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Henry David Thoreau

Tupelos, Palms and Spanish Moss

Skidaway Island State Park, Georgia  Site 14

Here’s some advice for anyone who comes to Skidaway Island to visit.  Don’t bike the Big Ferry Trail even though they tell you that you can.   Yes, you can, but there are so many tree roots crawling all over the trail that you have to pay too much attention to them to fully enjoy this wonderful scenery.  We were getting off and on the bikes constantly to spend time in the various spots that were vegetatively so different than what we are accustomed to.  If we were going to be here longer, I would definitely walk this trail again and take it all in with even more attention.
                          Here's the beginning of the trail, deceptively sandy and rootless.  Just wait....

                                              Saw Palmetto and Spanish Moss

                                                     Taking a break among the Palms.

We spent the mid part of the day when it was 91 degrees and 100% humidity doing chores inside.  David made a call to Winnebago about some questions.  They are just amazing.  Free technical support and advice from people you can understand and who know what they are talking about.  And it doesn’t matter whether you are the first or 20th owner of the Rig.  Then he made a hardware store run to get some RV fluids, an O ring for the water filter and some other stuff I can’t remember.  The hardware store is one of his favorite places to go and given that I hate shopping of every kind, a hardware store is the LAST place I would ever want to be.  So  while he was gone, I read in the air conditioned comfort in the recliner. 

Then st sunset  I went  Down to the Observation tower on the Big Ferry Trail.  Don’t tell anyone since the park rules are "no one on trails after dark" and they had put the chain over the wide entrance but I could step over so I did.   Check out this sunset.  Definitely worth “the risk”.

When David came back, we watched a video of one of the last concerts of Jan & Dean.  Actually I think perhaps the last concert.  Entitled One Last Ride.  Jan Berry was seriously injured at the height of their career in an auto accident when he was 24 years old in 1966 and in his second year of medical school.  He had paralysis and brain damage but it was great to hear that surfer music again especially since we'd just come from Huntington Beach where the first two days we were there, the waves were extremely big (for east coast waves) and the surfers were out.  I was singing "Surf City" and "Little Old Lady From Passadena" all night long!  :-)

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