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Just Beaching around

Tuesday  November 27, 2012
Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina


When I’m at the beach, I like to see the sunrise and the sunset every day if I can.

In this campsite, I can see the beginnings of the sunrise and know if it’s cloudy or clear, brilliant or subdued by just looking out my window.
Waking up and looking out makes my heart sing.


Today’s sunrise wasn’t really.

Ocean front walk 003


Of course the sun did rise and I was there at the right time but I didn’t see it.  No one did. 

It rose behind the clouds.
But the sky did have tinges of color as it got lighter and lighter.

A cloudy sunrise is still a beautiful sunrise.
And high tide makes it all the more interesting.
See what I mean.


Ocean front walk 009


Ocean front walk 002



Ocean front walk 010

Ocean front walk 011

Ocean front walk 001


Ocean front walk 014


Ocean front walk 018


Ocean front walk 017


Ocean front walk 020


Ocean front walk 023

Ocean front walk 026



Ocean front walk 022


Ocean front walk 027


Ocean front walk 035




Ocean front walk 047


Ocean front walk 046C




Ocean front walk 016




Ocean front walk 053



Ocean front walk 099



Ocean front walk 103



Ocean front walk 104

What a great morning!

I love quiet sunrise walks along the beach, even on very cloudy days.

This experience reminds me how lucky I am.
Beauty beauty everywhere
right outside my door.
What a life!
Even on a cloudy day.


  1. Often finding a time to be out doors makes all the difference between surviving a grey day and finding the joy in it.

  2. I've never really been on the beach in the Fall or Winter that I can remember. It's always been the hot hot summer tying to soak up some sun. I truly can't wait for a cool cloudy day to wander....looks divine!

  3. Getting ready to walk on a cloudy, rainy day. Wish I were at the beach. We love watching storms on the beach also. Your beautiful pictures make me feel like I was there walking with you. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What is the bird in the tree? I get so much useful information from your blog, Sherry. The day was lovely and I can see why you enjoy the peace. We will have to add this lovely area to our travels. Pat in KS

    1. Pat, So nice to hear from you. I think the bird is a female downy woodpecker but I'm not positive. Like all the pictures, in the gray cloudy morning, the colors are washed out and the bird was directly over my head. I was attracted by the rat tat tatting and stood there a long while watching. WONDERFUL!

  5. Nature is beautiful whether the sun is out or not.

  6. I agree, it great to be on the beach, no matter the weather. On a cloudy day, we get to see things in a different light.

  7. What a glorious place to meet the day.

  8. Up early for sunrise and hanging around for sunset. So when do you sleep??? ;c)

    1. It's banker's hours days Paul. Sunrise was at 7:07 am and sunset at 5:17. Much harder to do in the summer that's for sure. But this close to Winter Solstice, piece of cake.

  9. Very nice, as always! Even though I'm not a morning person, there's something to be said about a nice sunrise. Peaceful watching the world wake up.

  10. the only bad sunrise is the one you don't get to see...

  11. Heyduke got it right! I don't mind cloudy days ... I don't mind rainy days ... but everything in moderation ... and eventually I want some sunny days, too.

  12. Lovely photos today, Sherry...I like cloudy and foggy days to shoot pictures as much as sunny ones...

  13. It was cloudy for me all day yesterday while I worked at the Homestead. Not one visitor came, but I sure enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.

  14. This one made me smile - I like when your heart sings - even on a cloudy day :) The pictures made me feel I was right there too :)


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