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Surprise Visitors

Friday January 20, 2012
Myakka State Park Site 80


Myakka State Park has only one drawback. 
And that is the weak Verizon internet signal
we are all experiencing. 
I don’t think any other provider has anything better
but I can’t say that for sure.


However, we’ve both noticed that the signal
is strongest over at  the Outpost. 
So, when necessary, we go there to post blogs
and respond to email.


On one of those occasions, Nancy met up with a ranger
who suggested that we might like to do
the Lower Myakka Lake trail hike. 
One that is not on an “official map” but has lots
of great wildlife.


You bet!! 
So Friday afternoon we decided we’d head out.
This hike’s trail head is just outside the park.
Although you walk back onto park property
before getting to the lake.

As we drove out through the gate to exit,
who should we see in line to come in
but Gin & Syl thinking to surprise us. 
Perfect timing!
Another 5 minutes and we’d have been gone.


They made a quick U turn and followed
us to the parking lot.

After a short pow wow,



We set off down the road through a part of the park’s ”prairie”



From the park’s, admittedly very poor hiking map,
it appeared that there were 3 side trails that
led to the water.  We decided to go to the last
one, named Blue Hole, and work our way back.

As we got closer to the water, the habitat changed





The “wildlife” was not nearly as
plentiful as it had been described.
And we looked diligently.






At some distance, we did see

White Pelicans


A few egrets

Myakka Hike 008A

and flying

Myakka Hike 009A

and too many destructive wild pigs.



We stopped for some lunch
before heading back to the next stop.

Bill picked a nice sitting spot

Myakka Hike 014

Nancy and David were munching and looking


Myakka Hike 015


Before we set off again I got this
shot of Gin and Syl which I love.
What fun we all have when they are around.


Myakka Hike 013A


So Back we go



On up the road

Myakka Hike 017

Stop #2










Turns out, that this stop was the last one
and it looks like we should have taken
that little spur at what we thought was
the end of the road.  It probably went
to the Blue Hole and no doubt THAT’S
where all the wildlife was.

Oh well,
Next time.  J 

We had a GREAT time being together!!



And after all that walking, what did we need?



David and I were a little late joining
the ice cream party and they kindly
waited for us as long as they could.
Notice that the ice cream King has
already finished his VANILLA cone.
So he’s not looking quite as happy as
some of the rest of us!

Too soon time to say good-bye
to our friends.

Gin and Syl return to Tawanda
at Lazy Daze



And after two fabulous weeks with Nancy
and Bill, they will be heading north to
Rainbow Springs State Park tomorrow.

We’ll be spending another few days here
in Myakka before moving on to Oscar Scherer.

It was really sad to see them walk away back
to their campsite.


What good friends we have!
What a great time we had with them!
Many many thanks Nancy & Bill!
We can’t wait until we can do it all over again!!


  1. Thanks back at you!!

    We'll be fulltimers soon so we can come find you!!!

    So now, you've been warned ;o))

  2. Tis amazing that in this big country of ours, we still can be with friends, no matter where we will roam. Looks like fun!

  3. Those feral hogs. They just can not get rid of them. Oscar Shearer is a good place to spot a Florida Scrub Jay. The reason we don't grip about running is we don't do it as much as you do or as much as we should!

  4. Timing is everything!! We enjoyed the impromptu hike and the gorgeous weather. Good friends are always nearby in our hearts.

  5. Oh what fun! That was a great photo of Gin & Syl. I see they're still "beaming" too :)

  6. Wow, feral pigs AND Rhesus monkeys. Florida is really a wild place! Looks like fun.

  7. Glad you had a really wonderful time with such special friends.

  8. So glad you had so much fun with your friends :) Always sad to see them go, but hopefully, they'll be a next time to look forward to! GREAT picture of Gin and Syl.

  9. Great shot of Gyn and Syl. They're so much fun!

    Good to see you're continuing to get your calcium. :-)


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