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A Coach Warming for Tawanda

Sunday January 15, 2012
Hillsborough State Park Site 11
Thonotosassa, Florida

This morning David baked a pie to take over to
Gin & Syl’s to celebrate their moving into TAWANDA!

Here’s the pie baker.  The purple pie man???
I took a picture which didn’t cut off the top of
his head, but we thought you might like to imagine
him with hair which he actually hasn’t had
since his 20’s.  Good thing he has a nice head.


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 001

We have one of the smaller RV refrigerator
freezers and it is inordinately full of cherries hand picked
at the farm for just this purpose.  Not sure we can
swing by there this June to stock back up but
you never know.


Here it is looking delicious

Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 005


While the pie was cooling, we took a hike on the
Florida Trail.


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 040

It runs along the river.


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 008


And through lovely woods


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 013


We saw some trees with these air plants all along them.
I understand they do not harm the trees.  I believe they
are epiphytes like Spanish Moss.  They both grow on another
plants, usually trees,  but do not rely on the host for food.  
Epiphytes make their own food.


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 012


Some trees also had pink edged lichen which I had never seen.
Very pretty, hope it too isn’t dangerous to the trees.


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 014


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 015


This trail had many examples of one
of our favorite things.
Here are a few


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 023





Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 033


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 038




Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 039


We have many more pictures of this lovely trail

including this one showing how clear the
Hillsborough River is.
OK fisher folk, who is this??


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 028


BUT it is time to move on


and get over to meet
new big sister to
Winnona the Brave

And here she is with one of her smiling
owners and an admiring fan.




She’s a beauty from both sides – not all of us can say that.  :-)


Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 042


And inside?   WOW!!



TV, Fireplace
What more could you want??



Look at the size of that fridge.
It will hold a life size picture of their dog Smudge
AND a gallon or two or three of ice cream
and that’s just the freezer.  :-)

Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 045

A couple of very happy,
very comfortable owners.

Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 053


So to give  Tawanda a big coach warming
the pie baker cut pie for everyone.
I was too busy eating mine to remember to
take any other pictures of us all saying

Florida Trail & Pie with Tawanda 055



  1. All in one day!? It didn't seem so busy when we were doing it, but it looks moreso looking back.

  2. So you really are tree huggers? The rumors have been confirmed! ;c)

    Nice of David to bake that coach warming pie, that was really thoughtful. But then again, I'd expect nothing less from wonderful RV friends like you. :c)

  3. I believe the epiphyte is tillandsia. They are all over Florida and they are in the pineapple family of plants.

    Cherry pie, want!

  4. Good hike, good friends,and great pie! Can't get much better than that!

  5. Great pictures of the new Tawanda. Thanks for sharing them. It's HUGE!

  6. That was some delicious pie. Thanks so much for planting the tree all those years ago just so that you could share the cherries with us. Enjoy the Florida outdoor activities.

  7. Wow oh wow! Tawanda is truly gorgeous! The pie looked wonderful, and the trail was beautiful. Life is seriously good down there in the sunny south for all of you!

  8. I love pie andI'll have a big piece, please.

    That is a beautiful motorhome, and I wish them happy travels.

  9. What a great day!!! Tawanda, trees and pie looking good.

  10. We want pie! But we don't want to replace Lucy to get it!

    What's the secret to get on the list? :)

    Loved the pics of Tawanda. They will just love her :)

  11. Yum!! Nice way to welcome Tawanda into the family!

  12. The tree huggers back in action, showing everyone else how it's done.

  13. We ditto Gail's comment! We would like pie too! Perhaps we could make a trade for some almond bread? :-)

  14. I think the fish is a carp and now that I have identified it for you, where is my pie?

    Thank you for the great post and pictures.


  15. My car used to sport a TOWANDA! bumper sticker, and I imagine Gin and Syl got the name from the same place.

    The Good Luck Duck


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