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Bright Days Finally

Sunday December 16, 2012
Site 4 Gamble Rogers State Park
Flagler Beach, Florida


I hope you aren’t sick of sunrise pictures yet.


Paula & her family 057


  I’m up at dawn every morning and out to greet the day.  I love being up when no one else is around.  I really enjoy this time alone on the ocean front. No noise but the waves. Today is a wonderful morning.  No sunrise as usual since it seems as soon as dawn comes the clouds gather at the horizon to do battle and keep the sun from burning through.  But the colors change as the battle goes on.  The sun lightens things and they turn from orange to pink.  Then the clouds cover it all up and the colors mute and it becomes foggy.  I never tire of watching this morning show.


Paula & her family 071A


I stay to see who wins.  Today it again is the clouds as the fog remains until after I am out running.

 Paula & her family 089  


I’m a beach bum, it’s true.


Paula & her family 108


Today it’s warm enough to sit on the beach for the first time since we got here over 10 days ago.  I am SO excited!

After I run,  I head right down with my beach chair to read and write on the water front.  But I end up watching the waves.  I can never get enough of their beauty and power.  You don’t even want to know how many pictures I have of waves. 


Paula & her family 109


Paula & her family 117B




I’m still hanging out at the beach when the brightest thing of today happens.


Paula & her family 119


  Paula and her family, husband Robert and daughter Olivia, come to visit. 

Paula writes the blog  Our Year Outdoors.  She and her family are visiting every state park in Florida and trust me that’s a bunch.  I think 161.   Paula knows tons and tons about the parks and the flora and fauna of Florida.  She really loves her state.  Lucky for me she comments on my blog and educates me as I go about asking questions about the things I see.

We had a delightful afternoon swapping stories and just getting to know each other.  Olivia is a charming 8 year old whose idea of a great birthday is to go camping.  What’s not to love about that?  She is a member she told us of a wonderful girl scout troop which does all kinds of interesting activities.  She was wearing a necklace she had made at one of them.  The necklace was a Fairy Dust container.  Now I personally love Fairy Dust and glitter of all kinds so Olivia and I definitely have something in common.


Robert has a really interesting job in Daytona which he enjoys.  I’m not sure I can explain what he does but in essence he works with the media requirements for the 8 or 9 venues that they manage at the speedway.
I can see the eyes of my friend Mike light up.  I’m sure my stock just went up with him now that I know Robert!  Too bad you weren’t here Mike you could have found out all the inside stories.


St. Nick at the beach?


Olivia & I see Santa


We are all talking and enjoying ourselves when someone yells “It’s Santa”.  Olivia and I take off and run together over to the overlook just in time to see him come down the beach.  And not in his usual sleigh.  Paula got this picture of us.  Thanks Paula.


Here are the pictures I managed to take as he zoomed by presumably on his way back to the North Pole to get ready for his big night.  I guess he was just warming up like the rest of us.






  Too soon they have to get on their way to do some things for Robert’s mother so with hugs and handshakes we said….we’ll see you soon.  And it won’t be long actually since they live not too far from Blue Springs State Park where we will be in the spring.


Being mere steps away from both sunrise and sunset is just about as good as it gets for me.


After they leave, we close the day the same way I  opened it.  With the sun. 

Sun-set this time on a lovely day.


Paula & her family 145


Paula & her family 148


  1. Yet again wonderful sunrise and sunset pictures! Santa flying in - hilarious!! Sounds like such a lovely day with visitors and pretty weather :)

  2. Fairy Dust? You could have sprinkled some over your head and been up there flying with Santa!

  3. Caught a piece on the news this morning about the dead Right Whale that washed up at Flagler ... did you see it? So sad -- I guess they are doing a necropsy to determine cause of death ... I hope it wasn't something we humans caused ... there are so few of them left in this world.

  4. Even with foggy days the sun rises and sets are rather nice. And the sunshine of your day was visitors. Including a Santa that travels in a most unusual way.

  5. So funny about Santa. When I lived in Hawaii, there was a Christmas Parade. Santa parachuted onto a small island in the bay and then came to shore by outrigger canoe. Then he led a parade of local kids in Christmas costumes. It was a riot. It certainly makes an interesting and unique twist for the festive activities. Great sunrise / sunset pics today!!

  6. That is the coolest Santa photo I have ever seen!!!! What a nice day and your sunset photos are beautiful!!!

  7. I never get tired of sunsets or sunrises.

    I'm so glad you got to meet Paula, Robert and Olivia. What sweet little girl Olivia is.

    Love the flying Santa

  8. I never tire of sunrise, sunset or ocean waves :) That Santa is a multi-talented guy, isn't he?

  9. Dont think I could ever get tired of sunrises, sunsets, and the beach and ocean.

  10. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your time in Central Florida! It was a wonderful afternoon, and I really wish we could have stayed longer. I am always happy to share my knowledge of the state...what's the point of learning all this stuff if I don't share it, you know?

    I'm glad Olivia got to see Santa, albeit from a distance. This year she has been wary of visiting with the jolly old elf. She is truly a child full of joy, and we are fortunate to be her parents!

    And finally, I can't wait to see you again in the spring!

  11. What a great way to start and end the day with a visit from Santa and friends in between. Fun and beauty go a long way.

  12. Sorry I missed all the inside stories. Does he have any spare tickets?? :)

    Great pics of the sunrise, waves, and sunset... I especially liked the foggy sunrise picture. --Mike

  13. I never get sick of your sun rises or sunsets....beautiful...we've been truly enjoying the florida weather and the park we are in...Merry Christmas to you and David...and all the very best in 2013....

  14. Please keep sharing sunrises. I'm not a morning person! Love the Santa floating in :)


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