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Cumberland Mountain to Seven Points

Sunday May 1, 2011
From Cumberland Mountain State Park
to Seven Points COE Campground

Up by 7 and actually on the road by 9:30. 
That’s  pretty good for us.
I really have no idea why it takes us so long
to get out especially since this time
David had done the tire and fluid checking the night before.

We had leftover chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast
which was yummy and fast.

I went on to Walmart to try to get a prescription filled
while he went to the dump station. 
Pharmacy isn’t open on Sunday DUH.

But we met up in the parking lot,
put the car on the dolly and
off down I 40 we went…west to Nashville.

Rain……………..I really hate traveling in the rain.
But luckily it was light  MOSTLY.

We got to Seven Points COE Campground
on J Percy Priest Lake
about 17 miles outside of Nashville
at about 2:00 PM only to find that
it was even more flooded than we’d heard.

As we drove around the campground loop
toward our campsite,
the road disappeared into the lake
and we had to cut through Site 16,
a pull through there on the left,
to pick the loop road up
on the other side of the water.

We had reserved lakefront site #17,
The campground called on Friday
to reassign us to site #18
across the road because #17 was flooded.

This is the front of Campsite #17 
the picnic table and electric
are back by the trees
all now under water.

Another shot of #17.

Here's Winnona high and dry in site 18.

We were a little too leary of more rain
to do much set up this first day. 
But it's a lovely spot. 

And although Site 18 isn't usually lake front,
we are now.


Duckie likes the view from his window
but he's anxious to get out in that water
although the park says,
no swimming or boating on the flooded lake.


Kayaking was one of our main
reasons for being here, 
in addition to the proximity to Nashville. 

We'll just have to come up
with some other things to do.

I think we can manage!!


  1. Back in 2000 we were in that area of the country in our 5th wheel and guess what...the campground we wanted was flooded?!?!

    Please take care and watch the water level... We got re-routed several times due to highway flooding from the Mississippi as we traveled on to Memphis and St. Louis.

  2. I think I would be up several times during the night checking the level of the water! That's a little close. Looks like it would be a beautiful place though.

  3. With all those rising flood waters around you, it's a good thing you have those two emergency escape pods on top of your car! ;c)

  4. Sure hate to see all that flooding! We were there just before the rally-site 36. The lake front sites were all spoken for-very popular. Such a shame they are all under water. We really enjoyed that park. Kids live in N'ville so very handy for us.

  5. Glad you weren't in site #17 at the time it flooded!

    BTW, 9:30 is an excellent departure time. We're usually up by 7:00 too, but the earliest we ever seem to be able to check out is after noon! We're working on that. . .

  6. I've been thinking about y'all and hope that y'all made it through this flood season safely. Rain does make everthing so very green. Beautiful paddle David. Safe travels.

  7. i am sure the two of you will find something to do...


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