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Deleted Post

Apparently Blogger's problems yesterday that would not allow me to
comment on anyone's blogger post and would not allow me to post anything new
have been corrected in their opinion.

But when I went on today May 13....Friday the 13th .........hmmmmmmmmmmm

I found that my lengthy Hot Springs National Park post was not there.  The entire thing was gone
Given that it took me hours to put that up, I am NONE to happy about it.

Has anyone else had that problem?  If so, could you email me at sherry@virginia.edu?



  1. I was unable to leave some comments yesterday. I noticed today that a whole bunch of posts I read yesterday on various blogs are gone. There was a note on a blogger error that posts were temporarily removed to resolve the maintenance issue that has caused the outage. From what I understand, they are in the midst of restoring those posts.

  2. Yes Sherry, I lost my "Invaded" post...not anything that important or detailed as your Hot Springs Post. Apparently blogger says that they have those down posts and will put them back up as soon as they fix some tecnhical issues. Yesterday, my post was back up for a short while and is now gone again :o(( Amazing how I miss the blog and keeping up with all our friends!!


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