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Henry David Thoreau

Don't know "how", but we will

Charlottesville, Virginia

Our daughter Carrie was home to get the things she wanted from the farm and to take possession of some of the green indoor jungle for us. I spent the afternoon dividing and repotting the boston ferns I've had since before she was born given to me by her name sake, my Great Aunt Carrie.  So She and David are now driving back to her home outside of Baltimore Maryland since it took his truck and her car to take everything. Zero room for me.  He will spend the night there and come back tomorrow. They both looked pretty interesting as they each had a very large Boston Fern as a passenger. His was in the passenger seat of the truck and hers was trying to grab her from behind her seat. Should have thought to get pictures. Very funny!   That's a part of blogging I'm not quite used to - having the camera ever at the ready.

Although the 3 of us went out for “the Retirement Party” at a local Mexican restaurant last night and had LARGE margaritas to celebrate, David isn’t in fact finished and says he still has things to do at the office tomorrow after he returns from Carrie’s. Not sure what this says about the difference between the two of us that I spent most of my last day going out to lunch with friends and other socializing. I’d been politely turning down new projects and work and had been ready to be gone for days. I hope he’s right about it only being “a few” more hours. The definition of “a few” is always quite nebulous when you ask David how long something will take. Even after 30+ years he pretty much refuses to update his estimates to jive with reality. I can tell you with many examples that it will be twice or three times as long as he claims. So “a few” is the answer you get now. :-)

Thus his preparations for launch will be deferred until Monday which gives us a total of 3 more days to get everything done if we are to leave on Thursday September 16th which was our target. The only reason this matters really is that we have to be in Largo Florida on October 2nd for my father’s 90th birthday party and I really don’t want to do any serious pushing to get there. Even leaving Thursday we will have to do what I consider pushing since we won’t be able to stay anywhere more than about 3 days in order to make it there by the appointed time. For me that’s a lot of traveling in a short time which I hope not to do again after this.

Our first day will be the longest drive, 300 miles.  Normally I want less than 200 a day and to get that is why we're staying only 3 days in a spot.   But, on the bright side, there aren’t any “overnighters”. Still,  I’d much rather mosey along - 100 to 200 miles a drive, stay a week, 2 weeks or however long they’ll let us stay or we’re having a good time. Cuts down on gasoline and on the environmental impact of the terrible fuel mileage of any RV.  Just makes for a Good Life as I define it.

There’s still lots to do including errands such as pick up the Trek bicycle his office gave him as a retirement/going away gift, pick out and pick up an all in one printer/fax/copier at one of the local office stores…I’ve been doing some research on that item and have received a lot of good advice from the folks on the RV-Dreams Forum. Thanks SO much to them for all of their help on Oh so many topics. EVERY time I post any question they are Johnny-on-the-spot to offer advice and experience.

I’m trying not to get stressed or pressured. I know from experience that just makes it all worse. Life is a Law of Attraction and one stress just leads to another if you let it. Thoughts are things so I’m just going to smile and say “I don’t know HOW we’ll manage, but we will”.

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