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Henry David Thoreau

And that’s the truth

Saturday January 7, 2012
Silver River State Park Site #43
Silver Springs, Florida


We went out for a run this morning along the park’s great trails. 
When we got back Gin & Syl came by to chat
while we all waited for our mutual friends
Nancy and Bill to come in from Murrells Inlet South Carolina.

As I said yesterday, Gin & Syl are the friends to have. 
They even bring their own lunch
when they come to visit.




David and Gin worked a while on the alignment of the awning.
Those two can spend hours doing techy and mechanical “stuff”.
Syl and I just shake our heads at what they call a good time.
Does this look like fun to you???


Partial Carolina Clan 001




Partial Carolina Clan 004

Partial Carolina Clan 003


Gin is a wealth of knowledge about all things technical and mechanical
and we are so lucky to have them both as friends. 
We have learned more about Winnona from Gin than from anyone. 
She can answer just about any question we have since Winnona
and their current rig Wanda are twins. 


Partial Carolina Clan 005 ,


Just before Bill and Nancy FINALLY arrived after getting
multiple cell calls from their realtor, talking on their walkies,
stopping for lunch, missing a turn
and in general just dragging their feet about getting here,
I witnessed this tricky maneuver.  

DO NOT try this balancing-shoe tying act at home. 

Partial Carolina Clan 006


Bill and Nancy did finally actually arrive
and we four were there to greet them. 
We hardly let them shut the van off and hook up the electric
before we had them over in the circle
and were laughing ourselves silly
over stories about the things our parents
taught us – whether they meant to or not. 


Partial Carolina Clan 007


Partial Carolina Clan 008


Partial Carolina Clan 009


We had a mighty fine time
and that’s the truth.

Partial Carolina Clan 010


  1. I think we need Gin to help us align our awning too. Looks like you all had a great time.

  2. Looks like a great afternoon. The recommendation we got from our friend and former Doc was for Dr. David Wright or anyone from his group. Have Fun!

  3. After our incident with our awning yesterday, we need her here to help us align it and get it back to working condition again! But, we are thousands of miles away! At least we know who to call if we have any issues! Thanks Sherry for letting out the secret of her expertise!

  4. Maybe this is what they mean when they say the truth will set you free:)

  5. Looks like we missed some fun times with you all! Catch you down the road for sure!

  6. All I had to do was look at all those faces and it made me smile. I just know you're going to have more than your fair share of fun :)

  7. Sounds like you all had a great time together. Life is hard isn't it?

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Oh my, there's a critical mass of my favorite bloggers in one spot -- stay tuned for a cosmic event OR the greatest entertainment for me, an envious PleasureWay RVer from North Liberty, IA.
    I write to wish you safe travels and fun times but more so to thank you for the entertainment and RV education. We'll be reading with great anticipation about the Tampa RV Show -- enjoy!
    We plan to hit the road to Texas for six weeks at the end of February.

  9. Yes!!! :c)

    PS: The drive-in was going to show the Bourne Identity. The have a large grass area where you bring your own chair. There are outside speakers to hear the sound.

  10. It's not fair that you all are having so much fun! Pretty cool to have another dreamer there with the same RV..helps to compare. Maybe you'll be trading up soon? ;-)

  11. Thanks for a great day. Oh, that was 2 days ago...we've been a little busy and need to catch up on our blog reading;o))

    Seen any monkeys lately!!

    Bill said to tell you he enjoy this blog while he drank his coffee in HIS styrofoam cup!!!!


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