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Tampa RV Show

Wednesday January 11, 2011
Hillsborough River State Park
Thonotosassa, Florida

We pulled into Hillsborough River Site # 11 yesterday afternoon late
after getting Winnona weighed first.

Nancy and Bill are in site #12 right next to us. 
Gin and Syl are just a couple of coaches
over and Howard and Linda are down the street. 
A mini RV-Dreams Rally.   Alrighty then!!!!!!

After dinner, we gathered for a Campfire at Gin & Syl’s.
I particularly wanted to say goodbye to Wanda since
she’ll be moving on to a new owner within the week. 
I know Winnona will really miss her slightly smaller twin.

Not sure how neither David nor I had our cameras
for this gathering but we didn’t.  So you’ll
probably have to rely on Nancy for the pictures.
DARN!   I thought for sure I had shots of sweet Wanda.

Today, even though our site is only one away from
the kayak put in, we resisted the urge to jump
onto the river.  Instead we went just a few miles
over for the first day of the Tampa RV Show.
Actually the main reason we went on Wednesday,
was the predicted rain.

All I can say is, it is HUGE!
This is the parking lot at about 9:30 in the morning.

2nd day at the Tampa RV Show 002


And, it did rain.


Nancy and Bill were there to check out the
Itasca, Winnebago and Tiffin 34’ rigs but
when we saw Pa Camping well……….


We also checked out an example of Gin & Syl’s TAWANDA.

We spent a lot of time laughing at the
strolling “entertainment”.


2nd day at the Tampa RV Show 005

2nd day at the Tampa RV Show 007

2nd day at the Tampa RV Show 010Including the lounge singer in his suit and tie singing Andy Williams from the back of a golf cart.
2nd day at the Tampa RV Show 012

We saw a lot of RVs of all shapes and sizes.
2nd day at the Tampa RV Show 004

2nd day at the Tampa RV Show 011

After six hours of walking around looking, we were done in
and headed home for dinner and a quiet evening.
Kayaking the Hillsborough River tomorrow!!


  1. I need to call it a night after browsing your photos. What a big show - makes me tired.

  2. The Richmond show used to wear me out, and it's not anywhere close in size to the Tampa show! It sure is fun looking at RVs though.

  3. That is one huge RV show ... we were planning to go to the one in Hershey, but when we found our Tiffin well before the show, so we cancelled those plans and went camping in our new-to-us home instead.

  4. Wow, Hershey didn't have entertainment :( Looks like a great show, though!

  5. Looks like a fun time! Love the armadillo!

  6. Be careful at RV shows, new RVs have a way of following you home...

    (I hope this posts, I've been trying with a weak signal and had no luck).

  7. Two questions arise from your post: What did you find out about Winonna's weight? It would be nice to know if you have to do anything as a result.

    What is a Tawanda? It looks huge in the picture!

  8. Looks like a great show!! It's always fun to look.


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