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Henry David Thoreau

The saga is finally Over

Huntington Beach State Park
Myrtle Beach, NC

Thankfully, all the answers were revealed today.

It wasn't a great place to wake up on the Fall Equinox but we finished our night in the parking lot and tried to remember everything we needed to take with us for the day while we waited for them to finish the work.   Off we went back down Route 17, which we are coming to know far too well, to our favorite park.  We got on the bikes and took a ride across the Causeway and down the bike path.  We rode to the state park’s access to the marsh for boats.  Lots of fisherfolk there.  Next time for sure we will be paddling but today we just wanted to play some more in those great waves and water.

It was another fantastic clear blue sky day with perfect temperatures and beautiful water.  Definitely cheered us up while we waited and took our minds off the suspense.

Thankfully Larry and the guys did get everything finished by closing time.  YEA!!!   And we will be able to stay in our park site for tonight although we have to get up and get moving tomorrow since we have a long drive.   Because Hunting Island park had no sites, we will now be driving to Skidaway Island State Park outside of  Savannah.  

We went to pick up the Brave and post her bail which was more than enough to choke a horse and a lot more than we were originally hoping for given that this was supposed to be a “recall”.  But it turns out only 3 of our calipers failed and had collateral damage so although Workhorse would replace all 4 calipers and repair the collateral damage, we were stuck with the bill for the 4th one that hadn’t failed yet in terms of  all the upgrades that were being done to the other three.    The AC does have a small leak but they were unable to find it .  However it cost $147  just to have them  try to find it and put dye in so perhaps when it inevitably fails again someone else can find it.   The total cost was more than we were hoping but less than we feared so it’s now part of the history books.  We are on our way again. 

David took Winona back to her spot and I took the car to the grocery store.

After dinner I double checked the route for tomorrow and we tried to get some of the preparations done for leaving.   No Fall Equinox Celebration unfortunately.  We’ll be on the road again tomorrow for a longer than I like trip of 200 miles.  But we are over those bumps and back on solid ground.  Off to more adventures.  Tomorrow’s the full moon.  Wonder what crazy things may happen?  See you then.  

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