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Crabby Surprise

Cedar Point Campground
Croatan National Forest N.C.

Got up with the sun this morning and ran 4.5 miles around the wetlands trail.  It was pretty humid but so lovely I had to race walk some of it just to enjoy.  At the pier I talked with a woman who was crabbing.  Since I’d lived in Virginia Beach for a few years and used to crab every Friday evening with friends, she and I discussed all about crabbing and bait. As I started to run off she asked if I’d like to have some of the crabs if her husband didn’t want to take them all home with them.  My reply?  I sure would!!

Ran back to Winona, stretched, showered and we each had 2 Spudnuts which we brought with us from Charlottesville where they are still being made. If you don’t know spudnuts or have one in your town I feel very sorry for you.  http://spudnutshop.com/  

We spent some time getting things organized and David got the Cradlepoint router set up and working WITHOUT calling 3G.  Congratulations David.  Take a look at the telescoping antenna set up!   And Winona's license plate.

Time for a hike.  We spent a few hours walking around the wetlands trail.  It was just the perfect temperature, no bugs and fabulous to be in this watery wonderland.  We took far too many pictures.  I  won't subject you to them all but this pair was fun to watch.  I "think" they are Whimbrels.

And this one just shows how gorgeous the area is.

When we came back, there was a knock at the door and there was Deborah from the dock this morning.  Her husband didn’t want to take the crabs back home with them so she wondered if I still wanted them.  You bet!  And thus we found ourselves having Steamed  Blue Crabs for dinner.   It was after dark when we finished cleaning and eating them (in melted butter of course).  

Another great day with a terrific surprise!   What could tomorrow bring?


  1. Hopefully tomorrow might bring some shrimp?

  2. i think the birds are curlews... you asked a question earlier... the answer is Texas A&M University...

  3. actually after looking more closely at the birds I am pretty sure they are actually Ibis... but does it really matter as long as they stay long enough for you to enjoy them...

  4. Looks like Dave did a great job on the antenna. I'm so glad you are having a good time at one of our favorite places...


  5. Heyduke you are right on both counts. They were immature Ibis and the name doesn't affect the enjoyment one tad. We just thought it would be nice to know such great neighbors' names.
    Thanks for your help,


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