because the strings will break too often. That's why Gin put in regular mini blinds. Safe travels.

  4. I second Live Writer ... so much easier, and you don't need an internet connection to write your post, just when you upload to Blogger. You can also back up a copy elsewhere on your laptop if you want.

    It might be too late for the laptop ... but you might want to put it in a bag with a batch of dessicant to remove the moisture. Leave it in the bag for a few days.

  5. I always like a dent or two in my cars. It seems if I get them fixed, I will get another. If I leave them alone, I am good to go. I admire you guys for tackling the blinds. We did like Gin and are just getting the honey comb blinds from Lowes as our day/nights "die".


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