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Leaks & Errands & Timing........oh my

Well so far, the past 2 days have been the kind I don’t want to have any more of (or for the English Majors out there - of which I don’t want to have any more  :-). One thing after another…....

First a suspicious leak under the Brave which resulted in the most of those past 2 days for David were spent repairing a leaking axle flange gasket on the rear passenger side, and at the point of topping up the differential fluid , David made the tragic mistake of using a funnel with a hose that had a plastic tip on the end, which as Murphy would have it came off and fell inside the differential. So with the help of two more experienced mechanic friends they pulled both axles, 'cracked the pumpkin' on the differential, extracted the plastic piece and then put it all back together. Then David noticed another leak and so today he is in search of a heater control valve to replace a leaky one. Parts are definitely a problem to consider when buying a used RV. Thank goodness that Winnebago was right there on the phone to advise. Still glad we went with them.

David is also installing a telescoping mast for our trucker antenna to the rear ladder and trying to track down the cell phone ordered last week that was supposed to already be here but isn't. We sure hope this mechanical mess isn’t the way of things on the road.

Still haven’t activated the one cell phone we have gotten nor turned off the landline and DSL. Still haven’t gotten the mail forwarding all squared away although I did get the form at the PO when I had to go over and box up Carrie's laptop power supply which she left here over the week-end (added to my block long list).  Have almost  finished with the pick out or pick up the All-in-one printer thanks again to help from the RV-Dreams Forum on the question of fax on the road (is that like band on the run??). Went over to get the one I’d decided on and of course they were out of it but could get it for us in 3 to 5 days. We’d be much better off if we could leave in 3 to 5 days rather than in two days. But then we’d be not so pleased with the push we’d have to make to get there.

In spite of everything else, it’s just a  fabulously beautiful day here. 80 degrees and sunny. Low humidity. A perfect day for outside. Our stifling Hazy-Hot-Humid seems to have gone for this year. That always happens at some point in early to mid September. One day is the last over 90 degree day and then surprise, there are no more. How glad I am. Now if I could just be lounging out in the yard reading a book or kayaking some great water. BUT…I did go running this morning ....we have fair skies predicted for our departure and I’ve been looking ahead to the weather in Croatan National Forest and find that it will be fine the 3 days we are there too.

As I wrote to my friend Lynda this morning, the first leg of our new life isn’t going to happen as I’d originally planned. I had thought to start in Virginia kayaking the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge which is 181 miles from our home and then to slowly move down the Coast of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and up the gulf coast kayaking all the refuges as we went and staying in each a week or so.

BUT then the idea of a party for my father’s 90th birthday got in the way of those plans. We have to be in Largo Florida on October 2nd and as I’ve often seen Howard say, that puts us on a schedule that isn’t exactly to our liking. First day will be 300 miles to Croatan where we’ll stay 3 days and then from then on the trips will be 200 or less but we can’t stay anywhere more than 3 days and get there on time. After the Largo date, that’s when the freedom really begins and we can go when and wherever we want.

The bottom line is we will be on the road on Thursday. Thoughts are things. Make them good thoughts. See you tomorrow when we'll be one day closer to blast off.

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