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And They're Off.............

Croatan National Forest
Cedar Point Campground

Well it took an extra day but we finally pulled out of Charlottesville at 8:40 this morning and after our longest driving day ever (I hope) six hours later we landed in Site 17  at Cedar Point Campground in the Croatan National Forest in Coastal North Carolina. 

This is a great place.  The sites are wonderfully treed have nice size pad,  picnic table with 30 amp electric.  Water is available but not at each site.  There is a dump station.  It is all very nicely kept up.  There is a great long wetlands trail. AND a canoe trail as well.  Can’t wait to get out and do those.  All of this for  $17 a night with electric,  $12 without or $11 with electric for those  with the Senior Pass.   A shout out to Howard and Linda Payne for so highly recommending COE campgrounds.  If this one is any example they are fabulous!   And another big shout to Gin and Syl for recommending this specific one.  You guys are the best.

I haven’t posted in a number of days due to the chaos of the 4 days prior to blast off.  One thing after another seemed to take up 25 hours of each day.  We did have one really major disappointment when we got out our sea eagle to pack it.   Turned over the bag and there were two holes in it.  Upon getting the boat out to see, we discovered a mouse couple and their 3 offspring who had made a nest and chewed this hole in the boat.  Just what we needed the day before we leaving to go on a kayak trip.

But we’ll still be kayaking as you can see from this just before leaving  picture  we have a wilderness cape lookout and a necky strapped to the Accord’s roof .  Hope we can get the sea eagle repaired or I guess we’ll have to replace it sometime before the 2011 Rally and the Sea Eagle Rigotta  :-)  It really is a great boat to go out in as a pair especially if as I take my advice from Linda Payne and put the paddler in the back as I recline back with my feet out in front.

We're exhausted at this point.  And after dinner and a celebration toast, the driver was out..  But check back tomorrow when we’ll be hikin’, bikin’ or kayakin’ for sure.


  1. It's great to see that the two of you are on the road. You've had wonderful weather today so I'm sure you enjoyed your day. The paddle trail at the cg can get shallow when it's low tide but there are a couple of other put-ins close by.

    A local told us about one only a half mile away. Go north on Hwy 58 and turn left at a restaurant on the left. That is Hidden Bay Dr. It's a residential area. Turn right on White Oak St then left on Circle Dr. There's a wide spot in the road where you can put-in from an old launch still good enough for a kayak but not other boats. It launches into Pettiford Creek Bay and has canals to explore.

    About 5 or 6 miles further north on Hwy 58 is a gravel forest service road that leads to Haywood Landing. There may be a hard to see brown sign by the road. The dirt road is about 2 miles long. This is a nice launch and has an outhouse if you need it. This launches into the White Oak River. We saw a nice sized alligator there.

    I know you have limited time but it might be worth noting for next time. Sorry to hear about the hole in your Sea Eagle left by the mice. Wishing you safe and happy travels.


    ps: Your blog looks great!!

  2. Congratulations....so happy for you both. Looks like you are off to a good start. Sorry about the Sea Eagle, but your blog looks great and we will be following from our S&B.

    Take time to enjoy this life style...it is the best. We can't wait to join in.

    Safe travels and Happy Trails!!


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