Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Getting Things Started

Well I've done the simple preliminaries to create this blog, but it's a long way from finished.  And this isn't the only thing a long way from finished.  We are counting down the days to being out o' here.  That happens a week from Thursday.10 days from now and we have tons of things to get done before then including leave our jobs of 26 and 28 years.  But I thought I'd start the blog with the history of how I got here.  As you will see David is my passenger although he drives the RV.  :-)

So here’s the shortened version (really... it is shortened) of how we ended up on the road living in an RV. The RV is connected to the kayak. The kayak is connected to the water. The water is connected to my heart. The water makes me happy. I belong by the water.  Although I think he's more of a mountain man, David says he belongs by me.  (isn't he sweet?)  So here we go!

My love affair with water began in earnest many years ago (B.D.) when I was lucky enough to live for a few years only a block from the oceanfront in the North end of Virginia Beach. And the love of that life has been with me ever since. Every day, working or not, seemed like a vacation.  I thought I was the luckiest girl on Earth.  Long story, not relevant now, about why I left.  BUT, years passed and still I visited as often as I could, thought about it too much of the time, longed to be there and dreamed of returning, of moving back.

And then the old Familiar Story many of us have: Stuck where I am because of family, job, responsibilities, and on and on. Not to mention that the cost of living that close to the water these days made it seem impossible.

And…………..time moves on, days turn into weeks turn into years. Only child leaves home for college and then graduate school and I am more and more free to do what I want And what I want is to go back to the water. But there is still the job, the financial hit we’d take to retire “early”, ties to this college town and the old secluded farm house in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains that I’d help David bring back from the brink of death. And just plain fear.

And then one evening a few years ago, I was at a First Friday’s opening at our local art center.  I went to the studio of an artist whose work I really admired. She turned out to be a very interesting young woman who in addition to everything else was a kayak camper extraordinaire. She had fabulous stories to tell of trips she’d taken to marshes, wetlands, the Everglades, our river of grass. She was SO enthusiastic about how wonderful the solitude was and I thought, “now there is a way to be in the quiet of nature and have water all around”. And so I bought a kayak. Thank you Sea Aviar.  And then, David bought a kayak.

And I went kayaking -  actually more than we went kayaking but then I worked part time and he worked full-time.  Week-ends not being my choice of prime kayaking times for solitude and being alone in nature. Pretty soon I’d done multiple times the too few places to go get lost in the wilderness around my home town and we'd done too much driving to get to those places I really wanted to go where such quiet in the natural world by the water is possible

I didn’t want wild and wooly sea kayaking or white water. I wanted quiet and contemplative flat water kayaking, marshes and wetlands, slow moving rivers and tributaries, lakes without power boats. That’s when the idea of kayaking in National Wildlife Refuges began to take form. And as it did, so did the questions of how to do it? How to just take off and travel down the Eastern seaboard and around Florida and up and over along the gulf coast visiting every national wildlife refuge I could kayak.

Camping and kayaking? If I couldn’t move back to the ocean this is what I would do. Although we were life long tent campers and backpackers, I realized we couldn’t visit all those refuges on 2 or even 3 week vacations if we spent the rest of our lives doing it. It would take extended – read that months/years – of time to do what I was dreaming. (My dreams never were little things-ask David) And I didn’t want to spend such an extended period of time in a tent sleeping on the ground. There’s where the RV dream first crept in.

Ok I'm sure that's more than enough for today...........stay tuned....more tomorrow........


  1. Hi Sherry,

    Stopped by to see your blog and test the reply function. Looks real nice. Look forward to reading more of your dreams adventure.


  2. Sherry,

    While I normally don't "follow" blogs, I do occasionally peek into those that look promising to me. Your writing style seems to offer promise, so I will likely "peek" on occasion. Hope you don't mind a "virtual voyeur" stopping by to see what you are doing.

    While being on the water can offer great solitude at times, boats can leak. All of my uncles served in the Navy during WWII. When I joined the Army in the '60's, I got no end of grief and kidding about that. I simply explained that if something were going to happen, I wanted to be on dry land, and not worrying about unseen critters from below.

    As such, I guess I am a kindred spirit with David. While it is great to view the beauty of the mountains, especially the Rockies, actually walking upon the mountain AMIDST that beauty is so much better. While there, I am uplifted in spirit unlike anything else on Earth. (Jo says I get crabby when we have to leave.)

    Anyway, our dreams are important, not only to be uplifting, but to also provide direction on occasion. Fitting that we met on RV Dreams.

    May it be that God grants your dreams and provides you happiness in all things.

    Terry Miller

  3. Hey Sherry,

    Good job on the Blog and can't wait to read more! We are with you on the water thing, I guess it's just in our blood. We are drawn to water like flies to u know! RVing and Kayaking are almost a perfect pair :)

    Here's to livin the life!

  4. Sherry, I think your blog is off to a wonderful start! You will find the kindred souls among the RV blogging community, and even those who have a different motivation, likes and dislikes, are fun to read and keep up with.

    I love the mountains, but working at Ft. Pulaski (Savannah) last winter gave me a taste of the sea and I'll have to say I really enjoyed it. Also, I lived for 3 years in Ireland at the very end of a peninsula, so I was surrounded by the sea. I always get my spirit renewed by the mountains though, especially the southern Appalachians.

    I wish you all the best, and I hope our paths cross some day.

  5. This is a great start... Already feel like we know you better! Can't wait to follow your adventures on land and water.

  6. I agree with Terry. It looks promising and I have added it to my list. Congrats


  7. We too have chosen to buck convention and follow our dreams. We began fulltiming in May and leave in 10 days to begin the adventure of visiting as many National Parks as we can. The beauty of nature rekindles our spirit! I look forward to following your adventures.

  8. Hope you all will be at the 2011 RV Dreams Rally so we can meet you. Thanks so much for the kind comments and being my first commentors - is that a word commentors? National Parks are on our list too Evelyn so perhaps we will see you there.

  9. Sherry, I'm breathlessly waiting for the next installment. Hope things are going as planned for you! LG

  10. I completely agree about the solitude of kayaking. There are some wonderful places throughout all of Florida.


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