Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Getting Started Part 3

Today was David's Retirement Party.  The people he has worked with have been like a family to him and he was very grateful for their appreciation and thoughtfulness.  Not to mention their generosity.  Rather than the traditional UVA rocker in which to while away your retirement years, at his request, they gave him a very nice gift certificate for a new bicycle at our local fabulous bike shop Blue Wheel.  He can hardly wait to go over and pick it out.  No rocking retirement for him.  They also gave him a lovely framed arial photograph of the Rotunda of the Unviersity of Virginia and its lawn during fall with all the trees ablaze and  a really wonderful luncheon with a yummy cake.  He was very touched and grateful for it all.  Looks like they think he is the world's nicest guy too.

As for me, my last day is tomorrow and I'm just crying Crocodile tears!  :-)   So back to the story.  We're pretty close to the end (I can hear you saying-"It's about time")

So in January of 2010 everything started to happen and I don’t know how. All that dreaming? Visioning? All the energy behind it? Perhaps.

During yet another frustrated google search for Winnebago Brave up came a website I’d never seen before, oodle.com. And there right before my eyes was a 34’ 2004 Winnebago Brave only 17 miles from my house. WHAT???

About that same time I ran into a web site called RV Dreams. I’d been calling my visions my RV Dream and so for fun I googled it and up came Howard and Linda Payne and my first connection to the full timing life. I spent nearly every free second I had for the next weeks reading their story and how they made their decision and looking at the amazing detail about their life and their decision to go full time that they have put up on their website to enable us all to stop dreaming about it and get on with the doing.

And that was the push I needed. I hightailed it up the road to take a look and she was perfect. I went back again and she was more perfect. I took David, he brought an even better mechanic friend and she was most perfect. And so, I took a deep breath drained the savings account and she was ours.

Seems pretty amazing to me that all of a sudden the RV was right there so close.  All of a sudden, I ran into Howard and Linda who were amazingly having a full timing rally on the East coast about 6 hours from me just a month after I found The Brave. The synchronicity was too much and although I didn’t have a clue how we would do more than “take trips”, the first one we took in the Brave was to the 2010 RV Dreams Rally in Longs, S.C.  (picture is of her at home in the barnyard just before the Rally)

And that was IT. Everything I learned, all the people I met and especially Howard and Linda themselves pushed me off the cliff. I became determined to live my RV/Kayak dream. That was in April 2010 and on September 10 we worked our last days, retired early with less than optimal funds trusting that the how will show up just like it has in the past. So we're movin’ on down the East Coast as of September 16, 2010.

Come along for the ride in whichever vehicle we happen to be in or on at the time. There’s me and “sometimes David” who has been following me and being wind beneath my wings on the ride through my life for 30+ years. And the vehicles- my sweet RV Dream herself Winona the Brave, a 2002 Honda Accord toad, a 13.5’ Wilderness Cape Lookout Kayak, a 12' Blaze yellow Necky kayak and two Trek 24 speed bikes. We’ll be wanderin’ along takin’ it nice and easy and hope you’ll check on us often as we just follow our hearts to wherever the dreams take us.

Hope you too are using your dreams to make up your visions and that you'll get on whichever road they take you to! Life is a law of attraction. Thoughts become things.


  1. You have a very good blog, and I look forward to following your journey.

  2. Thanks Gypsy. I look forward to having you.

  3. I just found your blog and found it interesting how you got started. It certainly seemed to be fate. We have just put our house up for sale and will be fulltimers when it sells. In the meantime, we plan to be "snowbirds" this winter at Welaka Rv Park where Howard and Linda spent last winter. Enjoy your new life.


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