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Troubles on the Trail

On the Trail toward Huntington Beach State Park
Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Boy do we have to get more efficient in packing up and getting out.  It took us nearly 3 hours to “break camp” and get on the road.  It was 11:30 before we left Cedar Point. 

What should have been a 3.5 hour trip turned into a 5 hour drive to go 167 miles as one thing after another turned sour.

First the AC began to dwindle and then to blow warm air.  This became most noticeable on Route 17 a 4 lane highway with many traffic lights and it is 90 degrees in later September, usual they told us for the South Carolina coast. 

We were both getting hot under the collar so I got out the laptop, plugged in the air card and googled Winnebago service in Myrtle Beach, our destination.  The hands down favorite with all the reviews was Larry’s Auto Clinic.  So I gave them a call on my cell phone which I have sort of learned to use.  I asked the woman on the phone about the air conditioning and if they could look at it and she asked me what kind of coach it was.  After telling her Winnebago she asked if we had “had our calipers done”.  Turns out Winnebago had just issued a recall for all 4 calipers and we had not had it done.  So we made an appointment for Wednesday for them to take a look at the AC and replace the calipers at Workhorse’s expense.  Not too bad.  Just a small trouble.  

About 15 miles later we began to smell burning.  Stopped to see if it was a tire.  Nope.  David said it smelled like it was coming from the brakes.  Up to this point we’d had no trouble with them at all.   5 miles later the RV check engine light comes on.  We stop to check.  David sees nothing.  Another 5 miles or so the RV won’t go over 50 mph.  We stop again.  10 miles later it’s pulling to the right.  We stop again.  By this time it’s looking like BIG troubles.

We call Larry’s back and (lucky us?unlucky us) she tells us the calipers are under a recall which “hopefully” will cover any collateral damage.  So we have to bring it in the next morning by 7:30.  Back another 15 miles.   We drive on to Huntington Beach State Park, pull in and see NO VACANCY.   We hadn’t made reservations.  It’s Monday, the week-end crowd should be gone.  It’s September, summer vacation is over.  By this time we are HOT and worried and I determined that they must have a spot for us since we simply cannot drive any more.

After telling our sad tale of woe and 5 hours on the road in a basically unairconditioned coach the gate attendant took pity on us, radioed ahead and was told there were a few spaces and in we went.   Good fairies were watching out for us because there was an major Arts and Crafts show at the park this week-end but they had a site for M-W if we wanted it.  You bet we did.  Turned out to be a perfect site and quite possibly the one I would have taken if we’d had our choice of any of the 131 sites there. 

Site 31 is one site down from the beautiful path to the Ocean and is treed and secluded.  I’d love to come back and stay the full 2 weeks allowed.  We were really looking forward to enjoying the park while our Rig was in the stop on Tuesday.  We walked down the path to the beach and found it completely natural and deserted.  All development was so far away you could hardly see the buildings.  It’s the most beautiful unspoiled  beach I’ve seen since False Cape in Virginia to which you cannot drive.  Just sea oats, waves and us. 

We took a dip to cool off and cool down.  It worked!

Although it was a very stressful day of one problem after another, we are so lucky to have the recall cover some (hopefully most) of the work and to have this lovely site in a campground that said it was full.  We are thankful.

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