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Crooked Paddling

Crooked River State Park Georgia

I had one of those nights where I went to bed late, 11:45, and woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep and was feeling blah and groggy by sunrise.  David, as he nearly always does, slept like a log.

So I went out and did an hour of yoga along side the river

while David made one of our favorite breakfasts, chocolate chip pancakes.

Those two fixed me right up along with the glorious temperatures in the low and mid 70’s.  No AC on all day.  FANtastic.

We had done our tide and put in calculations the day before and for the 6.5 mile trail we could get in at 11:30, about an hour and a half before high tide, and make it all the way easily in leisurely time.  It was a wonderful partly cloudy day with breezes and great water.  We saw lots of water birds as we paddled along the cord grasses of this tidal river. 

Here are some of the houses we saw as we started off.  I loved this farm house which reminded me of ours except it, of course, has the BIG added attraction of being on the river.

We named this one the home of The Ostentatious family  with its screened in pool and outlandish square feet.

This gull deterrent didn’t seem to be working all that well.

It was a lazy paddling day and just about perfect.

We got back around 3:30, put the kayaks back on the car, came back and I made salmon burgers and salad for our dinner and then we began working on our departure lists so we can get an early start in the morning on our drive to Silver River State Park    I'll leave you with the view from our site at the end of another GREAT day. 

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  1. Silver River State Park is one of our favorites. Make sure you plan a kayak trip. The prettiest part is by the headspring. You can put in at the park if you carry your kayaks 1/2 mile. We have little carts so we usually just roll them down to the water. Enjoy.


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