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Henry David Thoreau

Kayaking the Myakka

Sunday January 22, 2012
Myakka State Park  Site 80

We are out before sunrise

At dawn, we go up to the bird walk on the lake.

Sunday 002

The early morning fog over the water and land gives it an
other worldly feel. 
It is so wonderful being out in the early
morning quiet with the birds.
We see the same folks,
wood storks, spoonbills, egrets, herons
and today a group of sandhill cranes.

Sunday 018


The Light is perfect.

As we walk back, the light is just right
for seeing clearly a display of spider weavings
in the grasses along the board walk
They are such artists.

Sunday 008

Sunday 009 
P1010610 Sunday 015

Breakfast is calling so we head back for Winnona.
I’m reading The China Study aloud as David

We spend a little time on the computer
but the temperatures are climbing, the high
forecast is 77 and that seems perfect for a kayak
of the Myakka River.

The river water level is low.

We’ve seen many cars come in with
kayaks and canoes but almost none in the water.
However,  almost doesn’t mean no one and
we decide to take a chance.   We can always
portage if we have to.

I just want to be on the water
and drift away.

There is a put in at a picnic area just down
the park road from us so
we pull the kayaks over on carts
and launch.


Sunday 030


So many birds are along the river.

They are in the trees, on the banks, in the water.
They seem to be everywhere, around every curve.

Sunday 039

Sunday 053
Sunday 064




We see a kestrel in the water


watch an osprey eat a fish in a tree


and later see another in the water.


We paddle lazily along.


The birds are so close.  They don’t move as
we drift by.  They too seem
mesmerized by the day.


The river shows many different faces as
we paddle

Sunday 102

and back


This day so warm and lovely

So full, so peaceful.
This is what I love and exactly where I want to be.



  1. Beautiful wed and bird pictures!!!

  2. Wonderful Day and Beautiful Post!!

    Can't believe there are no photos of alligators on the river banks.

    We really loved our time at Myakka and would love to return and spend more time.

    Just a very special place.

  3. I just noticed your Earth flag. We have one flying over our greenhouse. Go Gaia!

    The China Study is quite interesting. I came across it after I'd already given up consuming animal products. I can honestly say that my health is better.

    Looks like you had another beautiful day on the water. Makes my desk at work look very sad by comparison.

  4. Wow, great pictures of the birds! Very relaxing place.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I feel more relaxed and at peace now after reading your post. Great photos.

  6. Beautiful pictures; looks very serene. Love the spider webs! Nature sure is amazing!

  7. Thanks for another wonderful "armchair tour" I so enjoy your pictures especially the spider weaving shots are interesting. I only wish we had more mobility.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  8. That is truly a wonderful river. I put it on my Florida list. The birds are amazing. Also, every time I see your carts I think it might be nice to get a couple of those, except I can't quite figure out how we would get them on top the Tracker along with the boats. There surely isn't a speck of room inside!

  9. A great way to see the wildlife. Great pictures.

  10. The China Study is one scarey book...

  11. That water looked like glass! So glad you are able to get out there. We have much wind and waves and, as yet, have not taken the Sea Eagle out. I can hardly wait until we can :)

  12. Beautiful - especially the last picture - just perfect. I am so glad you are exactly where you want to be - can't ask for much more than that :)

  13. Great Photos!!! What a beautiful day.

  14. Got the Myakka on my bucket list to kayak whenever I get one! You captured the emotions wonderfully of what it feels like to kayak on a beautiful river early in the morning. Great bird photos!

  15. What a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing day.


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