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Moving on to Gamble Rogers or Life is Tough I’m Trying to Get By

Thursday December 6, 2012
Gamble Roger Memorial Recreation Area  Site 4
Flagler Beach, Florida


Tuesday December 4

We leave Hunting Island at about the VERY last minute.  NOON  :-)
We don’t even get off the island before we are stopped.
I think it is a sign that we should turn around and return; the island doesn’t want us to leave.


We are stopped by a bridge.

Not a draw bridge but a turning bridge.
I really do think it is a sign because neither of us sees anything that needs the bridge to turn in order for it to get through.

Hunting to Gamble Rogers 001


While waiting, I get my last look at the wetlands I so love at Hunting Island.


Hunting to Gamble Rogers 008


Next stop a nice short 158 miles to  Walkabout Camp and RV Park.  Woodbine Georgia.  Hardly a Paul Dahl day!

We arrive, pull into site 18 in the back row and I hustle over to do our laundry.  This is becoming a pattern.  Stop at Walkabout between state parks and do your laundry.  

We chat with the very congenial Aussie owners.  They’ve been putting in raised flower beds and redoing some walk ways.  They are very industrious.  Things look great!



Wednesday  December 5


This is my kind of day, no hurry.


We leave Walkabout around 10. We are only going 113 miles today to Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area. A perfect day’s drive!!

(I know Paul our total of 271 miles in one day is  a single light day for you. Probably half of your day’s drive.  You too Eldy .)

Hunting to Gamble Rogers 048


We arrive and get set up in Site #4 which I have picked site unseen.  It turns out to be a good choice if we can’t be on the ocean side.

Gamble Rogers is small park, only 35 spaces and is very popular.  I would love to have had two weeks on the ocean side (those are the odd number sites) but feel lucky to have that much time period.

The park is named in honor of Gamble Rogers a Florida folk singer who died in October of 1991 at age 54 while in the park trying to rescue from drowning the father of a young girl who begged him to help. 


On the beach at Gamble Rogers 014


The sites are a very nice size and some of them are really nearly huge.
I just love the hook ups.  The park has water and electric –50 & 30 amp – and a dump station.  It’s on the pricey side for us at $31 a night all taxes included.  You can stay for half of that IF you are a Florida Resident and over 65 or disabled.  Unfortunately that leaves us out.  But for a nearly ocean front site, I’ll take it.  Limit is 2 weeks.  The park has 2 washers and one dryer just outside the one bath house which appears to be relatively new. 



Hunting to Gamble Rogers 042


Site 4 is directly across from an ocean overlook so we have other rigs sort of on the right and left out our front window but we can see the water.  AND it’s really GREAT that I can get up out of bed and walk about 20 steps to see the sunrise from the overlook.   VERY FINE!!   Can’t wait for tomorrow.






I am still getting set up inside in the afternoon when I first hear the noise. 

It gets louder and when I look out the front window there, just off the overlook in front of me,  are three power kites close enough the folks at the overlook can nearly reach out and touch them.

This first shot is so blue because it is taken out of the upper tinted part of Winnona’s front window.  I didn’t get outside in time to getHunting to Gamble Rogers 012 a picture of all
three of them but this yellow power sailor circled back a second time over the motor homes on the ocean side.

Hunting to Gamble Rogers 014 

My favorite sport as a kid was water skiing and if I were that age now I would MOST definitely be wanting to kite surf.  It looks like so much fun.  The closest thing to real flying without the noise of the power kite engines.   Do these power kites remind you of Dick Van Dyke and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang zipping around in the air?   Or am I off on a planet by myself??

David wonders what Orville and Wilber would think of them.


Thursday December 6


This is so convenient it almost seems like cheating.

Often I have to drive or at least walk some distance in order to see the sun rise or set.  It’s seldom right outside my front door.  But today I go out in my pajamas and a sweatshirt to catch the sunrise from the overlook which really is just right outside my door.  


Hunting to Gamble Rogers 016


Just off to the left of sunrise in both of these pictures you can see the portent of things to come.

Hunting to Gamble Rogers 017


Hunting to Gamble Rogers 019


Here’s a better picture after the sun has risen.  Rain and clouds over the ocean.  Moving in our direction.  Beautiful but………………
Hunting to Gamble Rogers 037


None the less, the fisher folk are out here in numbers we haven’t seen before.  I come to learn that many of the people who reserve sites at Gamble Rogers are here to fish.   These folks were all here just after sunrise.  Some of them are prepared to get wet.

