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Henry David Thoreau

Kerplunk and Bang

Crooked River to Silver River
Site 43 Silver River State Park
Ocala Florida

Since we had such a great paddle yesterday on our last day at Crooked River, I decided not to mention the way it ended so today I’ll tell all.    When we got back to the boat landing and  David got out of his kayak, he stood up without noticing his digital camera was on his lap  KERPLUNK.  Naturally he snatched it right up. While he was fiddling with it and drying it off and mumbling under his breath…well not totally under his breath, I went up to get the car.   I backed out of the space turning as I did so and backed into what turned out to be a super long trailer  BANG.   So now we have a digital camera that will have to be replaced and a driver’s side fender with metal boat trailer scrapes.  Not such a great end to a wonderful day but you just have to let those things go and know that in a year you’ll have forgotten all about it but you’ll still have the great memories of the wonderful time.   And so we did.

This morning I was out running my 4.5 and then we packed up and set out for Silver River State Park in Ocala Florida arriving at Site 43 at about 2:30.  We got hooked up and set up in a what seemed like a a jiffy compared to the morning departure routine. J  Had an early dinner, biked around the campground to see who our neighbors were and their rigs and then over to the River Trail. Left the bikes and hiked down to the river where we tried to catch some sunset

and saw the Park’s kayak put in on the Silver River which requires that you tote your boat about ½ mile.  I have a set of wheels for my kayak for just that purpose but David doesn’t so we decided we get up early tomorrow and head out to Ray Wayside Landing and kayak the river up to Silver Springs.

So with anticipation of another great day we went to bed -  again with Rain on the Roof and smiles on our faces.

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