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Henry David Thoreau

A little work-A little Play

Monday January 16, 2012
Hillsborough River State Park
Thonotosassa, Florida


Out for a morning walk/run this morning. 
No pictures.
Looks the same as the last time you saw it.
Label that work!


Today was the day with time and temperature
perfect for replacing solenoid #2.  

Getting all the parts ready.

Solenoid 002

Imagine another shot of Winnona Swallowing David.

Success – very exciting picture of working jack.
The bottle jack is retired for the 2nd and hopefully LAST time.

Solenoid 007 


I worked hard at reading in my chair. 

Solenoid 006


And then we biked over to the River Rapids Trail.




Another lovely hike along the water.






Those are actually views FROM one side of the trail.

Here’s what we saw on the other side.


Not sure how these orange trees got out here
in the middle of this wildness.








David tried very hard to get one of those oranges.
Pretty sure this must be illegal.




But the tree refused to give it up

Finally he accepted that fact and at the next
tree there was his orange.  On the ground waiting for him!



Time to go back for dinner.



Do you suppose this could be considered
transportation of stolen property???
Am I an accessory after the fact?
Better check with the Family Attorney!!



  1. Ha! I hear the local orange enforcement team reads your blog :) Best get outta town while you can :)

  2. An actual "orange" joke found on the web:

    Q: What is the difference between an orange and a pear?

    A: A bicycle, because a vest doesn't have sleeves.

    When you figure it out, let me know!

    Sherry, a good thing about schlepping an orange around while bicycling..... you won't run out of juice.

    Why is it when you mention bottle jack I think "Daniels"?

  3. We saw our first truck load of oranges today. That's a lot of juice!

  4. At least you look comfortable working hard relaxing in the chair reading. Great pictures today.

    I swiped an orange from a tree in the neighborhood last week - it was the worst tasting orange I have ever eaten. Serves me right! I hope yours is much better.

  5. A working jack is a good jack; now pull those jacks up and get out of town before the orange police arrest you.

  6. OOOH! You're in trouble now...and you posted your crime on the Internet!!! This could be one of those stupid crook stories. :cO

    Don't think we can associate with you anymore, now that you are felonious orange knappers!

  7. Orange you glad you didn't get caught!? tee hee hee


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