On the beach at Gamble Rogers 002



I go out for a run, tempting the rain by taking no rain gear.  But the rain doesn’t move inland and later in the morning, I’m in my element.

On the beach at Gamble Rogers 003


On the beach at Gamble Rogers 006


On the beach at Gamble Rogers 009


Am I approaching too many beach photographs? 

Looking up the beach from my spot.  On the beach at Gamble Rogers 011

Looking down the beach.

On the beach at Gamble Rogers 012


In the afternoon when the wind really picks up and it’s a bit too breezy and chilly to walk the beach, I enjoy reading in my chair.  Life is tough; I’m trying to get by.

On the beach at Gamble Rogers 020


Gamble Rogers is another of the rare places where you can see both the sun rise and sunset relatively close by.  In this case we just hop on our bikes and go across Highway A1A and over to the boat launch site on the inner coastal waterway.

On the beach at Gamble Rogers 021


On the beach at Gamble Rogers 023


On the beach at Gamble Rogers 024

Don’t forget to look behind you when you are watching the sun set.  The skies in the east are often also lovely and very different from those in the west at sunset.

On the beach at Gamble Rogers 031


On the beach at Gamble Rogers 029

Beauty all around me.


  1. Another beautiful spot. Looking forward to seeing more as you walk about. I really is a treat to be able to see both the sun rise in the east and turn to the west for the contrasting view. I have been spoiled where I live with wide open spaces. I will miss that as I am rolling along.

  2. Glad you made your escape before the Lighthouse Police caught up with you, although that bridge opening must have been tough to wait out.

    271 miles? My engine isn't even warmed up to operating temperatures in that little distance...

    Does my heart good to see you happy and enjoying yourself at the beach after all the ups and downs you went through this year. You deserve to "just get by"! ;c)

  3. Yes, you are in your element!! Sunrise...Beach...Sunset!! It doesn't get much better:o))) Great photos!!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful. I love seeing Florida through your eyes. I can feel the air in your photos. Looks like a good day, Sherry.

  5. Happy to see you are in another extraordinary spot. I told someone today that my new daily commitment is to focus on the beauty all around me. Thanks for sending some my way in your post.

  6. never too many pictures...we love following along with you....and glad to see your having some fun!!! you definitely both deserve it!!

  7. I agree. NEVER to many beach pictures. Especially yours. So beautiful. And a too think it's wonderful that you are having so much fun with all the hard times you'e had this year.

  8. When I read you were in Woodbine, I got really excited! That's a short hop and jump from Okefenokee. Then I read that you quickly moved on... Aw shucks! :(

  9. Can never be too many beach photos. Relax, enjoy and smile!

  10. I love being in a spot where you can see both a sunrise and a sunset. Where we are right now we are able to do just that, unfortunately we aren't on the ocean but up in the mountains which we are loving.

    Looks like you have a great spot even if it is not right on the ocean. Enjoy!

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. Dang if you don't move from one beautiful place to another. I too water skied and would love to try parasailing. Could do without the engine noise.

  12. Gamble Rogers was also a story-telling master. Heard him a few times at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, TN. I remember one of his stories included a female biker gang named "Hells Belles." He would have people laughing so hard, there was not a dry eye in the tent.

  13. Will you be at Gamble Rogers a little longer? Or, are you heading further south soon? I would love to come meet you, and you're so close! I just can't get there for a few more days. We're right by Blue Spring.

    1. We'll be here until the 18th Paula. Drop me an email at RVDreamlife@gmail.com and we'll make plans!

    2. Yay! That makes my day! I'll be in touch soon!

  14. Sunrise, sunset, water, beach. All the elements necessary to put a smile on many faces. There was a smile in this post :)

  15. More gorgeous sunrise/sunset pictures - I love them! You are so lucky to be there and so close to the water - I think, in a way, being 'stuck' in/near Florida may be a blessing in disguise - so much water! :) So dreamy...we definitely both have an affinity for places like that!!

  16. There can never be too many beach pictures!

  17. No sunrise or sunset for us today ... so glad you shared yours :-)) Sounds like another great park to check out someday.


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