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Paddling the Hillsborough River

Thursday January 12, 2012
Site 11 Hillsborough River State Park
Thonotosassa, Florida

After a morning run,
we checked in with Nancy and Bill at their site next door.
Isn’t their Pleasure Way cute!  That’s their Sea Eagle 370.
The same one we have.  We both love it.


We gathered up all the gear and carried
the kayaks down to the launch site which
was just one site behind us.
So close, no need for carts.
Hillsborough River Paddle (1)

We knew this river was very different from the Silver.
It was not spring fed for one thing.
But it was still quite clear.
It made for a really lazy, easy, relaxing paddle.
Just what we were in the mood for.

Hillsborough River Paddle (11)

It has a very wild feel about it.

Hillsborough River Paddle (16) 

Hillsborough River Paddle (22)

Hillsborough River Paddle (6)

Hillsborough River Paddle (60)

Giant Cypress trees
Hillsborough River Paddle (23)

I’m not sure what Nancy saw here but her
eyes are amazing.  She is THE spotter.

Maybe River Side Wildlife
Some doing ballet or balancing acts

Others, not exactly.
Hillsborough River Paddle (31)


We think he was in the exact same spot
when we were going up river as he was when we
were coming back.  EXCEPT that he was facing
the opposite direction. 
The better to keep track of us????
JUST in case?
Hillsborough River Paddle (9)

But he was the only thing that looked the
same in both directions.



In some spots the river had the feel of fall.
I can’t imagine how great it will look like when
it is all greened out again in Spring.

Hillsborough River Paddle (4)




It was a another GREAT day on the river!
These Florida Rivers are mighty fine.
I had a terrific time.

Pretty sure everyone else did too.

Quiz time.
Remember those puzzle things on
school tests asking which one of these three
kayakers is not the same??
David says there are several answers here
so I guess I'll just hope someone else
sees the one I was thinking of.


Hillsborough River Paddle (34) 

Here is the intrepid photo journalist
at the end of a long day of work fun.

Hillsborough River Paddle

We finished the day with dinner at dusk
and and early good night.
Gotta rest up for more fun tomorrow!


  1. One of them is bare-footed??? Seriously, I haven't a clue but it was a nice paddle down the river :)

  2. Did you say one of the three kayakers is not sane? I think that could apply to all of them.

    Was that a trick question?

    Hey! My Internet connection is pretty good tonig

  3. I think you are all the same sane...lol. Love the hats!

  4. Gypsy Turtles took my answer ... so I'll say, one of them is a woman ... like Gail, I have no clue, but it does look like you had a nice, quiet float on the river.

  5. Well, we think Paul is right on the money!!

    However, I think it is the feet up thing. You just have to get a chauffer like I have ;o))


  6. One of them is NOT paddling...just riding.

    We love all Florida rivers but the our favorite is the Weeki Wachee (north of Tampa) and the Rainbow.

    If you get a chance to paddle the Weeki Wachee you really should. It's a beautiful spring fed river.

  7. Hillsborough is a great paddle. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. I miss you already. Nice paddle on the river. That big gator was in the same spot when we paddled just a few days before.

  9. Oh man, you're making us put on our thinking caps?? I'm going to copy Bill and Nancy's answer about David's feet -- he does look pretty relaxed.

  10. Hi Sherry and David, thanks for your many posts I continue to enjoy them all. When the news about Winnebago CEO Bob Olson's retirement hit the Iowa papers I thought of you and the bloggers who seem so satisfied with their Winnebagos. Here's a quote from Bob: "I look forward to traveling more with my wife, Kathy, in our Winnebago Journey motor home as we experience the RV lifestyle we have promoted the last 43 years,"

    I think you should send him an invite to join you at your next mini rally, he'd love it!

    Jude from North Liberty, Iowa


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